The Top 10 Highest Earning Singers of 2013

They sang their way into the public’s collective heart with hit songs and concert performances. They then sang all the way to the bank. Here are the top 10 highest earning singers and artists for 2013

They sang their way into the public’s collective heart with hit songs and concert performances. They then sang all the way to the bank. Here are the top 10 highest earning singers and artists for 2013.

10 Justin Bieber - $15.9 million

Justin Bieber has already made a name for himself at a very young age. He is the first artist to ever have five number one albums in the music charts before even reaching the age of 19. Last year, he sold more than $2.6 million in physical albums, as well as $806,000 in digital albums and $1.8 million in digital tracks. He also had a sold out concert tour entitled “Believe,” which was a take off from his blockbuster fourth album. The tour earned for him an unbelievable $10 million.

9 Coldplay - $17.3 million

Coldplay continued its successful run this year. After another successful album in Mylo Xyloto, the band went on an extremely successful concert tour. The album has already sold 600,000 physical copies. Digital sales added $1.3 million to the band’s coffers. The band’s singles also netted them $954,000 on the back of songs like “Paradise,” “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” and “Princess of China,” which was a collaboration with pop star Rihanna. The concert tour itself brought them across North America, Europe and Australia, bringing in an additional $13.9 million in revenue.

8 Jason Aldean - $17.6 million

Jason Aldean’s Night Train was one of the best selling albums of the past year with a million copies being sold. His album from a couple of years back entitled My Kinda Party continued to sell well with an additional 594,000 copies being sold. He also has gone on a concert tour based on the latter album, selling out all 59 shows on the tour and performing to over 984,000 people in all. The tour grossed more than $40 million.

7 Tim McGraw - $18.3 million

Tim McGraw has had several top selling singles and albums in his career. A lot of them are still selling real well, earning for him $1.3 million in CD royalties, $677,000 in royalties from digital tracks, and around $256,000 in royalties from digital album sales. Those numbers are not bad already, but they all pale to the amount he earned from his concert performances. McGraw went on tour with Kenny Chesney. Called “Brothers of the Sun,” it earned a total gross of $96 million.

6 Dave Matthews Band - $18.9 million

The Dave Matthews Band has always been one of the best concert performers and most astute music businessmen in the industry. The band sold 367,000 physical albums and 1.4 million digital tracks to back up its sixth straight studio album to go to number one in the music chart. It also earned $41 million from its concert tour. At just 41 shows, the amount is equivalent to almost a million dollars per show. We are not including the money they earned from the band’s in-house merchandising business called Bama Rags. Dave Matthews also has a financial interest with ATO Records, a label he co-founded with his manager Coran Capshaw.

5 Kenny Chesney - $19.1 million

Kenny Chesney is already considered as the most successful concert tour act in the history of country music. He further cemented his reputation the past year when he went on tour with another country superstar in Tim McGraw. Chesney’s last eight concert tours have attracted more than a million fans each time. He also earned additional money with the release of Welcome to the Fishbowl, as well as by sales of 64,142 ring tones of his music. His digital tracks were also downloaded 4.6 million times in the United States alone.

4 Van Halen - $20.2 million

Proof that old rockers never die has been evident with Van Halen’s recent success. The band had 46 shows that earned for its members $54 million. It could have been more but they had to cancel 32 shows because they were tired. The new album features the return of David Lee Roth. Called A Different Kind of Truth, it sold more than 621,000 physical albums and more than 213,000 digital downloads, helping them earn an additional $1.2 million. The members also receive $2.2 million from royalties from their old music.

3 Roger Waters - $21.2 million

As if the 70's never left us, former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters earned more than $377 million from his wildly successful concert tour that attracted more than 3.3 million fans in 192 shows around the world. He also earned quite a substantial figure from tour merchandise sales. Waters continues to amaze with a song-by-song rendition of The Wall album, that classic 1980 record from the band. His old albums also helped chip in some additional pocket change amounting to $1.2 million.

2 Bruce Springsteen - $33.4 million

Speaking of old rockers, Bruce Springsteen is still showing everyone who the boss is. He sold 600,000 records and 1.6 million digital downloads, more than any other artists from the 70's. Including publishing royalties, he earned $2.4 million, which could have been more if only he would approve the use of his songs for movies and advertising. His main bread and butter is still the concert scene, as his “Wrecking Ball” tour proved to be the highest drawing tour in terms of attendance. It earned for him and the band around $200 million.

1 Madonna - $34.6 million

Madonna’s latest album entitled MDNA proved to be a bonanza for the music star. It debuted at number one and earned for her $1.5 million in physical and digital album sales.  What was more amazing was her concert performances that ranked as the 10th highest grossing tour of all time. It gave Madonna a windfall of $32 million as the Queen of Pop reigns supreme once more in the list, five years after first taking the title in 2008.

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The Top 10 Highest Earning Singers of 2013