10 New TV Series Just Begging To Be Made

Entertainment is one of the 'big money' industries we have in the world, and this is largely thanks to the great work that everyone involved in the industry does. These days, many people have developed the courage and the creativity to come up with their own shows, and thanks to the numerous TV stations and online viewing channels available, there is always space for more productions. New opportunities have made it possible for creative and gifted people to acquire sponsorships in order to provide content that will keep viewers glued to a particular channel or streaming service.

In the last few years, people have fallen in love with the concept of series, where a program runs for a season, takes a break and then gets back on the screens after a while. The worst feeling comes in when the producers of a particular series state that a production will not continue after a particular season ends. The last episode is always full of excitement, drama, and suspense, giving the fans an ending that would lead them to a standing ovation even in their living rooms.

Although there are many TV series still running and entertaining people around the world today, some movies and books have great potential to become TV series hits. The most important thing is having a creative scriptwriter, an exciting cast, and a captivating story line. Here are a few existing ideas of TV series that are sure to be a great hit if producers take the time to think about and execute them properly.

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10 Hidden Prey

Via amazon.ca

Hidden Prey is a novel by John Sanford about a crime fighter who specializes in solving serial murder cases. A series about this lawman who is not afraid to break the law to bring in the bad guys, or even to sleep with some suspects to get the information he needs, would please audiences everywhere. Detective series always have a place in the hearts of viewers, and this one would become one of the best. Every episode would shed light on how the detective uses different tactics and clues to solve crimes and hide from the law that he is trying to protect.

9 Avatar

Via sciencefiction.com

Avatar is a movie that has continued to win the favor of movie critics the world over. This story of humans interacting with aliens in a less developed world is sure to become a wonderful series. The alien world called Pandora is a poisonous environment for human beings, which is the reason they have to interact with the Na'vi through hybrids that look like the aliens called avatars. The series can cover the story of the struggles that the Na'vi face as they fight against human beings who want to deplete their planet, as well as the love story between Jake Sully and the Na'vi princess.

8 10,000 Saints

Via entertainment.time.com

10,000 Saints is a great book written by Eleanor Henderson in 2011. This book attracted critics from all over America, and as a result landed it on the list of the New York Times' best books of the year. The novel is about a son of two hippies, who discovers a completely new life in the East Village. Though the son is adopted, he struggles with the generational clash he experiences and goes though many thought provoking challenges. This would be a great story to tell through a TV series, and it could easily go on for a few amazing seasons.

7 21 Jump Street

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21 Jump Street is about two police officers who go undercover to smoke out drug dealers. The two main characters Schmidt and Jenko get an opportunity to go back to high school and pretend to be students. The movie and its sequel 22 Jump Street could make a great comedy series. The humor that can result from these characters going undercover in different scenarios in search of the bad guys is sure to keep viewers glued to the screen. The interesting thing is that originally 21 Jump Street was a TV series with the same theme. However, the next time around they should focus on making it more of a comedy, just like the movie and its sequel.

6 Geek Love

Via thejeffreyfisher.com

Geek Love is a 1989 novel written by Katherine Dunn that has long deserved a series but has not seen the TV screens so far. This book is about the lives of two siblings who have a lot of mystery surrounding them, not to mention the betrayal, the drama and the dark secrets in their present and past. This book could run for at least three or four seasons if converted to a TV series, and the mystery in the production would keep audiences glued to the screen throughout the series. A small screen adaptation would be an instant hit with audiences of all ages.

5 A Beautiful Mind

Via kulturio.cz

This movie released in 2002 depicts the life of a mathematical genius, who discovers that his mind is playing tricks on him. John Forbes Nash Junior goes from standing on the brink of international recognition, owing to his contribution to mathematics, to struggling with voices and people in his head that to him seem real. This series can go into details with regard to his everyday experiences, and help to address the many issues associated with mental illness, a very important and increasingly talked-about issue. A Beautiful Mind can run for two or three seasons, with the aim of not only entertaining its viewers, but also sharing important information about mental illness that many people lack today.

4 The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is a series of three science fiction books written by Suzanne Collins, which have people around the world reading frantically. The trilogy is the all-time best seller, with over 65 million copies sold in the United States alone. Everyone has heard of the movie adaptation starring Jennifer Lawrence, all of them recording huge success at the box office. What now remains to be done is a series on the Hunger Games, something that will not move as fast as the movies do and will be able to focus on subtler plot points and character development. The Hunger Games is already a brand, and with great acting and directing, the series is sure to do well.

3 Sister Act

Via tranquilite.over-blog.com

Sister Act is one of the funniest movies that Whoopi Goldberg has ever been part of. Sister Act One was followed soon after by its sequel Sister Act Two, both of which left audiences with cracked ribs and a bit of insight into what a nun's life is like. Sister Act would make a great series, owing to the struggle that sister Deloris Van Cartier would go through to fit into a lifestyle that she knows nothing about. In the series, the producers can think of adding a lot of singing, adventures, as well as community interactions, something that might even influence nuns in the real world.

2 The Chronicles of Amber

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The Chronicles of Amber would make a great show based on a book by Roger Zelazny, and fall under the category of fantasy series. With today's technology, showing a series about rival siblings fighting for supremacy in the universe is an achievable task. These characters can move from one realm to another, fighting weird species and each other, until the most deserving of the siblings ascends to the throne left behind by their father. Although it would not be cheap to produce or easy to write, The Chronicles of Amber would without a doubt be a compelling series to watch.

1 James Bond

Via bhmpics.com

The whole world relates with James Bond, and every new Bond movie always drives masses to movie theaters and gets record sales the world over. Judging by the movie success, a series would also prove to be an excellent idea. With 23 James Bond movies and another one set to be released in 2015, coming up with a series would be easy. Besides, all Bond movies have the potential to be stretched into multiple episodes, so a series would be well within reach for the producers. This show could shed light on some challenges behind British crime fighting or even high-level scandals in Europe while delving deeper into the psyche of the secret service agent, something than few of the movies have managed to do to any degree.

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