The World's 16 Uncanniest Celebrity Lookalikes

Celebrity culture attracts so much attention that people who happen to look like famous folk can sometimes forge their own fame and fortune by pretending to be the celebrity they resemble. The best celebrity lookalikes find themselves making appearances in music videos, televisions shows and movies, even working alongside the celebrities they impersonate.

Sometimes, a pair of well-established celebrities just happen to be doppelgangers, no doubt a confirmation of the fact that both of them have the specific look that audiences, producers and other consumers and creators of pop culture desire.

The most incredible celebrity lookalikes and impersonators hail from a variety of different backgrounds, including waitresses, actors, comedians and even people who were approached by a talent agent while eating dinner. While it may seem easy to be a professional lookalike, the job requires a significant investment of time to get the most out of being fortunate enough to resemble a popular celebrity. The best impersonators take voice lessons, acting lessons and practice the mannerisms and sayings that recreate the celebrity's image.

The following bunch of celebrity lookalikes and celebrities who look like each other attract attention wherever they go, causing people to stare and wonder why members of the royal family are buying milk at the local grocer.

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15 Barack Obama - Reggie Brown

As a professional Barack Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown has attracted an incredible amount of attention due to his performances as the doppelganger of the president.

He's appeared in more than a dozen shows, a Republican leadership conference (!) and even a viral YouTube video that spoofed Psy's Gangnam Style.

Brown's performance in the YouTube hit was so convincing that it nearly broke China's social network Weibo, causing many Chinese users to genuinely believe that Reggie was actually President Barack Obama dancing with Psy and First Lady Michelle Obama. One comment mentioned that the president appears "very agile and skillful" despite being 51 years old at the time.

14 Prince Harry - Matthew Hicks


The Fox Network attempted to get Prince Harry for their reality show I wanna Marry Harry, but he was busy being a royal so they found Matthew Hicks instead.

Hicks bears enough of a resemblance to Prince Harry that he's the main subject of this Bachelor-style show that pits women against each other to capture the heart of a royal.

This role is a huge jump for Matthew Hicks. Before joining the production, he was hired only for a few gigs which mostly involved sitting around the VIP area of a nightclub, taking photos and drinking without getting too drunk. In preparation of the show, he had to memorize important dates and facts about Prince Harry and take polo and acting lessons.

13 Britney Spears - Michaela Weeks

Britney Spears' rise to the top of the pop charts made her one of the most popular celebrities in the world, spawning plenty of imitators, including both men and women who look eerily similar to the recording star.

Some of the more entertaining impersonators was Derrick Barry, who dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and danced in front of America's Got Talent judges including Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.

Michaela Weeks, from Derbyshire, England, was a waitress before she became a Britney look alike - at one point, she was pulling in around 3,500 GDP for appearances as Britney. She nails Britney's image more than any other impersonator out there, and her earnings as a look alike prove it; the cash flow allowed the now 26 year old to buy a house by the age of 19.

12 Portia De Rossi - Drea de Matteo


Sometimes the genetics lottery strikes twice, creating Hollywood stars who happen to look like clones of each other. Drea de Matteo and Portia De Rossi won this DNA lottery, apparently playing the same genetic numbers on their way to success.

Drea has starred in a wide variety of hit television shows, playing Adriana, Christopher's girlfriend in The Sopranos, as well as recurring roles in Sons Of Anarchy as Wendy and in Desperate Housewives as Angie.

Portia De Rossi's most famous role is in Arrested Development as Lindsay Bluth Fünke, a part she scored after portraying Nelle Porter in Ally McBeal.

11 Kim Kardashian - Marianna Hewitt

Another pair of women who appear to have won the genetic lottery are Kim Kardashian and her now-famous look alike, Marianna Hewitt. Both women adore Instagram, and regular post photos which show that they're the spitting images of each other - not just in terms of styling and hair, but in their facial features.

While Kim forged her path to celebrity through Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other reality TV shows and appearances, Hewitt is a TV host and makeup blogger (she's a contouring expert!) whose name has become more widely known since the media made the link between Marianna and the most famous Kardashian.

10 President George W. Bush - Steve Bridges


Many actors and celebrity impersonators enjoyed mimicking President George W. Bush's persona because of the ex-President's occasional awkwardness during his time in the White House.

The best Bush impersonator of the bunch was Steve Bridges, who passed away suddenly in 2012. He also studied and performed as a lookalike of other American political figures, including President Bill Clinton and Governator Schwarzenegger.

One of Steve's biggest performances was in front of President Bush at the legendary White House Correspondents' Association Dinner of 2006. Steve pleased the President with his impersonation skills on the same night that Stephen Colbert performed one of the most scathing satirical routines the WHCA has ever seen.

9 Whoopi Goldberg - Bernadottae Larson

Bernadottae Larson is another alumni of the Reel Awards, invited because of her incredible impersonation of Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, born Caryn Elaine Johnson,  made her name as an actress twice nominated for an Oscar, winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Ghost and scoring a nod for Best Actress for her work in The Color Purple.

Currently, Whoppi is one of the hosts of the popular daytime show The View while Bernadottae works in Las Vegas, occasionally scoring a gig as a Whoopi impersonator. So far, Bernadottae has earned rave reviews, with the reviewer stating that she "even popped a bottle of champagne. She really was what you would expect in Hollywood."

8 Cher - Sandra Wood

Sandra Wood is one of the most successful celebrity impersonators, having performed for a variety of large corporate clients like BMW, IBM, Coca-Cola, United Airlines and Johnson & Johnson.

She's also managed to score a lookalike gig with the real Bette Midler, appearing on stage during a New Year's Eve performance of the Divine Miss Millennium Tour at Mandalay Bay. She's also appeared as a Cher impersonator in Cher's 'Walking in Memphis' music video.

In addition to mastering the singing style and movement of Cher, Sandra has a genuine appreciation for Cher's career, having written and produced "The 75th Annual Farewell Tour", which is similar to Cher's farewell tour but with a more tongue-in-cheek tone.

7 Robert Pattinson - Brandon Register Watford


The mega-successful Twilight franchise was a phenomenon that launched the celebrity and career of Robert Pattinson into the stratosphere. His performance as sullen vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen made him into one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood.

Brandon Register-Watford, who admits to being a fan of the books, just happens to have measurements and a face that bears an uncanny resemblance to Robert. This has resulted in a variety of impersonation gigs for Brandon, who works as an entertainer.

He says that his most frequent client was Barnes and Noble Booksellers, who contracted him to appear at a variety of book release parties for Breaking Dawn. He also gets a lot of requests from sweet-sixteen parties and themed events like "Twilight Prom".

6 Bono - Pavel Sfera

Pavel Sfera is the foremost Bono impersonator and tribute artist in the world, matching the looks and even the sounds of Bono to a ridiculous degree. In addition to touring for the past decade as part of his own L.A.-base U2 tribute band, Pavel is regularly asked to fill in as Bono for U2 tribute bands around the world.

Similar to the real Bono, Pavel performs a lot of humanitarian work, focusing on helping the less privileged survive natural disasters around the United States. He's also visited orphanages around the world and helped create food programs for children in countries such as Sudan.

5 Johnny Depp - Ronnie Rodriguez

The best Johnny Depp impersonator in the world is Ronnie Rodriguez, who is a four-time award winner at The Reel Awards, including the Rising Star Award in 2008, Impersonator You Love to Work With in 2009, the News Hound award in 2010 and best actor in 2012.

As a result of his professionalism and absurd resemblance to Depp, he's scored appearances on Jay Leno and has worked with Johnny himself as a double for various movies, including 21 Jump Street, Jack & Jill and Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides. Ronnie has even appeared on Cine Tsu!, which is a Japanese entertainment show dedicated to celebrities.

4 Marilyn Monroe - Jami Deadly

via totalmeasurements.com

Jami Deadly, or Jami Edwards, is a model, television host and burlesque dancer who happens to be a spot-on Marilyn Monroe lookalike. She grew up enamored with classic cinema and especially loved Marilyn Monroe in parts such as Some Like it Hot.

Born a brunette, Jami had a long standing desire to dye her hair platinum, and when she finally did she ended up getting a lot of attention due to her resemblance to Marilyn. Since then, she took a variety of courses and engaged in training to not only look and move like Marilyn Monroe, but also sound like her too.

3 4-3. Victoria & David Beckham - Camilla Shadbolt & Andy Harmer

Before she launched her career as a Posh Spice impersonator, Camilla Shadbolt was dating Andy Harmer, who happens to resemble David Beckham. At first, Harmer received attention for his resemblance, but people started to notice that Camilla was beginning to strongly resemble Victoria Beckham.

After getting her hair cut and investing up to £70,000 in her lookalike persona, Camilla paired with Andy to win the 2004 "Doubles Look-Alike Award". Both Andy and Camilla are the only lookalikes to have ever worked with Victoria and David Beckham, including appearances in films, commercials, shows and other events.

In 2007, they convinced plenty of Los Angelenos that they were the real deal, jumping the line at exclusive clubs and getting tables at popular, high-end restaurants without reservations.

2 Sean Connery - John Allen


John Allen has appeared at dozens of events around the world as the preeminent Sean Connery impersonator and has worked with Sean himself as a body double. John's also appeared on Oprah and the Jay Leno Show.

He was discovered while dining in Florida by an agent who approached him, saying "I can make you a lot of money as a Sean Connery lookalike celebrity impersonator" if John "beat up some guy" and tossed "into Donald Trump's swimming pool."

Since that fateful day, he's won several awards for his work as a doppelganger, including three Cloney awards and a trio of Reel-Awards. In addition to his looks, John worked on mastering Sean Connery's distinctive brogue, taking his impersonation skills to the next level.

1 Kate Middleton - Heidi Agan

Heidi Agan was discovered in 2012 due to her ridiculously realistic rendering of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Since then, she has been on a whirlwind tour of the world as the top Kate lookalike, flying to locations across China, Australia and the United States.

She's appeared in numerous media events, including television work on the Katie Couric Show and Famous For My Face as well as appearances on BBC, ABC and ITV. This former burger waitress has worked her way up to charging a minimum of £600 per appearance.

Heidi notes that she resembles Kate so strongly that her younger daughter points to magazines featuring snapshots of the royal and says "there you are mummy!".

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