The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Celebrities are perfect. From the face and the body to the hair and the skin tone, they are the epitome of glamour and beauty that makes everyone stand up and notice. When they reveal more than that,

Celebrities are perfect. From the face and the body to the hair and the skin tone, they are the epitome of glamour and beauty that makes everyone stand up and notice. When they reveal more than that, then everyone takes a second look.

These are the celebrities that have given the public a more intimate look of their closely guarded jewels. Here is a list of the top 10 most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

10 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez will always say that she is still the same old girl from the block. Of course, not all girls from the block has had hit movies and songs, and probably nobody even from an area bigger than that block has had high profile relationships as Lopez. She’s always had the body to flaunt that almost always overshadows her talents. She turned a lot of heads with a plunging green Versace dress during the 2000 Grammy Awards. In 2012, she attracted a lot of stares for her dress that gave a glimpse of her nipples. Lopez’s handlers said that the dress fit her perfectly and did not reveal anything, but that did not stop people from creating a Twitter account dedicated to her breast.

9 Lady Diana Spencer

We all knew her as the Princess of Wales, but before she got married to Prince Charles, she was actually a kindergarten teacher known as Lady Diana Spencer. While we are aware of how paparazzis may have driven her to death with their incessant coverage of her every move, Diana had a portent of things to come way back in 1980. Photographers took advantage of her naivety and took a picture of her against the sun, thus providing a peek of her legs.

8 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a girl who is both cute and subject to a lot of schoolboy’s fantasy. Everyone knew that Justin Bieber is too much of a boy for Gomez. She’s young, sweet and desirable. During a concert in Boston in July 2013, she gave everyone a slight peek when she accidentally showed off her underwear while performing on stage.

7 Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell was one of the original members of the female supergroup called the Spice Girls. She was Ginger Spice and she exudes a lot of sexiness and appeal. She was the first one to forge a solo career from the group and she probably got even more male fans when she released the video for her version of “It’s Raining Men.” She also got the kids’ attention during the 2008 British Children’s Awards. Halliwell showed up with a dress that exposed her butt.

6 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is everyone’s favorite immigrant from South America. It does not matter if you are an old man like her husband in the hit TV series Modern Family, or a young man still in school, her beauty appeals to many people. She provided us with a slight peek of her body during the Emmy Awards in 2012. Vergara suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the rear end of the bottom part of her dress tore leaving her butt exposed.

5 Emma Watson

Emma Watson will probably always be remembered as a child because of her roles as Hermione in the popular movie series of Harry Potter. However, by the latter sequels of the seven-movie series, people were slowly but surely becoming aware of her beauty. A lot of guys were practically just waiting for her to turn 18. When she did, she did it with a bang. Right after her 18th birthday party, she was photographed getting out of a car wearing see-through panties. The hits just kept on coming. The following year, paparazzi snapped a bikini-clad Watson in Jamaica, with a nipple showing. During the premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in 2012, she again inadvertently exposed a transparent-taped nipple.

4 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj took the music world by storm with her chart-topping songs punctuated by an infectious dance rhythm. In 2011, she performed in the ABC show called Good Morning, America. During the middle of her performance, her boob suddenly showed. Though it happened real fast that a lot of people missed it, paparazzis are known for their ever-ready fingers that can click the camera at a moment’s notice. They captures Minaj in an embarrassing malfunction that is still talked about today.

3 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has proven to everyone her amazing range of talent. She entertained us with her memorable performance in The Devil Wears Prada, providing a perfect foil to the acerbic character of Meryl Streep. She also regaled us with her acting and singing in Les Miserables opposite Hugh Jackman. She also managed to satisfy a lot of guys dreams when, during the premiere of the movie, she was photographed upskirt getting out a car without any underwear on.

2 Tara Reid

Tara Reid was part of the iconic teenage movie American Pie. Her career did not really go anywhere however besides with this film. Instead, people will always remember her for two incidents with rapper musicians. Akon once invited her up to stage and surprised her by suddenly making her the object of his dirty dance. That scene is dwarfed, however, when compared to her appearance in P. Diddy’s 35th birthday in 2004. She highlighted it by unknowingly flashing a boob for several seconds while posing for photographers.

1 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson owns the mother of all celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. It happened during halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl, one of the most watched shows in the country. She was performing with Justin Timberlake, and the song has a line that goes, “…gonna have you naked by the end of this song.” In the end, Timberlake tore off Jackson’s clothes, revealing her breast to a worldwide TV audience. Tom Brady led his New England Patriots to an exciting win over the Carolina Panthers, but the topic the next few days was all about the wardrobe malfunction.

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The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions