The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; Where Are They Now?

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. If you were a kid in the '90s, you knew the theme song by heart. You begged your parents to enroll you in karate lessons. You knew every move and saying, and you desperately wanted to move to Angel Grove, California. You began to believe in the possibility of alien invaders coming to earth, and believed that there were high school kids out there who, with the simple words “it’s Morphin’ time” could change from simple kids into super powered, karate wielding heroes. You wanted nothing more than to have your own Zord, and the one that came from the store was not good enough, but it would do. Of course, as you grew up from the impressionable child of the '90s to an adult of the twenty-first century, you learned that what you saw on television was nothing more than an adaptation of a Japanese television show (with fight scene footage used from that Japanese show). But you loved it anyway.

Although this show was viewed as extremely violent by many, the fact remained that nothing could stop a young boy in the school yard from wanting to be the Red Ranger, or a young girl from wanting to be the Pink Ranger. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, although only lasting three seasons, was a phenomena, with various movies and spin offs to the original show, but true Power Rangers fans know the original show was the best. We know you have been secretly binge watching the series on Netflix, and can’t help but ask the question: what have the original six rangers done since the finish of the original show? That question is understandable, considering you looked up to those six for three short, but influential years of your life.

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6 Austin St. John - The Red Ranger

Via en.wikipedia.org

Austin St. John played the dreamy, and ever popular Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger. St. John began practicing martial arts at the age of five. As a child, St. John (whose real name is Jason Geiger) moved around a lot, but one thing remained constant, his passion for martial arts and eagerness to act.

In 1993, St. John landed the role of the Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He was only on the show until the middle of the second season, but he set the Red Ranger bar high. He would return as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo, and made an appearance in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. He continued to thrive off the Power Rangers franchise; in 1999 he co-hosted a special called “The Lost Episode” with Walter Emanuel Jones, and in 2002 he appeared in “Forever Red”, a special which featured other Red Rangers.

Although he still makes appearances at conventions, St. John has moved on from the Power Rangers franchise. He has served as a medic in the Middle East with the United States military. He currently resides in Washington, where he is a paramedic and firefighter; still the hero we grew up loving.

5 Walter Emanuel Jones - The Black Ranger

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Walter Emanuel Jones played the role of Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger. Like St. John, Jones got his first break in 1993 with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Also like St. John, Jones was only a part of the show until the middle of the second season. He would return to the Power Ranger franchise in 1999 in Power Ranges: Lost Galaxy, and again in 2002 in Power Rangers: Wild Force. He didn’t return as the Black Ranger though. Jones returned as a voice actor for various different monsters on the shows. Following his run with the Power Rangers franchise, Jones went go on to appear in small roles in various television shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shield and CSI. Now, Jones does not do much acting, and spends his time traveling.

4 Thuy Trang - The Yellow Ranger

Via cairoscene.com

Born in Vietnam, Thuy Trang came to the United States when she was just two years old. Acting wasn’t the career path Trang was interested in; she wanted to be a civil engineer. However, this would all change in 1992 when she met an agent and landed a commercial role. Shortly after, Trang would join the cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger. Like St. John and Jones, Trang was only on the show until the middle of the second season. Once she left the Power Rangers franchise, she secured small roles throughout the '90s in various movies including Spy Hard. On September 2, 2001, Trang was killed in a car accident at the age of 27.

3 Amy Jo Johnson - The Pink Ranger

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The Pink Ranger; next to the Red Ranger, this character is one of the more recognizable Power Rangers. Amy Jo Johnson is accomplished in gymnastics, so it should have come as no surprise that in 1993 she landed the role of Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, a fellow gymnastics enthusiast.

Unlike many of her co-stars, Johnson managed to stay on the show for three full seasons, appearing in 137 episodes, before deciding that she wanted to expand her acting career. She went on to appear in different shows and films, and returned to the franchise in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. In 1998 Johnson landed a role in Felicity and remained on the show for two and half seasons. She then went on to appear as a guest in various shows including ER, and made small film appearances. In 2008 she would land another role in Flashpoint and would remain on the show until it was canceled in 2012.

Johnson is an accomplished musician, with many of her songs featured on the shows she appeared on. Currently, she resides in Toronto with her husband and child, where she works on her music.

2 David Yost - The Blue Ranger

Via popsugar.com

Like his co-star Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost is accomplished in gymnastics, and had his heart set on acting at a young age. Like many actors before him, Yost made the trek to California, and shortly after arriving, he got his breakout role as Billy Cranston, the Blue Power Ranger.

Yost appeared in 200 episodes, and stayed with the show for four seasons. Following his role as the Blue Ranger, Yost had small roles here and there, appearing in different television shows and films, but never did break away from his defining role as the Blue Ranger. Yost has appeared at the Power Morphicon convention and continues to appear at other conventions around the world.

1 Jason David Frank

Via commons.wikimedia.org

The longest running Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, an accomplished martial artist, auditioned for the role of the Red Ranger in the original series, but was turned down. He auditioned again, and this time for the role of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. As Frank stayed with the franchise, and as the show grew, so did the popularity of his character; the Green Ranger would become the White Ranger, then the Red Ranger, then the Black Ranger.

Frank stayed with the franchise until 1997, and appeared in the special “Forever Red”, and again in 2004 in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Like the majority of his original cast mates, Frank has not been able to break away from being the Green Ranger. Currently, Frank is the star of a web based reality show called My Morphin Life which is in its second season. Frank is also a mixed martial artist with a professional record of 1-0.

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