The Top 10 Money Making DJs

Rock stars are not the gods and goddesses of music these days. Thanks to technology, anyone who owns a computer and possesses remarkable talent with regards to beats and mixing up songs can earn just as much, if not more, than a rock star would.

Thanks to these DJ’s, partying is a lot more fun. They once used to give life to parties but now, they have concerts and appear in big music festivals all over the world such as Tomorrowland and Coachella, to name a few. Their records are sold worldwide and their concerts are very well attended. However, their shows and records are not the only ones raking in the cash. Just like rock stars, they can also endorse products and have sponsors that help promote their concerts and albums.

DJ’s are so successful that some of them even fly on private jets. They have definitely earned their respect in the music industry as many pop stars collaborate with them in hopes of getting their singles to the top of the music charts.

Here is a countdown of the top 10 richest DJ’s.

9 Pete Tong – $32M

Pete Tong saw his beginnings by appearing on the radio. His career boomed when he worked for BBC Radio 1 and got the Friday night slot where he played electronic and dance music. He worked for the show called Essential Selection which later on turned into “Peter Tong: The official start to the weekend.” The show lasted 15 years, which is also what helped with Tong’s rise to fame.

For six years, Tong was the resident DJ in Ibiza’s famous Pacha nightclub. People from all over the world would come and watch his performances and dance to his beats. He is a veteran in the music scene and has been producing albums since the mid 90’s until today. He has worked with famous DJ’s such as Paul Okenfold and Fatboy Slim.

8 Sasha – $40M

Electronic music was popular in the late 1980’s and Sasha can be a testament to that. He began his career playing acid house dance music and making mixes out of tracks made by popular artists such as Madonna, Hot Chip, and The Chemical Brothers. He is known for his interesting music style as critics have not been able to classify which genre his music belongs to.

He also began producing records and helped younger DJ’s with their styles and techniques. He may be considered as a pioneer in the music industry as he thought of other ways to utilize technology in music instead of using turntables and records.

7 Judge Jules – $42M

Judge Jules began his DJ career in the late 80’s. Like many DJ’s of his kind, he started working for radio stations such as Kiss FM and Radio 1. His career took him to Ibiza where he did work for the club Eden every Friday night for Judgment Fridays. This is where his career really took off and he was able to make a name for himself while working there.

Aside from music, Judge Jules is also known for his work as a journalist and he has appeared on a few TV shows such as Top Gear and the UK’s Top of the Pops where he performed along with the DJ’s he had worked with.

6 Armin Van Buuren – $43M

Armin Van Buuren is a Dutch DJ and music producer who is known internationally as he was ranked number one in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s. His career blossomed when he did his show online called "A State of Trance" which earned him worldwide recognition. It was considered as the most popular radio show for reaching 26 countries.

He is known for producing quality trance music which he began making at the age of 19. In 2008, his album made it to number one on the Dutch chart which was a first for DJ’s in his genre. He is an award-winning DJ since 2005 where he won his first International Dance Music award for Best Dance Radio Mix show DJ and still continues to win more awards.

5 John Digweed – $45M

Perhaps John Digweed owes a part of his success to DJ Sasha who heard his demo and helped him get a gig at the Renaissance Club in Mansfield. On his own, he proved to be a good DJ who even helped with the beginnings of the progressive house genre. He is originally from England but his music is popular in North America and all throughout Europe.

4 Paul van Dyk – $52M

Most people know Paul van Dyk as a trance DJ but he prefers that his music be categorized as electronic dance music. He has sold millions of albums worldwide and is best known for his remix of “Love Stimulation,” and “For an Angel.”

He grew up in Berlin before the wall had fallen down so there wasn’t much musical influences during that time. He was able to listen to the radio secretly and preferred to listen to western radio stations where he got his musical education and was his only way of connecting to the world. After the fall of the Berlin wall, he moved to Hamburg where his career set foot and began appearing in clubs to perform.

3 Paul Oakenfold – $58M

Paul Oakenfold is well known in the music industry as he has been a part of it since the late 1970’s. During that time, he was only getting to know the business as he got himself in some of the best and most popular music scenes in New York where he met many of the famous artists of that time.

Like many DJ’s he went to Ibiza but at the time he went, acid house was not so widely accepted yet. Later on, he along with other DJ’s put up a club where they got to play their kind of music, produced different tracks, and began letting other artists get noticed in his place. This was the beginning of Perfecto Records which is known for producing some of the best DJ’s.

2 3 & 2. Daft Punk (Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) – $60M

Daft Punk is a successful collaboration between two French musicians who gave rise to the house music movement in France. They later on began mixing synthpop with their house music which helped catapult them to success. They won their first Grammy in 2007 for having the Best Electronic/Dance Album. The duo is known for their live shows and for its amazing visual elements which go with their music. They also wear elaborate costumes during their shows.

1 Tiesto – $75M

DJ Tiesto is the first DJ to perform in the opening day of the Olympics. More than that, he is one of the biggest names in electronic dance music for his famous releases and remixes like Delirium’s “Silence,” featuring Sarah McLachlan. He has collaborated with many big names in the music industry such as Arny Bink who helped co-found Black Hole Recordings.

He began his career producing mostly trance records but during the mid 2000’s, his musical direction took a different path and he began experimenting by collaborating with artists like Calvin Harris, Flo Rida, Nelly Furtado and Sean Kingston to name a few. His tracks are heard in clubs all over the world and to this day, his concerts are well attended.

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