There’s Something In The Name – ‘Jennifers’ That Made It Big In Hollywood

What’s in the name you ask? Well, everything for some. Destinies seem to be linked to names and if your name is ‘Jennifer’, you may already be a few steps ahead on your way to Hollywood success.

There are just so many famous Jennifers in Hollywood that if you have celebrity aspirations for your child, you might as well give her a helping hand by naming her appropriately! The freakishly accurate trend of successful Jennifers has been so powerful that in order to build a short list of successful celebrities, a lot many successful Jennifers had to be left behind. Apologies all around to those who failed to get a place on this list, but here’s a short list of 10 Jennifers that have seen great success in films.

10 Jennifer Garner

This 42-year-old Aries actress still manages to look just as young, fresh and fit as ever. Looks aside, the actress has won a Golden Globe, as well as a Screen Actors Guild award for her body of work. Jennifer Garner made her claim to fame with the hit television series Alias (2001), where she played the lead role of Agent Sydney Bristow. She received several Emmy nominations through the series that lasted five seasons. Jennifer has also worked on movies such as Pearl Harbor, Elektra, 13 Going on 30 and Daredevil. She married Ben Affleck in June 2005, and has 3 children with him. Not only is Jennifer a trained ballerina, she is also great at kickboxing and hiking. Those are just some of the activities that keep her fit and looking great of course!

9 Jennifer Love Hewitt

This Jennifer is a successful 35 year old actress who has won a Saturn Award in 2007, for her role as Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer. She was also seen in the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and in its sequel, where she played a character named Julie James. Jennifer began her career with the show, Kids Incorporated on Disney Channel and she’s never looked back since. Apart from being an actress, Jennifer is also an equally successful producer and singer. She is also known to contribute music for her acting projects or give promotional soundtracks for the same.

8 Jennifer Coolidge

The lesser-known name, but a recognizably popular face, Jennifer Coolige is a 52 year old comedian and actress, whom we remember from movies such as American Pie and Legally Blonde. The actress is also a regular on television shows such as, 2 Broke Girls. Her list of guest appearances in television shows, as well as movies, is just as long as her list of regular roles. This Virgo celebrity is much more than just a comedian and actress however, for she is a pro on the charitable front as well. The lady has a history of supporting animal rights and AIDS assistance. Before Jennifer made her acting debut, she was a member of the Gotham City improv group.

7 Jennifer Gareis

Jennifer Gareis is a 41-year-old soap opera actress and former beauty queen. Best known for her daily soap opera roles of Grace Turner in The Young And The Restless and Donna Logan in The Bold And The Beautiful, this Jennifer is still a stunner, despite being in her forties. In 1992, Jennifer came runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania USA pageant. Later in 1994, she won the Miss New York pageant. The actress has 2 children with her husband Bobby Ghassemieh.

6 Jennifer Carpenter

34 year old, Jennifer Carpenter shot to fame with her role as Debra Morgan in the hit Showtime Series, Dexter. Even before she graduated, this lucky star was cast in 2002’s Broadway revival of The Crucible, alongside Liam Neeson and Laura Linney. Jennifer has also won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her television role in the Dexter series. Jennifer has also been critically appreciated for her performance in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, for which she even took home an MTV Movie Award.

5 Jennifer Hudson

32 year old Jennifer Hudson is a true star in the real sense. She is a successful singer, actor, author, spokesperson, recording artist and songwriter. She has won so many awards for both her acting, as well as singing talent, that it is impossible to list out all of them here. Jennifer’s claim to fame came in the form of her Effie White character in the 2006 movie, Dreamgirls. She was also an American Idol finalist in the show’s third season. Jennifer has a son with her long time partner David Otunga, a WWE wrestler.

4 Jennifer Connelly

43 year old Jennifer Connelly started off as a child model and went on to make Hollywood her own. This Jennifer has been seen and appreciated in several amazing movies such as, Blood Diamond, House of Sand and Fog and A Beautiful Mind. Very recently, she was also seen in the mega-epic movie, Noah. The list of the awards that she has won for her movies is a long one and equally long is her list of award nominations. On a totally unrelated front, Jennifer has also recorded two pop songs in Japanese phonetics for the Japanese market. She has 3 kids and is married to actor Paul Bettany.

3 Jennifer Lopez

44-year-old Jennifer Lopez is something of a Jill of all trades. This successful celebrity has seen great highs as a singer and dancer, not to mention her equally starry achievements as an actress, author, producer and fashion designer. JLo (as she is more commonly known) is a household name in Hip Hop and R&B. However, very few know that before she became this singing rage, this Jennifer was an athlete that competed on a national level on the running tracks, as well as in gymnastics and softball. Jennifer Lopez is now a mother of 2, though no one would ever guess that after looking at her.

2 Jennifer Aniston

45 year old, Jennifer Aniston has always been America’s sweetheart and if it hadn't been for another younger Jennifer who has suddenly become the new rage, Aniston would still have been on the top spot in this list. This Jennifer sets the definition of success in numerous fields, for she is not just an actress but also a film director, producer and businesswoman in her own right. This Jennifer shot to fame with her portrayal of the character Rachel Green on the TV sitcom, Friends. She has won several awards through her career, including an Emmy, a Golden Globe and even a Screen Actors Guild Award.

1 Jennifer Lawrence

Yes, this Jennifer is probably the one who could replace Aniston at this spot. Jennifer Lawrence is the 23 year old starlet who shot to fame with her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in the popular Hunger Games series. This high grossing heroine has several other achievements in her bag, however, including but not limited to movies such as; XMen (Raven), Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Jennifer also has several active charitable interests and works for projects such as Feeding America, World Food Program and The Thirst Project.

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