The Top 10 Funniest Justin Bieber SNL Skits

At just the young age of 20, Justin Bieber is one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world. He has been in the limelight for several years now, and while the world has gotten to see the awkward, hilarious and sometimes reckless transitions he has undergone while transitioning from adolescence to a young man. The really cool thing about this talented Canadian heartthrob is that he's never afraid to laugh at himself. It's always a good idea to never take things too seriously especially when there is a legion of haters lurking around every corner waiting to tear you down. One comedy show that has always been around to poke fun at Bieber's career is Saturday Night Live. He has appeared on the show as both a musical guest and host, and each time, he has provided some very funny sketches. Honorable mention also has to go to SNL cast member Kate McKinnon who always does a great job of impersonating him. One last thing before you read the list below of the 10 funniest Bieber-related SNL skits is this: Comedy Central is going to do a roast of Mr. Bieber that will be airing March 7th. It should be a lot of fun! Enjoy the list below ...

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10 Calvin Klein Spoof Skit


We all know that Justin Bieber has been garnering a lot of buzz lately for the sexy underwear ads he did for Calvin Klein. Of course this was too good for SNL to pass up, so they had hilarious cast member Kate McKinnon impersonate Bieber, complete with the tattoos, signature poses and all. In the funny clips, McKinnon totally brings the laughs saying things like: “I’m a big boy now,” and “I’m not supposed to drink but I do.” She even points to her crotch and says, “My pee pee is in there.” It’s a laugh-out-loud sketch and at one point, the camera pans to his underwear and he is wearing “XXS” CK underwear.

9  9. Glice To Meet You Skit


This skit is from 2013 when Justin Bieber appeared as both the host and music guest for the legendary Saturday Night Live show on NBC. In this hilarious skit, he plays the college boyfriend of SNL cast member Nasim Pedrad. Bieber is being introduced to his girlfriend’s family for the first time and he’s awfully nervous about the whole ordeal. The situation gets worse when he’s introduced to the girlfriend’s rude older brother. When he meets the brother, he goes to introduce himself and says, “Glice to meet you.” The word “Glice” is a combination of the words “glad” and “nice” and he made that mistake because he was so nervous. It ends up being a big joke that the older brother ridicules and the sketch only gets funnier after that.

8 Justin Bieber “Body Double” Sketch


This is another hilarious skit from when Bieber hosted the SNL show in 2013. In the skit, he has just finished playing a show at Madison Square Garden, and his security manager is informing him about a new “body double” security measure he’s planning on implementing. In the sketch, almost all the members of the SNL cast are dressed up like Justin Bieber. The idea is for them to act as decoys when he is out in public. There is a really funny line when Bieber tells the security manager played by Jason Sudeikis that some of the body doubles are black and they won’t fool anybody. Sudeikis quickly retorts back, “Well you ain’t fooling anyone either homie.” Certainly worth watching for some great laughs.

7 Justin Bieber/Tina Fey Classroom Skit


This skit was aired live in 2010 when Tina Fey returned to the show to host SNL. The music guest for that episode was Justin Bieber and he was involved in a very funny classroom skit. In the sketch, Tina Fey played the role of a frustrated school teacher who is having some inappropriate sexual feelings for one of the young students in her class (played by Bieber). There are some really funny parts of the skit like where she fantasizes about putting him in a baby stroller and pushing him through the park. In the end, she even admits to wanting to give him a bath. Quite disturbing but also very funny.

6 Justin Bieber – Miley Cyrus Skit


This is yet another funny sketch that Bieber turned in when he hosted SNL in 2013. In the clip, he plays the role of a nerdy teenager who happens to be the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club. On the skit, he’s actually being interviewed by Miley (played by Vanessa Bayer) and Justin takes some pretty funny shots at himself. He says things like, “I heard he still has his baby teeth.” The cool character trait about Justin Bieber, we can all agree, is that he’s a really good sport about making fun of himself.

5 Justin Bieber – Piers Morgan


When big stories happen in the news, SNL is definitely one of the best shows at skewering the stories and bringing out the funny side. For the first SNL episode of 2014, they did an excellent parody in which former CNN Host Piers Morgan (played by Taran Killam) interviewed New Jersey governor Chris Christie, baseball star A-Rod (played by Drake) and Bieber (played by Kate McKinnon). In the skit Morgan asked Bieber why he decided to egg his neighbor’s house and his answer was classic. He said, “I thought my neighbor was a chicken so I was just returning his kids.”

4  4. Justin Bieber – “Hurray for Abstinence” Skit


When Bieber last appeared as host on SNL in 2013, it was right around Valentine’s Day, so the writers decided to create a really funny V-Day themed High school dance sketch. In the skit, Bieber plays a nerdy student complete with thick glasses and annoying lisp, and he makes all kinds of hilarious statements about why it’s important to wait before having sex. Some of those comments were, “Don’t do that thang, until you get that ring,” and “Don’t go poking until ‘I do’ is spoken.”

3 Miley Cyrus Playing Justin Bieber Skit


This skit dates back to 2011, and it’s one of those comedy sketches that take your mind on a little bender. The sketch is about a Miley Cyrus talk show, and it featured Miley Cyrus (played by SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer) interviewing Justin Bieber (played by Miley Cyrus). Are you still with us? Okay let’s continue. Hilarity ensues in the sketch and there is even one point where Miley asks where Justin Bieber gets all his cool winking and posing moves. He answers the question by pointing to a guy off stage wearing a hoodie and baseball cap and says, “I brought my swagger coach.” It aired four years ago, but you’ll get some great laughs from checking it out.

2 Hip-Hop Nativity – 2014


This sketch is from one of the SNL Holiday episodes that aired at the end of 2014. James Franco was the guest host and the music performer was Nicki Minaj. It was great timing for Nicki because she was given a great platform to promote her new Pinkprint album. There was a particular sketch dubbed the Hip-Hop nativity and it was extremely funny.  The cast was re-enacting the birth of Jesus with Justin Bieber (played by Kate Mckinnon) taking the role of Joseph and Beyoncé (played by Nicki Minaj) taking the role of The Virgin Mary. And who better to play the role of the newly born baby Jesus than Kanye West (played by SNL cast member Jay Pharoah). If you missed it, this is one skit you definitely need to see.

1 Sexy Valentine Message from Justin Bieber


It’s true, women of all ages are known to lust over Justin Bieber. So when he hosted SNL in 2013, he did a sketch sending a special Valentine’s Day message to all his female fans. It’s extremely funny – he does things like rolling sexy dice that read “Fondle Butt” after he tosses them. There’s also another part where he takes a selfie of his genitals and then hits a button on his phone and says, “Check your email Hillary Clinton.” It’s always cool to see huge stars have a great sense of humor.

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