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These Hilarious Oscar Tweets Were Better Than The Actual Oscars

These Hilarious Oscar Tweets Were Better Than The Actual Oscars


The Oscars. To some it’s the most glamorous night of the year. To others it’s a four-hour-long snooze-fest where the highlight for the average viewer is waiting in anticipation to see if John Travolta will mispronounce someone’s name this year. Thank goodness for the wonder that is Twitter for giving us something to do while the award for Best Sound Mixing is being presented.

With a simple search of #Oscars2015, an ocean of live tweets bursts forth across your twitter feed. Most of them are dumb and useless. However, there are some real gems to be found if you dare to navigate the raging debate over who wore it best. We’ve done just that for you and have compiled some of the most entertaining tweets from the 2015 Academy Awards.

Whether you fell asleep on the couch, gave up and went to bed or flipped to The Walking Dead, we’ve got you covered with all the important events you missed during the Oscars. Even if you did manage to watch the show from beginning to end, you’ll be pleased to find out that you weren’t the only one who thought Lady Gaga looked like she should have been in the back washing the dishes. At least she wasn’t wearing a meat dress…

And so it begins…


Let’s hope for everyone’s sake no Oscars were “taken.”


No, he didn’t.


Throwback to 2013.


Eddie seems more interested than he was at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special.


Neil Patrick Harris did his best. Was it good enough?


Referring to Milena Canonera’s journey to the stage.

Nothing wrong with that.


Everything is NOT awesome, apparently.


Yeah, about that…


We don’t blame you, Benny.

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