Top 10 Celebrity Encounters with Aliens

William Shatner is known for his appearance in “Star Trek”. William is believed to have come across his own alien in the Mojave Desert. He saw an object that looked like a silver disc in the sky. It appeared to be asking him to get close, it seems that the aliens are following Star Trek as well and want to know William better.

The Beatles singer John Lennon has also seen aliens, not once, but twice in his life. He once saw an alien in his own apartment in New York and spoke to the British Magician Uri Geller about this. He also saw a spaceship like object float down the East river with his partner at the time May Pang.

Fran Drescher saw some aliens when she was returning home from high school with her father. The incident left her with some scars on her hand. Her husband Peter Jacobson supposedly has the same scars.

Olivia Newton claims to have seen an alien when she was in her high school years. The actress is a firm believer in science and technology. She is certain that there is life outside our planet. The alien encounter naturally left her feeling excited.

Robbie Williams, the British rock star is known for his enthusiasm towards UFO’s. His obsession became so acute that his fans started thinking that he suffered from some kind of a mental illness. This obsession continues to remain.

Sammy Hagar has quite an outrageous story. He says he was actually abducted by aliens once. They apparently took him on board a spaceship and downloaded all the information from his brain. Sammy also had an experience at the age of four. He thought he was throwing rocks at a car, but it actually turned out to be an unidentified flying object. He says that he is sure the aliens will be back some day.

The alien encounters mentioned above are quite amusing and interesting. Science fiction enthusiasts will be able to derive a great deal of pleasure from these stories. Are there more celebrities with such interesting stories? Possibly! Perhaps many of them are not coming out in the open with their own experiences. Who knows!

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Top 10 Celebrity Encounters with Aliens