Tiger Woods Kids

Tiger Woods  once said  "I have always wanted to be a dad. I just wish my father could be around to share the experience." This statement was said when his wife at the time, Elin Nordegren gave birth to their first born Sam Alexis Woods on June 18, 2007.


Sam Alexis Woods

Tiger Woods named his first born "Sam" in reference to his late father, Earl who used to call him Sam when was a young. Tiger Woods gave all the credit to his one-year-old Sam his historic Victory in San Diego on June, 2008. He remarked :  "There's no way I could have gotten through this without Sam being there. Just watching her grow, walking, running now, it's been just the greatest thing in the world."

Charlie Axel Woods

Tiger Woods  celebrated another achievement when his son, Charlie Axel Woods ,born  February 8, 2009. This was the same day Tiger Woods lifted his trophy at San Diego's Torrey Pines course.

Sam now at 5 years old.

Charlie watched  his father play a tournament game in Palm Beach Garden in Florida. This was Charlie's first time to attend a PGA Tour where his father is playing.

Elin and Tiger share custody of their children therefor the kids travel to Florida and Sweden. They speak both English and Swedish.

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Tiger Woods Kids