Throwback Thursday: 11 Of The Most Memorable 90s Shows

Throwback Thursdays take us through a stroll down memory lane that is often filled with laughter. If you were born in the late 80s or 90s, you know what I’m talking about. The hair, the shoulder pads, the flannel, the horror. The 90s were awesome for a lot of reasons and television is one of them. Who could forget such epic moments as Jessie Spano’s caffeine pill melt down, Will’s arrival in Bel-Air, wondering who shot Mr. Burns and wondering what would happened to Pacey and Joey? How can we pick just a few shows or a few moments that are our favorites? This list will guide you through memory lane and probably bring up some serious nostalgia.

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11 Sweet Valley High


Based on the popular book series by the same name, Sweet Valley High aired on the UPN network from 1994-1997. Who wouldn’t want to watch twins, Brittany and Cynthia Daniels battle it out in high school b**** mode. Remember all the midriff baring tops, flannel skorts, hiking boots and knee high socks? Every episode was like a walk through the Delia’s catalogue. Can someone say body glitter and mini-clips?!

10  10.Breaker High


Breaker High was a popular Canadian show that ran for one season, from 1997-1998 on YTV and American network UPN. The show features a group of high school students who go to school on a travelling cruise ship. Young audiences were in love with the cast of characters. There was Max the cool dangerous guy, Alex the quiet athlete stud, Sean the geek, Jimmy the Clow, Ashleigh the Southern bell, Tamira the dorky girl, Cassidy the wild bombshell and Denise the ultra-smart protege. The show featured a very young  Ryan Gosling in his acting debut.

9 Clueless


Clueless the TV show was a spin-off of the popular movie by the same name. It aired from 1996-1999 on ABC. The Ridiculous fashion trends and Cher’s exploits around Beverly Hills make this show something to remember. As if it wouldn’t be included in this list. Also, the show starred Donald Faison as Di’s boyfriend, Murray.

8  8. Saved by the Bell


Saved by the Bell was synonymous with the beginning of 'cool' in 1989 and staying with it until 1993. Zack Morris and his gang were known as the coolest people ever and everyone always wished they could attend Bayside. The show even had a deep message sometimes, like when we learned about the dangers of drugs and driving under the influence. The fashion also needs a shout out because muscle shirts, shoulder pads, AC Slaters hair, acid washed jeans, hair scrunchies and whatever on earth Screech was wearing used to be the epitome of cool!

7 Fresh Prince of Bel Air

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired from September 1990 to May 1996. The Fresh Prince is great on so many levels. It was not only ridiculously hilarious, but it also incorporated elements of black history, the civil rights movement and social justice. The show not only made its audience laugh, but taught them about the ways of the world. Some of the more memorable elements from the show are Uncle Phil throwing Jazz out of the house, Will’s lively dancing, Geoffrey’s witty banter, Will’s repertoire of pick-up lines, the numerous Carlton short jokes and of course, Carlton’s iconic dance. I could keep going but I’m sure you get the point.

6 The X-Files


Just thinking about the X-Files may sends chills up and down your spine. Mulder and Scully beamed into your living room from September 1993 to May 2002. The show captured the hearts and minds of an entire generation, with its paranormal story lines about aliens and the extraterrestrial. Mulder and Scully have achieved iconic status and have a cult-like following, as the show continues to be watched by hordes of people all over the world.

5 ER


ER began its run in September, 1994 and lasted for 15 seasons. It has won a host of awards and accolades throughout its history on the air. The show pulled at our heartstrings and made us laugh and cry, all in one episode. To top it all off, the show featured a very young George Clooney, as well as a good looking cast. The drama of it all was sometimes almost too much to take.

4 Beverly Hills 90210


Beverly Hills 90210 premiered in October 1990 and aired for 10 glorious seasons. The show was populated by a cast of heartthrobs including Tiffany Thiessen, Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green and Jennie Garth, to name a few. Every episode was so drama packed that we were always on the edge of our seats and waited anxiously for the next episode. Some of the most memorable moments include “Donna Martin graduate!” and “Toni Marchette being murdered”.

3 Dawsons Creek

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Dawsons Creek is another teen drama that aired in the late 90s. Something about it struck a chord, with audiences and teens everywhere going nuts for Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter. Much like other dramas of the time, the show captured the angst of an entire generation and when Joey cried, so did we. We felt all the ups and downs in the show because they mirrored or own lives. And, like all the shows in the 90s, it reminds us of how bad the fashion was back then.

2 The Simpsons


The Simpsons is still on the air and people from all over are still enjoying the witty plot lines, and the laughter that comes with them. Bart, Homer, Magie, Marge and Lisa are an American institution. The show is on its 25th season, after gracing our airwaves with Barney’s belches since 1989. Such epic moments as “What’s your name Mr. Burns, I don’t know” and “we have a kitchen?!”. There are so many epic Simpsons moments that it is impossible to narrow them down. Everyone has their own personal relationship to the show and everyone has their own funny moments that they remember.

1 Seinfeld


Seinfeld debuted in July 1989, and it became a cultural phenomenon until it went off air in May 1998. In 2002, TV Guide named Seinfeld “the greatest program of all time”. Who can forget the soup nazi episode and the iconic, “no soup for you” catchphrase. Seinfeld is pure comedy gold and keeps you in stitches from beginning to end.

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