The Top 10 Disney Experiences

The happiest place on earth has not lost any of its magic. Disneyland still continues to enchant us today as it did yesterday. The fairy tales and the characters now enthrall a younger generation while keeping the older one in wonder.

Once just an amusement park, Disneyland has come to embody every child’s fantasy place, a land where their favorite story characters come to life, a place that offers adventure and excitement for those willing to take the chance. What are the most memorable Disney rides, experiences and attractions available to the fans of today?

10 Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

A long, long time ago there was a ride that featured Star Wars scenes and characters, however, there was a dark side. Disney decided it was not up to snuff and improved it more. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue was born. The ride will take you to familiar locations like Hoth, Naboo and the Death Star which will be populated by characters familiar to movie fans, including the black-clad sith lord Darth Vader himself. It also has a random sequence generator and with over 50 possible story combinations there is very little chance to ride it the same way twice.

9 Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to walk into a fairy tale? Now you can have that chance. You can wander the winding passageways of the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle and watch as the story of Princess Aurora and the evil Maleficent unfolds before your eyes in dynamic 3-dimensional displays with the corresponding stunning special effects. You can also choose to view the tale in high-definition CGI from a special viewing room. Recent renovations have brought this attraction closer to the art of the 1957 classic so those familiar with the movie will feel right at home. Just don’t fall asleep.

8 Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride tells the story of one of the most recognized storybook characters of all time since he was a wee lad up to the time he confronts and defeats his greatest adversary. The audience will be invited to board a flying pirate ship that will take them high up over London and into Neverland, where boys will never grow old, and adventures never end. Okay, it’s not actually a flying pirate ship, but the three-person “galleons” will be suspended from a track above as the story unfolds below. This makes for a scary yet exhilarating experience.

7 Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho ho! And a pirate's life for thee? Then this is the ride for you. This boat ride takes you into the dark, past pillaged town, pirate ships in battle and scenes from the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Although it should be pointed out that it is the movie that’s based on this ride and not the other way around. You can also get to see Jack Sparrow, perhaps the most famous pirate in the world today. You also get to see where pirates keep their booty. Just beware to share no secrets about what you see on this ride. Dead men tell no tales after all.

6 Jungle Cruise

For some of us, this is probably the closest we can get to an actual cruise through the jungle. This ride will take you through places modeled after the most famous rivers in the world including the Amazon, the Nile, the Irrawaddy and the Ganges. There will be animals too. Prepare to get up close with various animals including tigers, cobras, crocodiles and elephants. There are a few features of the ride which should not be mentioned here, better for the excitement of the passengers. It’s a jungle out there after all.

5 Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Based on the hit 2003 CGI movie Finding Nemo, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage takes the audience into a sub-aquatic adventure where they get to see a kelp forest, shipwrecks and even an underground volcano. Of course they also get to see Dory and Marlin and Nemo. Their images are designed to blend in with the actual locations, giving the audience the impression that they are looking at the actual movie characters. The submersibles  have speakers so the audience will not miss a thing as the story unfolds, these are state of the art submersibles, designed to function without any electrical contact underwater.

4 “Remember… Dreams Come True” fireworks show

For this, you don’t need to get into any buggy or cart. You can just sit there and gawk as the lights and colors spread across the sky. This choreographed light and sound display is a scheduled event, not a nightly one, so you better check your calendar if you want to catch this show.

3 Haunted Mansion

Sometimes we just need a good scare and the Haunted Mansion gives you just that. This ride, based on the 2003 movie starring Eddie Murphy, takes the audience into the same mansion to experience the same scares he did. Prepare to meet goblins, ghosts, skeletons and the flying candelabra.

2 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Sometimes we need more than just one good scare. This ride invites you into a period hotel where mystery, and perhaps murder, abound. This may not be ideal for the faint of heart, some have described this ride as the longest, scariest two minutes of their lives. For those who are intimately familiar with the series The Twilight Zone, props from episodes will be scattered throughout the ride like Easter eggs. You may want to look for them during those moments when you are not screaming in terror.

1 Disney Cruise

This ride is not available in any Disneyland location. This is an actual cruise sailing from several locations like Galveston, Los Angeles, Miami, Port Canaveral, San Diego and Vancouver to places like Alaska, the Bahamas, the Mexican Riviera and the Western Caribbean. Those who have taken the cruise describe it as a child-friendly trip that includes Disney-themed parties on deck, child-friendly shows and activities. While the cruises and programs are family-oriented, there also options for adult-only parties and sections where you have to be a certain height to enter, if you get the meaning. There are also socials where formal dress is required.

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