Top 10 Amazingly Underrated Entertainers

Do you remember watching a movie thinking to yourself that another actress deserved the part? Getting into the entertainment industry is a blessing, but the truth is there are many celebrities that are extremely talented and get typecast all the time or do not get the roles that they deserve. There are also times when an underrated entertainer and their career suddenly takes off when they least expect it. I will never forget when Jimmy Fallon had his breakthrough opportunity on Saturday Night Live. I predicted that in 10 years from that time that he’d be a more successful comedian, and it happened.

Before Lil Wayne became a hit rapper, back when he was still a screechy-voiced rapper in 1999, I knew he would make it. While these are success stories of underrated entertainers that finally had a fair shot at fame, there are many that have worked longer in the industry and are still being under-appreciated.

The meaning of success can be different to each and every entertainer. Despite their expectations, there are a lot of celebs that deserve more pay, more acting jobs and recognition for all they do.

The Academy Awards were on the hot seat earlier this year because of the lack of diversity for nomination at the Oscars, but you won't find that issue here! Whether the celebrities on this list are comfortable where they are with their careers or not, here are the 10 amazing but underrated entertainers.

10 Jessie J - Singer

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9 Rashida Jones - Actress and Comedian

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Rashida Jones is the daughter of music producer and record label executive Quincy Jones. Imagine the parties you would get to go to with that kind of connection! Not to mention all the celebrities you would meet would be enough to write a tell-all book.

8 Steve Buscemi - Actor and Film Director

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7 Miguel - R & B Singer, Songwriter


6 Joy Bryant - Actress and Model

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The lovely Joy Bryant started out as the face of one of the biggest clothing line campaigns in the '90s, Tommy Hilfiger Bryant worked alongside Aaliyah and Kidada Jones, Quincey Jones daughter. If that wasn't impressive enough, Joy has also modelled for Ralph Lauren and RocaWear.

Good luck and a winning personality helped her break into Hollywood with the movie Antwone Fisher. The film was also the first one to be directed by the incredibly talented actor Denzel Washington. Joy has also appeared in  50 Cent's movie Get Rich or Die Tryin.

5 Benjamin Bratt - Actor

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Benjamin Bratt has entertained us since 1999 in a variety of films. Some of his highlights include Demolition Man, Miss Congeniality, Catwoman and Despicable Me 2. Some people also may know his face from the television show Law & Order, where he plays Detective Reynaldo Curtis. Besides his good looks, Bratt became a fan favorite because his character was strong, smart and compassionate.

We don’t see many Hispanic entertainers on TV, but he is without a doubt one of the best actors out there when he is called upon. Any time he is interviewed on talk shows, women give him a standing ovation because of his good looks and muscular appearance!

4 Chanel Iman - Model and Actress

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In the world of modelling, there are only a few ethnic models that are able to be the face of multi-million dollar international campaigns. Chanel Iman is half black and Korean, which is a unique blend in the modelling world, but we hope to see more of! She has been modelling since the age of 12 with one acting job under her belt. Iman has also starred in the film Dope that was produced by entertainer Pharrell Williams.

3 Ken Jeong - Comedian and Screen Writer

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2 Kate Mara - Actress

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House of Cards was one of the most prominent examples of how amazing Netflix's original programming can be. The show gave many upcoming entertainers an opportunity to shine and Kate Mara was one of them. She played a smart and risk taking journalist who saw her demise during the second season of the show. Despite the short amount of time on House of Cards, she did an amazing job. Mara also has an appearance on the outstanding television series American Horror Story. 

1 Tracee Ellis Ross - Actress and Model

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When you are related to one of the most prominent singers of all time, Diana Ross, you know expectations for your career are always going to be high.

Thankfully for us, Tracee Ellis Ross' humble personality mixed with her humor and acting talent has helped keep her in the lime light. Outside of television, Tracee is also known as a fashion icon, which only further goes to show just how talented she is.

From 2000 to 2008, Ross was outstanding in the television show Girlfriends. Now Tracee is lighting up the television screen as the star of the ABC hit shows Black-ish. Her costar husband is comedian Anthony Hamilton and the show has been getting high ratings since it began airing in September 2014. We want to see more of Tracee on the big screen, but the success of her television show may hinder that. Either way, let’s hope that there are more opportunities for her in the future.

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Top 10 Amazingly Underrated Entertainers