Top 10 Athletes Turned Actors

Looking for a list of athletes who have gone on to be successful actors? If so, you've found it! This list ranks actors by their career earnings through their acting careers, and omits their earnings as athletes. Quite a few athletes have had success on both the field and the stage, so read on to find out who the biggest names in both show business and sports are.

10 Shaquelle O'Neal,  $8 Million

9 Carl Weathers, $8 Million

8 Bruce Lee, $9 Million

7 Burt Reynolds, $12 Million

6 Jason Lee, $15 Million

5 Michael Jordan, $20 million

4 Chuck Norris, $26 million

3 Mark Harmon, $40 Million

2 Dwayne Johnson, $45 million

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger, $260 million

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most famous actors of all time, and he is also number one on our list. Before acting, however, Mr. Schwarzenegger was a professional body builder and achieved numerous awards in said line of work. Mr. Schwarzenegger got his first big break in 1982 as Conan The Barbarian and in 1984 as the Terminator, a role he has now reprised through several sequels.

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Top 10 Athletes Turned Actors