The World's 11 Hottest Burlesque Stars

When most people think of burlesque dancing, visions of voluptuous, scantily-clad women bumping and grinding their way through a bawdy, sexy stage performance might come to mind. There's certainly ple

When most people think of burlesque dancing, visions of voluptuous, scantily-clad women bumping and grinding their way through a bawdy, sexy stage performance might come to mind. There's certainly plenty of room in this genre for expressing sexuality in a sultry and seductive way, but in the 1600s burlesque began as amusing comedy skits and parodies designed to poke fun at popular plays, ballets and operas. Indeed, a certain element of comedy and entertainment endures today.

The word ‘burlesque’ comes from the Spanish and Italian word ‘burla’, meaning to trick, joke or mock. Originally, more men than women would act in these burlesque plays, and all participants would be fully dressed, powdered and primped for a theatrical performance that, while entertaining, could only be described as moderately risqué.

Fast forward to the late 1800s where women who had previously been covered by hoops, petticoats and layers of other clothing suddenly found a great release in appearing on stage in only tights and a corset.

Rumour has it that in 1896 when one of these sparsely dressed women was performing a tableaux vivant (where the model doesn’t move or speak) on top of a table, she suddenly spotted a flea on her costume and in a panicked frenzy suddenly stripped off all her clothes. The appreciative male audience enthusiastically and unanimously roared their approval of this unexpected addition to the show - and because of that unwelcome flea, the strip tease was born.

Today, burlesque dancing endures as an art form which empowers women, showcases a range of impressive body shapes and boasts stunning costumes along with cleverly choreographed stripteases. The following are ten women who have led - or are leading - the crowd in burlesque.

11 Bettsie Bon Bon

Bettsie Bon Bon is the epitome of a successful burlesque dancer: smart, sexy and driven. While studying law at university, Bettsie Bon Bon joined a dance class to escape the mundane world of academia and discovered a passion for the spotlight. She joined her first burlesque group soon after and has never looked back.

10 Gypsy Rose Lee


Gypsy Rose Lee is probably the most well known burlesque dancer in history. Known for her famous striptease act, she shocked the socks off conservative 1930s' audiences that had never seen anything like it before.

9 Dita Von Teese


Dita Von Teese, aka the Queen of Burlesque, turned a fascination of the culture and style of the 1940s into a fulltime career.

Like her mother, the Michigan-born beauty was a huge fan of the golden age of Hollywood films icons like Betty Grable. Although Von Teese has been performing since 1992, she hit the mainstream when she graced the cover of Playboy’s December 2002 issue.

Known for her elaborate dance shows where she uses large props such as a working carousel, oversized feather fans and a large martini glass that she bathes in, Von Teese describes her shows as, “putting the tease back in striptease.”

8 Calamity Chang


Dubbed ‘The Asian Sexsation’, Calamity Chang is best known for her role in the titillating Michael Fassbender movie Shame, as one member of an adventurous threesome.

Based in New York, Calamity Chang is not only a globally celebrated burlesque dancer, but is also a producer of the world’s only Asian Burlesque show.

7 Roxi D’Lite


Canada's Roxi D’Lite is the burlesque world’s bad girl. Known as a ‘strip teaser and virtual pleaser’, the reigning Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Queen of Burlesque also sports the crown of Miss Exotic World, 2014’s World Champion of Exotic Dance and 2014’s Showgirl Champion.

6 Zelia Rose


Current Miss Burlesque Australia Zelia Rose is a triple threat. This awarding winning burlesque entertainer is also a talented cabaret singer who holds various degrees in art, visual arts, and dance.

No stranger to the stage, Zelia Rose has performed in music videos, fashions shows and at various venues and festivals throughout the world.

5 Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon


Jo Weldon wrote the book on the art of burlesque, quite literally. After a long and successful career in burlesque dancing, Jo Weldon founded the New York School of Burlesque, where she developed a curriculum and industry standards for the artful dance.

After compiling notes from school handouts and her own personal experience, she also wrote and published The Burlesque Handbook, the first comprehensive manual explaining how to create classical and neo-burlesque routines.

4 Suicide Girls

The only thing better than seeing one hot burlesque dancer on stage is seeing a half a dozen hot burlesque dancers on stage. The Suicide Girls, an all-girl international touring troupe and online sensation, brings a modern spin to the burlesque world by infusing pop culture, indie soundtracks and tongue in cheek fun.

3 Legs Malone

If you’ve ever wondered where Legs Malone got her name from, simply take a gander at the best stems in the business. Referred to as ‘The Girl with the Thirty-Four and a Half inch Inseam’, Legs Malone has travelled the world performing her own unique brand of live entertainment, but calls New York home.

The popular dancer started her own podcast in December 2013 called Lunch with Legs, where she interviews a host of different people, many in the burlesque world.

2 Betty Page

1 Courtney Cruz

Californian Courtney Cruz has been performing as a burlesque dancer since 2002. In addition to captivating audiences with sci-fi themed performances, she also produces and coordinates fashion and burlesque events in the California area.

Recently honoured with LA Weekly’s ‘Best Burlesque Show’, Courtney Cruz’s claim to fame was as the smoking hot storm trooper in a very memorable Star Wars themed burlesque show. Her routine was so well received that one admirer actually tattooed her storm trooper bikini clad body, complete with helmet, on their arm.

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The World's 11 Hottest Burlesque Stars