The Biggest YouTube Sensations

Thanks to the power of the Internet, many people have felt the convenience of being able to upload all sorts of media content and share it with the entire world. And that is precisely why YouTub









Thanks to the power of the Internet, many people have felt the convenience of being able to upload all sorts of media content and share it with the entire world. And that is precisely why YouTube is enjoying the popularity it has today. It has made it possible for anyone to upload his or her videos and share it to anyone who has Internet access. And many people have used it to their advantage as they were able to rise to fame by uploading their homemade videos. All it takes to get noticed is getting enough hits for it to appear on the homepage and the person is well on his way to stardom. You may be surprised to find out how many stars today were YouTube sensations. Here is the top 10 list of YouTube sensations whose fame have skyrocketed to the top:


11 Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black’s YouTube stardom was all thanks to her music video, “Friday.” But most of its 167 million views generated negative comments. The music video was a vanity project considering how her mother paid $4,000 to have it put out and recorded by ARK Music Factory. After it went viral and gathered enough negativity, YouTube removed it from the site. It lasted three months.


10 Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda’s rise to stardom was when he covered classic 80’s ballads from bands like Journey, The Eagles, Air Supply, Survivor, Aerosmith and many more. He was then a member of a local band from the Philippines called “The Zoo” and many of their videos were being uploaded on YouTube. During that time, the band Journey was looking for a new vocalist and when Neal Schon chanced upon one of Arnel’s videos, he immediately contacted him and persuaded him to fly to the U.S. for an audition. Six months later, it was announced that Arnel Pineda was the new lead singer of Journey.


9 Sophia Grace and Rosie

Some people have probably noticed two cute girls appearing regularly on the Ellen DeGeneres show. They are Sophia Grace and Rosie, who were cousins from Essex. They caught DeGeneres’ attention when their video on YouTube went viral. They sang to Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass.” At that time they were nine and six, respectively. They were cast on DeGeneres’ show as red carpet correspondents where they get to interview many celebrities. They won their first Teen Choice Award in 2012 for “Choice Webstar.”


8 Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham’s success was also thanks to YouTube. His videos reached 70 million views in 2010; he was 20 years old at that time. He is a comedian, singer, song writer, musician, and an actor. But before YouTube, he was already gaining popularity as he was a part of Comedy Central and was given his first EP in 2008 entitled “Bo Fo Sho.” His songs are mostly satirical and are politically incorrect.


7 Liam Sullivan

The chances of finding stardom in Los Angeles is one out of a million as hundreds of thousands of people hope for the same fate. But for Liam Kyle Sullivan, he was able to achieve stardom with his unique video concept “Shoes,” which has 55 million views on YouTube. He created a song with funky techno beats and starred as the main character, Kelly, who loves shoes. Creating one of the most viewed videos on the Internet allowed him to appear on shows like “I Hate my 30’s,” and “8 Simple Rules.” He also got his own comedy tour and album.


6 OK Go


When the band OK Go from Chicago uploaded their treadmill routine video to the song “Here it Goes Again,” on YouTube in 2006, viewers were impressed with how the band members did the entire video in one take without tripping or falling. In the same year, they appeared on the MTV VMA’s and did the entire routine live. Their video reached 50 million views. OK Go has earned their fame for their creative and low budget videos.


4 Charice Pempengco

Charice Pempengco was well on her way to stardom. After uploading cover songs of herself on YouTube, she was invited to Sweden to record a few tracks and later on in Korea to perform in the show Star King where she sang songs with some of Korea’s hottest pop stars. When Ellen DeGeneres saw her performance, she was invited to perform in her show. But when it was Oprah Winfrey who took notice and invited Charice to appear on her show, she later on found a way to push her music career forward by contacting David Foster. A few years later, Charice was recognized worldwide for her powerful voice.


3 Greyson Chance

After performing a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi during his sixth grade music festival, Greyson Chance catapulted to stardom. It was uploaded on YouTube but it did not have too many views. It wasn’t until his brother wrote to Ellen DeGeneres and asked her to watch it. Pretty soon he was invited to perform the same song live on her show and the next person who got in touch with him was Lady Gaga herself. He was the first artist to sign with Ellen DeGeneres and now sees success in his two studio albums.


2 Justin Bieber

Where would the teen sensation Justin Bieber be today without YouTube? It was in that site where his talents were discovered when his mother uploaded his cover of NeYo’s “So Sick.” It did not take long for big stars to notice him and by the age of 13, he signed his first record deal with Usher. After that the rest was history.



Known worldwide for his humorous video of Gangnam Style, Psy has not only made headlines, he also created a worldwide phenomenon with his dance moves that got millions of fans uploading videos of them dancing to his song. This rapper, musician, song writer, and record producer was actually making a satirical attack against the rich community of Koreans in Seoul named Gangnam while the rest of the world sang and danced along without even knowing what it all meant.

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