The Top 10 Strangest Celebrity Sex Secrets

Sex. There is good, bad and different. Sexual appetites vary and rating sexual performances can be as difficult as trying to impress the Russian judge in your figure skates. One person’s gold medal pe

Sex. There is good, bad and different. Sexual appetites vary and rating sexual performances can be as difficult as trying to impress the Russian judge in your figure skates. One person’s gold medal performance can be another person’s, well, let’s just say they don’t finish on the podium. Sex is one of the most subjective activities around.

The best part about sex is that it can happen anywhere; literally, anywhere. Sure, it started in the bedroom, and only in the bedroom. But now sex is like Nintendo when it went from being only a plug-in console to introducing the Game Boy. We were released into the wild to play Super Mario Brothers wherever our hearts desired. In fact, you don’t even need two people to achieve the Big O! A table for one will do. With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder there is such a variety of ways people can engage in this favorite past time.

And there are health benefits to having sex, too! Men who do it regularly reduce their risk of prostate cancer (at least that’s what I tell my wife). It also reduces stress and hey, if you don’t have a chance to hit the gym, sex can be your daily cardio! With so many positives, it’s no wonder nearly everyone in the world loves sex. That brings us to celebrities. Sure, I’m quite certain there are boring hot celebrities enjoying things in Missionary Land. But then there are those celebrities who have a different kind of appetite. Here are the top 10 strangest celebrity sex habits.

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10 Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey – Mariah’s Greatest Hits

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey recently ended their marriage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bask in their sexual glory. Nick was always a big fan of Mariah’s vocal range. In fact, they were both such fans of Mariah’s vocals the former couple used to do the nasty to the sound of her personal soundtrack; literally. Nick and Mariah loved to hear her sing so much, they listened to Mariah’s greatest hits while doing the dirty. And if Mariah wasn’t home, no problem! Nick would listen to the sweet tunes on his own and go to town on himself. These days, I bet Nick is listening to a lot of Mariah on his iPod in the bathroom.

9 Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon – Going commando


Age and time haven’t stopped this long standing couple from enjoying each other’s company. Married over a quarter century, the couple first met in their youth. Kevin was 19 and Kyra was 12. She was smitten with him then but they didn’t actually start dating until they were in their 20s (I got nervous there for a second). Now, after all this time and after raising two children, the two have decided to go commando in their home with regularity. With the kids out of the house, the dedicated couple stroll the halls of their home in the buff. They believe this improves their sexual connection. It also is good for highlighting grooming needs. Just sayin’.

8 Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis – The Sexual Marathon

They say when actors play roles close to their personalities in movies it brings out the best in their performances. The sex-crazed character Jason Sudeikis plays in Horrible Bosses may not be too far off from his true personality. Sudeikis and his new bride, Olivia Wilde, shared they both have tremendous sexual appetites. In fact, they describe themselves as having sex like marathon runners. These two sexual Kenyans burn up the sheets at night and you can’t really blame funny man Sudeikis for going all out for the scorching Wilde.

7 Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith – Bathroom Boogie

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith have been dealing with divorce rumors for years. Numerous times Jada has told the public that she isn’t Will Smith’s watcher. With that in mind, the Smith’s like to keep their sex life on the interesting side of the fence. Jada intimated to Redbook that she and her husband enjoy having sex pretty much everywhere. While visiting friend’s homes, they have been known to duck into a bathroom and hit lift-off. The office and cars are no strangers to the Smith’s bare soles as well. Role playing? Oh, yeah. Clearly, this long-standing Hollywood couple has endured the years and conquered many bathrooms along the way.

6 Robert Downey Jr. – The Iron Fist

Robert Downey Jr. has become the greatest comeback tale in Hollywood lure. The young star once was a budding actor headed for destruction with his extracurricular partying activities. Now, he is the centerpiece of multiple franchises like, Iron Man, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes. The mega star has his hands in just about everything; and I mean everything. Downey Jr. is a self-professed serial masturbator. Apparently, Downey Jr. doesn’t just wrestle with beasts on camera. You have to wonder if the actor gets upset when he has to wear the Iron Man suit (no holes to get to the goods).

5 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson – Oooo those Heels

It’s been a while since we enjoyed the live frolicking of this power couple. The two singers seemed destined for MTV bliss until their relationship fell apart on live television. Since they’re apart, there’s no harm in dishing about one of Lachey’s oldie-but-goodie fetishes. Back in the day, Lachey used to get turned on by wearing Simpson’s high heels. Interesting. These days Jessica says she enjoys having sex while pregnant (not with Lachey, but probably with her husband). She states that her orgasms have been out of this world when she’s carrying that second someone inside her. That probably explains why she is pregnant so often these days! And Lachey breaking her heels so often probably explains why they are no longer married. The lesson, guys, if you like to wear her high heels, better not break the tips.

4 Sting and Trudie Styler - Sexual Stamina

Sting. The man who can go ALL NIGHT long; literally. The famous singer has been the front man for The Police and has carried on a successful solo career. Sting has also been equally famous for his tantric sexual abilities. Sting tries to downplay all the talk but hasn’t distilled any rumors that his sexual performances last nearly three-four times as long as his singing performances. I was sorely disappointed when he only lasted ninety minutes for me back in 2001 - singing that is. In addition to having the sexual stamina of a breeding bunny rabbit, Sting also enjoys some playful dress-up at home with the wife. They keep things spicy by jumping in and out of wardrobe between sexual sets.

3 Scarlett Johansson – Back Seat Lovin’

Scarlett Johansson is a blonde sexual bombshell. She exploded onto the scene as the young love interest for the aged, but really cool, Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. Since then, she has been nearly every man’s pin-up girl. Prospective suitors should take note, it doesn’t take diamonds or caviar to lure Scarlett to your heart. She apparently has a thing for comfortable leather car seats. Johansson professed to the world that one of her biggest thrills is sex in the back of a car. She stated with clarity, “I love it. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind, wanting something crazy and kinky, the back seat would be it.” Fire up the El Dorados boys, we’re heading to Johansson’s house!

2 Martha Stewart – Online Dating Queen

Martha Stewart is  famous for just about being everything. She has dawned television screens and magazine covers over the years for her ability to bake and add a little spice to living rooms. Aside from being one of America's favorite homemakers, this motherly figure went to jail for some tiny money issues. Maybe it was the PoPo that turned Martha, but she now admits she enjoys internet dating. In addition to dabbling online, she stated she had a one night stand, probably a threesome and enjoys sexting. In other news, the prison she used to stay at now serves the best correctional pound cake around.

1 Ricky Martin – Golden Goals

Long before “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and “She Bangs,” Ricky Martin was trying to go for the gold in other ways - as in golden shower. Yes, the Latin star loves to pee on other people in the one and only facility dedicated to cleaning your body. In an interview with Blender he admitted, “I love giving the golden shower. I’ve done it before in the shower. It’s like so sexy, you know, the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.” Ricky, we have these things called toilets. You don’t have to pee down the drain anymore.




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The Top 10 Strangest Celebrity Sex Secrets