Top 10 Best Ellen DeGeneres Celebrity Pranks

Ellen is the best! Her subtle form of comedy and her dead pan delivery make her offbeat comedy some of the best on daytime television. She makes everyone laugh with her antics, especially her pranks. Some of the funniest moments in her show involve her pranking people. From unsuspecting staff members, random store clerks and her celebrity guests, Ellen is constantly cooking up some sort of ridiculous prank. Her most memorable pranks involve scaring her celebrity guests or getting her celebrity guests to prank unsuspecting people like store clerks and delivery people. Not only are these moments funny, but they remind us that celebrities are human, too. We get to see our favorite celebrities in candid moments where they are laughing, embarrassed, shocked, surprised or genuinely scared. Who wouldn't want to see that? This list will guide you through some of Ellen’s funniest celebrity pranks!

10 Julia Roberts


9 Cameron Diaz


Smoking hot Cameron Diaz graced Ellen’s show to discuss her life and also the 20th anniversary of her first film, The Mask. In her usual sly fashion, Ellen casually brings up the topic of being scared on set. When Ellen drops a hint like that we, the audience, know that some serious tomfoolery is about to drop. She asks Cameron if she was ever afraid of Jim when he was wearing the mask. Diaz admits that, yes, at times she was scared on set. Mostly because when Carey took off the mask there was glue and chunks of the mask on his face and he looked just gross. As she admits this to Ellen, a staff member dressed as the mask creeps out on set behind Diaz and yells “Boo” loudly. It scares Cameron so bad that she screams and almost falls off her chair. She starts to laugh and then exclaims “that scared me! I got chills all up and down”. Even when she is terrified, Diaz is cute and dainty like the superstar that she is.

8 Miley Cyrus


Anything Miley has lately been a part of seems to become an automatic hit, and for that reason, she makes this list. Ellen and Miley are discussing Miley’s recent skydiving adventure and Ellen asks, “was it scary jumping out of a plane?” Miley responds by saying that it wasn't scary and that jumping out of the plane was a way for her to get over some of her anxiety. Just as she is telling Ellen that she is no longer afraid of anything, a staff member, dressed like Robin Thicke from the MTV video award performance, creeps out on set and yells rawwr. Miley covers her ears, kicks her feet up and screams, “OMG, OMG” and then breathlessly exclaims, “I need to be prepared for Ellen”. Moments like this remind us that Miley isn’t always risqué or raunchy. Ellen definitely has a way of making people eat their words!

7 Vince Vaugh


One of the things Vince Vaughn is famous for is his particular brand of comedy, where he delivers well timed lines with a serious face. In this epic prank, Vince’s facial expressions are priceless. Vince is on Ellen to talk about his new film The Internship, so Ellen decides to send her intern to Vince’s room to welcome him to the show. Ellen is guiding the intern the whole time by giving her instructions via an ear piece. The intern welcomes Vince and then quickly becomes awkward with him saying, “we actually have a lot in common”. The intern follows Vince into his dressing room and starts telling him about her previous job at Old Navy and how the pants she is wearing are from there. Ellen then gets the intern to whisper weird things into his ear. He clearly looks a bit confused as she continues to talk to him about weird things.

6 Taylor Swift

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has been pranked by Ellen many times and her reaction is always candid and priceless. In 2012, as Taylor is telling Ellen about her fear of earwigs, Taylor exclaims, “I’m afraid it will go into my ear and eat my brain”. As she is discussing her total fear, a staff member creeps out on set dressed as an earwig and jumps at her. She screams and yells, “stop, stop!” Although, the most memorable Taylor Swift prank remains the bathroom prank. In fact, it went viral online and has had millions of hits on Youtube. In this prank, Ellen tells Taylor to go into the bathroom and look at a photo of them together. Unsuspecting, Taylor walks into the bathroom to look at the photo. Ellen is hidden in the bathroom and yells AHHHH when Taylor walks in absolutely terrifying her. Taylor jumps and screams and then falls to the floor, pretty hard. She stays on the floor and laughs hysterically with Ellen.

5 Heidi Klum

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In this prank, Ellen guides Heidi Klum through an ear piece as she runs around the Warner Brothers store, acting erratic and crazy. Ellen gets Heidi to go into the Warner Brothers Store and put on as many of the clothes in the store as she can in 30 seconds. Heidi forgets that she isn’t supposed to be talking and starts talking to Ellen, while she decides which articles of clothing are the nicest. Ellen instructs her to go up the nearest person and hug her while yelling “hug attack”. Heidi misunderstands and yells “heart attack” while hugging the woman from behind. She then pinches the random woman on the bottom and yells “ohh” as she starts dancing. At one point, Heidi sneaks behind a column and addresses the camera and whispers, “Ellen isn't this a little bit weird”. Ellen then has her yell “do you want some of this” as she thrusts her hips and dances with random customers. At the end, Ellen instructs her to grab as much clothing as she can and run out of the store yelling “bye everyone”.

4 Halle Berry


This is barely even a prank but it is so funny because of how Halle reacts. In 2012, Ellen scared Halle during an on set interview. The two were discussing death and reincarnation and being reincarnated as a black widow spider. As the pair were discussing this serious and in depth topic, one of Ellen’s staff members, dressed as a black widow spider, crept out on set and jumped on Halle. She looked terrified and screamed loudly. She actually swore loudly, too. In 2014, when Ellen had her back on the show, Halle was very alert in order to avoid a prank. Ellen jokingly reminded her of the incident and casually said, “we might do it again”. Halle responded by saying, “H*** no, you can’t do that to somebody twice” and quickly ran away behind set. Ellen had to pull her back on set and convince her that she wasn't going to prank her again.

3 Dennis Quaid


Leave it to Ellen to bring out the crazy and quirky in people. Ellen loves Dennis Quaid and often pranks him on her shows. So, she agrees to let him turn the tables and prank her. In this hilarious prank, Dennis guides Ellen through an ear piece during her opening monologue. The audience has no idea what is going on and as the monologue gets weirder and weirder, audience members seem to become more bewildered. Right off the bat, Dennis gets Ellen to utter a string of gibberish phrases “ kaboom, ka chiggy boom”. He then gets her to ask if anyone is from out of town, more specifically “Lake Titicakca”. He also gets her to stick her tongue out, pretend like she is on a balance beam, do an impression of Fran Drescher laughing, and sing a song about a little fishy. The whole thing is shot in split screen and Dennis is hilarious as he guides Ellen. A must watch prank.

2 David Beckham


In this hilarious prank, Ellen gets sexy soccer superstar, David Beckham to dress up like Ricky, a Target employee trying to sell customers his own cologne. She is guiding him through an ear piece the whole time. She gets him to spray the cologne on his leg and have people smell his leg. Then she gets him to yell “howdy partner” in a Texas accent over and over, followed by a jingle, “if you stink come buy cologne”. The whole bit gets funnier and funnier because the customers look so confused by his antics. It’s always funny to watch celebrities squirm a bit at the ridiculous things that Ellen makes them do. It reminds us that everyone has their limits, even when it comes to comedy.

1 Sofia Vergara

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In this prank, Ellen gets Sofia Vergara to go into a store as herself. Ellen guides her to say that she is filming a fictional film called “When Dogs are Running and Horses are Silent” and that the film is set in Texas. She follows this up with a really bad Texas accent. She tells the cashier that it is a sad movie and that she has to cry all the time. Then she starts crying and yelling loudly while falling to the ground in tears. She then gets up and says “someone says I have junk in my trunk, do you have junk in your trunk?” She then gallops around the store like a horse. The cashier is laughing and trying to stay calm throughout the whole exchange.

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