The Top 10 Sexiest Television Commercials in the World

Television advertisements are usually the time to check out what shows are on the other channels. However, advertisers now know how to get people to stick and watch during breaks. Here is a list of th

Television advertisements are usually the time to check out what shows are on the other channels. However, advertisers now know how to get people to stick and watch during breaks. Here is a list of the top 10 sexiest television commercials in the world.

10 Axe Bullet Can’t Seem to Make You Mine, 2008

Imagine having the power to see through a woman’s clothing. That’s what the star in this commercial possesses and he could do it on demand. Whenever and wherever he sees a nice, young lady, he would be able to do what most of us could only dream of. He has the power of undressing the woman with his eyes. However, he does not have sole possession of this talent. By spraying on Axe Bullet cologne, a simple whiff would excite the lady enough to undress the guy with her own eyes as well.

9 Xenergy Drink featuring Monica, 2012

Xenergy is the official drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, that brutally compelling sport in which two fighters would beat each other up relentlessly for a few rounds. The drink is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and has the ability to rev up your energy. Now, how do you create a commercial that would grab a person’s attention for half a minute for such a product? The answer is actually simple. Get a sexy woman to gyrate and dance for around 30 seconds. By the end of the commercial, it does not really matter what product you are advertising because guys will certainly be hooked regardless of what it is.

8 Carl’s Jr. Spicy Barbeque Burger 2005

Blonde, busty, sexy and rich, Paris Hilton is the epitome of a guy’s fantasy. So what more if she suddenly writhes and dances slowly in front of you while wet as she washes a car? It is heavenly, definitely a paradise on earth. It can make even the most virtuous guy hot, which is probably the point of the commercial that advertises Carl's Jr. spicy barbeque burger. Now, if only the fast food chain can get Hilton to serve the dish as well, then it can certainly leapfrog its way to the top of the ranks of fastfood chains.

7 Miller Lite Catfight, 2006

Miller Lite is touted to be the beer of choice because it has great taste and it is less filling. Which is the better reason? Why not have two sexy women fight about it? Make them rip each other’s clothes, fight in the water and wrestle in the mud. Let them make out towards the end. You see, the reason does not really matter. What is important is the two girls who make equally compelling reasons.

6 Victoria’s Secret What's Sexy, 2006

How do you define sexy? Victoria’s Secret was able to describe it through the magic of show and tell. With the cameras placed at strategic low angles and wind machines further spicing things up, the ad showed the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Laetitia Casta and Ana Hickman walking around in lingerie. They have the bodies to flaunt, and they confidently show it to the rest of the world. What is sexy? If you still do not know the answer to the question after this commercial, then you will probably never know the meaning of the word.

5 Pepsi’s Cindy Crawford, 1991

Cindy Crawford was the supermodel of the late 80's to early 90's. She was at the forefront of Pepsi’s campaign at that time that showcased the brand’s new look while retaining its old taste. Crawford did not have to do that much. She was in a red Lamborghini stopping at a roadside café, wearing a white tank top and cut off jeans that were waist high. She then got a Pepsi and drank the soda. Yet, the commercial just oozed with sexiness. Not much skin was shown but the mere sight of Crawford’s face and figure was enough to get your blood rushing.

4 Calvin Klein Obsession, 2008

This commercial was deemed too sexy for television that it actually got banned. It featured the sexy actress Eva Mendes cavorting around on the bed while naked. She even showed a glimpse of her nipple. If you do not end up buying the fragrance, you will at least get obsessed with Mendes.

3 New Yorker Dress for the Moment, 2006

This sexy commercial from the German fashion and lifestyle house called New Yorker shows an old guy marrying a young, hot and sexy girl. As the girl takes her clothes off and dances in her lingerie, the old husband peeks through a peephole. Just like the television viewers, he gets real excited. In his case however, he got so excited that he suffered a heart attack.

2 Bavaria Beer, 2007

Beer and sexy women are two of the more important parts of a man’s life. The Brazilian commercial features a guy holding and fondling a beer bottle as a sexy girl in a bikini follows and mimics each and every movement that the beer bottle does. Turn the bottle around and the girl does a pirouette. Hold the bottle horizontally and the girl bends over suggestively. Fondle the bottle a bit and the girl dances sexily. Now, peel off the label from the bottle and see if the girl will take off her bikini. The result may let you down, but it still ranks as one of the sexiest commercials of all time.

1 Victoria’s Secret Christmas, 2004

How can you top this Christmas ad from Victoria’s Secret? It featured Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. And when these girls whisper anything, they can make anything sound sexy. So they say stuff like, “dazzle me,” “excite me,” “delight me,” “tell me that you love me,” “tell me that you want me,” “bring me to my knees” and “there’s no other woman like me.”  It will surely hypnotize any red-blooded male into buying anything from Victoria’s Secret.

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The Top 10 Sexiest Television Commercials in the World