Tom Cruise Loves Being Fifty

Hollywood super star Tom Cruise looks pleased to have turned fifty years of age. This comes as a rather strange revelation, given the fact that most people in Hollywood want to grow younger with each day. Tom seems to be an exception. He revealed this recently to “Pro Sieben”, a German network.

The actor was in Europe to shoot for his movie “Oblivion”. This is an action movie, most of which was shot in Iceland. Tom says that Iceland is among the most beautiful countries he has visited, apparently, the director gifted Tom a bubble bike, which he used to drive throughout the country. There are of course some places in Iceland where there are driving restrictions. Tom was able to take his bike and visit these places.

At the age of fifty, Tom is looking at life from a different perspective. He was however reluctant to talk about his divorce to Katie Holmes, we understand this. Tom and Katie had a beautiful marriage till it fell apart. They broke-up apparently because of his obsession for scientology. Katie was not okay with this, she decided to leave him, and even took away Suri, her daughter. The mom and daughter have since been living in New York.

It seems like Tom is now a new man, he wants to do the things he has never done before. He is visiting different parts of the world and learning about art and culture. He is a free person who is able to explore the amazing aspects of life. In the interview, Tom was asked if he would mind if his children, Connor, Suri and Isabella took up acting as a career. Tom stated that the door was certainly open for them. He would in fact welcome this, he said.

Connor and Isabella are Tom’s kids with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. The couple had adopted both the kids in their ten years of marriage. With Nicole Kidman as the mom, these two are more than likely to make their way to the studios in Hollywood. Of course, nobody knows yet whether Tom’s kids will ever be talented in acting. We have to wait to find out.

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