Top 10 Astonishing Moments In Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is finally upon up! Many of you have probably just gotten back from the theater after having just seen Captain America: Civil War and if not, you're probably jealous of those who have! You're probably going through your mind trying to remember the absolute best scenes and moments throughout the entire film. That is actually a pretty good idea and the following list is going to do just that - keep in mind, this list will absolutely be filled with SPOILERS so if you have not seen the movie, just bookmark this page until after you've watched it.

For those of you who have seen it, there are quite a lot of astonishing moments in Captain America: Civil War. Without a doubt, many of those moments are going to involve Black Panther and/or Spider-Man for many fans who have been waiting to see these two characters finally introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And indeed, there are some scene-stealing moments with T'Challa and Peter Parker, courtesy of Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland, and an incredibly solid script. Though if we're being honest, the movie is chock-full of amazing moments between other characters.

The action sequences in this film are also probably the best you have ever seen in a superhero film. There is the heavily-talked about "airport sequence," but there's also the entire sequence with Black Panther hunting Bucky; or the emotionally powerful brawl between Cap and Iron Man in the third act. Captain America: Civil War is most likely filled with the best moments in any superhero movie - of all time. If you don't agree with me yet, I am sure you will by the end of this list!

10 Bucky And The Motorcycle

9 Wanda's Mistake

This one mistake is the action that sets everything else in motion. Scarlet Witch is able to contain the explosion Crossbones detonated and as she carries him up into the sky, away from civilians, she lets him explode right front of a building - blowing out windows and causing fatalities. It's a powerful moment because up until this point, we have never really seen superheroes react like this to civilian casualties, and it hits both the characters, and the audience pretty hard.

8 "Your Highness"

7 Cap And Bucky Clear Out The Apartment Building

6 Black Panther Attacks Bucky On Rooftop

5 Black Panther Confronting Zemo

This scene reveals how much of a sympathetic villain Daniel Bruhl's Zemo actually is. He's not an exact replica of Zemo (any of them, really) from the comic books. Civil War Zemo is pretty much a direct result from Avengers: Age of Ultron. He is a man who lost his family while the Avengers were destroying the city in Sakovia, and he wants revenge by watching them destroy each other. And rather than point his gun at Black Panther to try and take him out, Zemo tries to take his own life - before T'Challa stops him.

4 Tony Visits Peter Parker


We simply see a smile on Tony's face before we cut to Queens - and the audience already knows who we're about to meet. This is when Tom Holland makes his on screen debut as Peter Parker and the actor totally nails it. It was amusing watching both Tony and Peter lying to Aunt May, selling some false story about Peter applying for a grant/scholarship. I guess Tony isn't able to tell May that he came to their house to recruit young Peter for his superhero team!

3 Scott Lang Becomes Giant Man


It had been suggested early on (before the film was released) that we were going to see Giant Man at some point in this movie, and when it actually happened, it was unreal! It was easy to assume that it would happen in the airport sequence, but when Scott finally grew, it still came as a total surprise. It also helped that absolutely none of this was shown off in the trailers or images for the film. Frankly, it didn't need to be - there's already plenty to show off.

2 Spidey At The Airport

1 Bucky Killed Tony's Parents

Among the emotional moments in the film, this one is probably the strongest. We've known Tony Stark for eight years now and know that the man has some daddy issues. This comes at a time when Tony and Steve had already come to a truce. But once Tony learns this awful truth, he is ready to go back at Bucky and Cap's throat, and you really can't blame him. We've never really seen Tony this angered before and the fact that Steve knew and didn't say anything makes it much more powerful.

This is enough to launch all three of them back into another fight and as justified as Tony may have been, we still didn't want to see it happen. This is just smart storytelling and filmmaking.

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Top 10 Astonishing Moments In Captain America: Civil War