The Fast and Furious Movie Ratings

The Fast and Furious started with just one film but ended up being a series of action films which revolve around illegal street racing and other heists. The series was produced by Universal Studios an

The Fast and Furious started with just one film but ended up being a series of action films which revolve around illegal street racing and other heists. The series was produced by Universal Studios and the first movie was released in the year 2001. From then on, a lot of people and car enthusiasts have been incredibly addicted to the movies. Each sequel portrays different twists, enticing the audience and giving them thrills through the action scenes and racing tricks. The Fast and Furious has now released 6 movies. Let’s find out what the critics say about each one of them.

6 The Fast and the Furious (2001)

The first ever Fast and Furious film was actually based on a magazine entitled “Racer X”, which talks about street clubs that are into racing Japanese cars during the late hours of the night. The movie features ex-convict and street racer Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel and his crew, who were into racing and were suspected to have stolen expensive electronic gadgets. An undercover police officer, Brian O’Conner, attempts to find out who the robbers are but finds himself confessing to Dominic’s younger sister whom he is much in love with.

This movie was new to the eyes of the public and was deemed to be exciting and thrilling at the same time. According to, this movie had an overall rating of 58%. Reviews turned out very positive as critics said the movie did more than what it was expected to do, showcasing realistic car races, chases and crashes. It was a throwback to the drive-in era. It also showed pure drive and a refreshing sight for those who have been drooling over melodramatic stories.

5 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Brian is now assigned to bring the drug lord Carter Verone down, in exchange for the removal of his criminal record. He agrees but asks to let him choose his partner. Brian recruits Roman Pearce as his partner and together, they work as drivers of Verone. They were told to smuggle the money and take off using a jet. The police have moved in for the arrest, resulting to high-speed chasing across the city. The duo directed the police to a group of street racers to divert their attention and ended up accomplishing their mission and freeing themselves as Verone got caught.

The movie was given an overall rating of 36% but has received equally good reviews. The film is said to be for people who are fans of the game “Need for Speed”. The film was fueled with adrenaline and amazing stunts. The movie also showcased fabulous cars and a good sense of humor was injected throughout the plot. Some thought that the storyline was a bit cliché but overall, the film was enjoyed by those who love cars and the feel of speed.

4 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The character Sean Boswell was sent to live with his dad in Tokyo, Japan. He was then introduced to the world of street racing and even though he was not allowed to race again, he borrows a car from his friend and raced against Takashi. Since he did not have enough knowledge in drifting, he started training and honing his skills to become an expert in the field. Sean started to win different races, including the race against Takashi. Dominic found him to be a good person to race with, thus, challenging Sean later on.

The movie received an overall rating of 46%. Most critics say that Director Lin has made the franchise surprisingly fresh and intriguing. The movie may not exactly be like a Shogun but it was more profound than expected and have used Japanese locations to make the story something that is more than just about fast cars.

3 Fast and Furious (2009)

Dominic and his crew have been hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic. They met Braga, a drug dealer. Dominic and Brian’s path crossed once more and they both have one goal: to find Braga. This goal then led them to Mexico. They drive and chase around the country as they were trying to save their lives from Braga’s men.

The overall rating of this movie was 45%. According to critics, the movie is the first film to show some street smart moves without sacrificing the macho swagger and the revved up emotions of the characters.

2 Fast Five

In this movie, Dominic was about to be caught by the police but his younger sister helped him get away. While the authorities were searching for them, they tried to escape to Rio de Janeiro and there, they stole three cars from a train. They found a chip that contains all of Reyes’ criminal records as well as the location of $100 million cash. They were searching for the money, and found that the cash was hidden in the police station. This led them to come face to face with the policemen. They were able to escape, divided the money among themselves and went to live separate lives.

The movie was given an overall rating of 67%. Critics say that the movie was bigger, louder, and sillier than its predecessors. But this time, the movie is more streamlined that it smartly dumps the tired underground racing angle in favor of a twist. The movie had delivered the high-octane and testosteronic goods of a warm-weather smash. The audience says that staying through the credits is such a great idea.

1 Fast and Furious 6

Dominic here is now living with Elena while his sister and Brian are now a family. Some of his crew live in Hong Kong and the others are living in luxury. They had to meet once again because they were to chase a drug lord in London. Unfortunately, going to London was just a trap so that the Shaw would get a chance to kill Dominic. Dominic was shot without hesitation but his crew saved him and all of them were able to escape the chase.

The overall rating for the movie is 61%. The movie is said to be picking up momentum as it is the fastest, funniest, and the most outlandish chapter yet. Many have said that the movie is the one of the best in the franchise because the characters were able to live up to the action and storyline. They have truly pleased the fans, thanks to the movie’s exhilarating ride and thrilling chase.

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The Fast and Furious Movie Ratings