Top 10 Best Rumors About Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Since its introduction to audiences in 1977, the Star Wars series took the world by storm, producing movies that have been blockbusters in every decade since the original was released. People just

Since its introduction to audiences in 1977, the Star Wars series took the world by storm, producing movies that have been blockbusters in every decade since the original was released.

People just can't seem to help themselves when it comes to Star Wars, as the collective fandom willingly dishes out billions of dollars in movie tickets, toys, costumes, video games, tattoos, fast-food combos and anything else related to the mega-popular franchise. While Jaws may be considered the first, prototypical blockbuster, Star Wars refined the concept of blockbuster filmmaking, including movie merchandise tie-ins, sequels and audiences lining up and clamoring for more.

J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost and the Star Trek reboot films, has been hired to bring fresh energy and new ideas to the Star Wars franchise, building on some of the most popular characters and storylines in the universe.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently released its first teaser trailer.

Cue an explosion of rumors, theories and other innuendo that has spread like wildfire, igniting the imagination of millions of Star Wars fans around the earth. High hopes radiate from those fans wishing to rebound from the middle trilogy, which wasn't as well received as the first three films. Of course, it's doubtful that all the rumors surrounding the new installment will come to fruition. But even if a few of these tidbits leaked through the trailer, on the internet and even through toy manufacturers come true, fans will be in for a wild ride over the next half decade.

10 The Force: Re-explained

The Phantom Menace prequel drew plenty of ire due to the explanation of the force as a phenomenon that can be measured biologically.

In reaction to this, it's reported that officials from Disney along with George Lucas, J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan had a meeting in which Abrams and Kasdan pitched a darker vision of the Star Wars universe.

In this universe, Jedi are fallible and the force is quantifiable, leading to the notion that even the most powerful Jedi are unaware of the full extent of the limits of the force or the consequences of this power. This meeting resulted in the title, “The Force Awakens”, signifying that audiences can expect an interpretation of the force closer to the original trilogy.

9 Star Wars Kung Fu and Parkour

Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, all of whom are martial arts specialists involved in the amazingly violent “The Raid” movies, have been cast in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

This hints at J.J. Abrams' wish to utilize top-level cinematic fighting talent, similar to how Ray Park infused the Phantom Menace with his brand of Wushu. Parkour specialists Christina Chong and Pip Anderson were also hired to contribute their high-flying skills.

8 Hasbro Leaks Half a Decade of Star Wars

A training session in Germany for Hasbro toy employees allegedly resulted in some leaks. Employees were taught about the merchandise from the upcoming Star Wars films, inadvertently leaking a rough schedule of half a decade of Star Wars films.

7 Potential Spin-off Movies

6 Andy Serkis: The Evilest Sith?

5 Luke Skywalker is the New Yoda

In The Force Awakens, Luke's abilities with the force will be as powerful, or almost, as the strength of Yoda's skills. As a result, Skywalker will end up secluding himself from the rest of the galaxy, placing himself in exile to serve a motive known only to him.

4 Chewie's Robot Arm and Lifelong Debt

Chewbacca loses an arm during a battle in the war of attrition that has sucked everyone into the long conflict at the heart of the new Star Wars films. This would be a great parallel to Luke losing his arm in The Empire Strikes Back, considering that Skywalker also loses a limb due to (spoiler) family issues.

3 Lightsabers!

One of the most iconic symbols of Star Wars is also one of the most hotly debated topics among the leaks and rumors for the new installments in this series. The revelation of the cross-guard lightsaber wielded by the mysterious Kylo Ren whipped fans into a frenzy.

Many believed the new lightsaber to be an ancient Sith artifact due to the flame-like effect that occurs when drawn, compared to the laser-like activation of normal lightsabers.

2 The Daughter Solo


Daisy Ridley will be playing Han and Leia's tomboy daughter Kira, who is rumored to be revealed as the Solo offspring in a spectacular fashion. She lives with Max Von Sydow's character, apparently a broken-down humanoid who replaced most of his body with cyborg technology.

1 1 - The Skywalker Son

Domhnall Gleeson will play an Imperial officer that switches sides and joins a group of “good guys” with the Republic. Rumors state that his character will evolve into an antihero character that offers the actor one of the juiciest roles in the new movie.

Eventually, he'll be revealed as Luke's son around the third act, with his mother revealed later on in the third part of the film.

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Top 10 Best Rumors About Star Wars: The Force Awakens