Tierra LiCausi Stands Out as the Bad Girl on “The Bachelor”

When asked about what she thought of Sean’s choice, regarding the final two contestants, Natalie’s response was that Ashlee was surely a very beautiful person, but she was way too emotional. She got too serious about a man who was also dating other women at the same time. Had she been a little more playful like all the other girls in the show, she would have been able to stay on till the end.

Asked about whom Sean shared a greater connection with, Lindsay or Catherine, Natalie’s response was that Sean was playful around both women. He enjoyed spending time with both of them. It was only when he was with Ashlee that he would look like he was going off to sleep.

When asked to give her opinion about Tierra, Natalie spoke in a disgusted tone, saying that Tierra was one of the most spoiled and immature characters on the show. She was always trying to get people to pay attention to her by engaging in the most ridiculous of acts.

Tierra announced a marriage recently. According to Natalie, this is just another move on her part to gain attention. Tierra is supposedly rarely serious about the people whom she is dating. She is superficial and so are her relationships. Tierra likes the idea of being in a relationship, but fails to make a genuine connection.

Natalie says that The Bachelor romances seldom work. People have a sense of pride in them often, and that, this does not work in real love. People also tend to get jealous quite easily on the show. This makes things difficult.

Natalie is at the moment dating somebody named Patrick, and really loves where she is right now. She also says that Sean has shaped up to be a very good bachelor. He has really impressed her with his social and other skills on the show.

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Tierra LiCausi Stands Out as the Bad Girl on “The Bachelor”