Then and Now: How The GoT Cast Changed From Season 1

Brace yourselves, the new season is upon us! Oh boy, the expectations are through the roof for this one. The show’s producers have always been good in ending the seasons with high uncertainty, and “le

Brace yourselves, the new season is upon us! Oh boy, the expectations are through the roof for this one. The show’s producers have always been good in ending the seasons with high uncertainty, and “leaving us hanging” for more. As evil as this may sound, it is a large anticipation builder. And now, finally, new episodes of Game of Thrones are here. There are many predictions as we are getting ready to dive into the wonderful world of cold-blooded murder, betrayal, incest, and death in all forms, once more. Many things have changed since the first season, never failing to shock the viewers. Unpredictability is one of the show’s main qualities, but there’s one thing that we know for sure – the actors are getting older. Yes, dear readers, even the mighty HBO cannot stop the human aging process… yet. Since the beginning of Game of Thrones, up until now, we have seen some drastic changes in the physical appearance of the actors. There is quite a bit of waiting time between each season (one whole year), and with every new season, we can see the differences in the actors' looks. It was even rumored that the show will be cut a few seasons shorter than originally planned, because the teenage actors are changing too much from season to season, and that just doesn’t fit the storyline in the books. Let’s see how the stars looked at the beginning of the show, and how they look now.

10 Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen

This woman holds the record for most men drooling over one female character, ever! Yes, Khaleesi is the absolute queen of hotness in this wild, fictional world. Since day one, she’s only been getting more and more stunning, as well as powerful. Well, I guess there is nothing as sexy as a woman who rides dragons. We have seen quite an evolution of Daenerys’ character. From a young and scared Targaryen heiress to a fierce and determined ruler. Emilia Clarke’s beauty stayed consistent throughout the seasons, and we are all eager to see more of her in the future!

9 Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark

This girl doesn’t have much luck. After having her family slaughtered, she was forced to marry a psycho King Geoffrey, only to be shipped off to another lunatic (Ramsay), a few seasons later. The producers sure don’t have no mercy for her. Sophie Turner also started taking part in the show pretty young, and her physical change since the first season is largely noticeable. She became ultra hot! From a weak-willed, teenage princess to an attractive young adult, she has soon become a favorite of the male crowd. In the last season Sansa tries to escape her new crazy husband, and we sure wish to see if she makes it.

8 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Jaime Lannister

Similar to his sister/lover/mother of his children (man, this show is messed up), Jamie Lannister has cut his hair short. Yes, Jamie started out as a hot-shot prince and ladies man, and then he got into deals with some bad guys, and they gave him the CHOP. No, this isn’t mafia, but yes, he lost his hand. Now, he still looks pretty fresh and noble with his golden prosthetic, and he learned to fight with his remaining hand. As far as the actor is concerned, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did not age very much, apart from a few extra wrinkles.

7 Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister

Probably, the heart and the soul of the show is, without a doubt, Tyrion Lannister. This funnyman is a master of scandal and has become a fan favorite ever since his first appearance. Who doesn’t like a dwarf with a sense of humor? Pretty much as every character in the series, Tyrion has had it rough. The ultra-complicated Lannister family relations are the main reason for this man’s troubles. He murdered his father after he caught him, having sex with his ex-wife, and then fled the kingdom. This kind of a lifestyle certainly results in a lot of stress, and you can see it on his increasingly aged, and scarred face.

6 Alfie Allen - Theon Greyjoy

Out of all the characters in this brutal show, Theon’s destiny must have been the worst. After starting out as Ned Stark’s ward, he turns on his surrogate family and tries to conquer Winterfell. Later, the prince of the Iron Islands gets captured by a charismatic psychopath Ramsay Snow, and after a prolonged torture, he even gets his male member chopped off. Ouch. After this decapitation, Ramsay brainwashes the traumatized Theon and renames him, Reek. The prolonged torture and slave life definitely left a mark on this character. After serving as his loyal servant, he finally shows some courage and escapes with Sansa. We can't wait to see what happens next.

5 Eugene Simon - Lancel Lannister

Boy, has this guy's life been a rollercoaster. Young Lancel started out as King Robert Baratheon’s squire, taking many insults from the drunk king. Then he went on to bang the King’s wife, her royal majesty, Queen Cersei Lannister. Unsatisfied with his promiscuous life, he became a religious fanatic, and ultimately was the one who imprisoned Cersei. Whoa, what a story! Appearance-wise, he didn’t change too much. He cut his hair, engraved a religious symbol into his forehead, and started wearing less fabulous clothes. We’ll see how this character develops further, based on his wild history, it must be interesting.

4 Kit Harington - Jon Snow

Everyone’s favorite good guy, the righteous and sexy Jon Snow…is dead.

Damn it! Well, we have yet to see if this is true in the upcoming season, but things aren’t looking good for the fans of the young crow commander. Jon (or Kit Harington) started out as a baby-faced, young warrior-wannabe, and grew into a semi-bearded, super hot man. Jon has been through a lot of adversity, but always managed to keep his perfect hairstyle in every difficult situation. Right now he is one pretty corpse, and the fans will undoubtedly be missing him - or not?

3 Lena Headey  - Cersei Lannister

When speaking of drastic changes, we cannot pass on the character of Cersei Lannister. While the actress who portrays her, Lena Headey, hasn’t been affected much by the years, the Queen sure has. Since the beginning of the show, Cersei was presented as a super hot, dreamy looking, silky haired woman, but in the last season, well, things changed a bit. She was imprisoned by religious fanatics under accusations of heresy. Thrown into a dirty cell, her hair was cut with a rusty knife, but when you think about it, maybe she deserved it.

2 Isaac Hempstead Wright - Bran Stark

Similar to Masie, Isaac Hempstead Wright who portrays Bran Stark on the show, started his Game of Thrones journey very young. At only 12 years of age, this series gave him his breakthrough role in showbiz. Even though he’s become allegedly paralyzed, Isaac has been seen walking around red carpet events looking noticeably taller and more handsome. How do you explain that, HBO? Yup, age 12 to 17 makes a huge difference in the physicality of a person, and Bran of today has little in common with Bran from season one. Some things you just can’t hide.

1 Maisie Williams - Arya Stark

When the first season came out in 2011, Maisie Williams (or Arya), was only 14. Right now, five years later, the cute little tomboy who lost a bunch of her family grew into a proper young adult, with some murderous tendencies. We’re talking about the show, of course. Honestly, puberty is probably the worst time to start filming a long lasting TV show, and try to keep the actor’s looks somewhat consistent. Maisie is 19 years old now and has changed a bunch. We’re eager to see how many people will Arya kill his time.


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Then and Now: How The GoT Cast Changed From Season 1