The Expensive Gifts Handed Out At Award Shows

Award shows may begin at the red carpet, but they don't end until every nominee, presenter and attendee leaves with bags full of expensive gifts. For most celebrities, one of the best perks of attending an award show is the gift lounges and swag bags surrounding the event. All nominees and presenters take home high-end luxury items, gifted to them by either the show or a brand sponsor, as a way to market and sell by hoping to get their brands seen. No matter what the award show- Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, MTV VMA's- all types of celebrities get in on the goods. Not only does this seem fitting for A-listers to be rewarded for attending, it's also a perfect time to get sponsors out there and for high-end stuff to be promoted, whether the celebs end up using them or not. Actually, it doesn't even matter if you are a celebrity; if you're in attendance, you will be gifted.  Surely some gifts are better than others. Furthermore, some gifts are more odd than others. Either way, how expensive can some of these gifts get? Take a look at seven things celebs have snagged from gifting suites and gift bags during awards season.

6 Plastic Surgery: $1,645 +

You're up for an Oscar? Congratulations, here's a new nose! It might seem a bit demeaning to have gift cards for plastic surgery and consultations, but what a better market to promote procedures in than one where you know the audience can afford it? Plus, it's in an industry that has been a proven fan of cosmetic surgeries. In a 2012 Oscar suite was treatment from the "Biomed Spa" by Dr. Garth Fisher, a world renowned plastic surgeon. The treatments are upwards of $1,645, therefor the stars are not being gifted plastic surgery but a non cosmetic a procedure is an option. Other doctors have been known to capitalize on the star power of these events and often throw in services and books to lure potential clientele.

5 Workout/ Active Memberships: $850-$2,500

A necessity for celebrities is keeping their bodies looking camera-ready, so a membership to a high-end gym or any other type of trending exercise is a necessity too. Sports Club LA and Crunch Fitness are just a couple gyms that have thrown year-long memberships into swag bags, which is an estimated value of around $1,500. But stars could find anything from personal training to surf lessons to nutritionists, regularly costing anything from $850-$2,500. Even trendier workouts have joined in, including Physique 57, a ballet-barre fitness workout with a studio in classy Beverly Hills, valued around $300 for a month's training. Even though stars might already have their own gym, personal trainer or routine, it's never a bad idea to give them that little extra free push towards something new. Plus, what company doesn't want a celebrity photographed leaving their gym?

Beauty: $2,700 to $4,400

It might be the most predictable thing in a gift bag, but companies aren't just throwing in free lipsticks or sample-sized serums. From a year's worth of unlimited blowouts to $1,000 worth of skincare, A-listers can find almost any beauty fix inside a gift bag. With the rise of Laser treatments, Las Vegas Skin Spa gave $2,700 to Grammy Awards attendees for laser treatment and services. Others have included $4,400 to Lasik eye surgery, Kiehl's skincare products and even dental veneers. A lot of the time, celebs have already gotten these procedures done before the gift cards, but we all know celebrities can't stop at just one!

4 Jewelry: $2,000 to $8,000

It might surprise you that companies are willing to simply hand out gold and diamonds in exchange for exposure, but almost every awards show gift bag packs in a jewelry line. It's important for not only the jewelers but for the awards show or suite because it's a big and easy indicator of the type of money they're throwing into it. In 2013 in the Kari Feinstein Oscars Style Lounge, stars were given bags of gold and quartz necklaces that retail for $2,800. Stars usually receive pieces between $2,000 and $8,000 and from custom lines and retailers from all over the world.

3 Private Jets/ Concierge: $3,000 to $10,000

Jet services often include gift cards in order to hopefully spark new customers. The monetary value of these gift cards can get pretty high, but only because anything under five digits would just be a discount for the extreme base cost of the service. In last years' Oscars, Magellan Jets threw in $3,000 to attendees of a gift suite at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A. and there might be nothing more high-end or glamorous than a concierge service. A concierge can also be known as "lifestyle management" because of the luxury they provide for the wealthiest individuals. They can do anything from schedule itineraries for travel all the way to traveling for you if you don't have the time! Concierge services are very similar in price to a private jet rental, so Concierge Services International didn't think a $10,000 gift card was too much to throw inside the 2012 Grammys gift bag.

2 Vacations: $15,580

Stars end up taking their pick when it comes to the location, and it can be anywhere from a beautiful beach to a safari. Did I forget to mention that everything is, of course, all-inclusive? A 2012 Oscar suite included a two-night stay and an Elephant tour for two in Bostwana, Africa, valued at $15,580, as well as a two-night stay at the Imanta resort in Mexico, valued at $3,350. In the past, celebs have also picked up all- inclusive trips to Australia, Antarctica, Argentina, Tasmania and Hawaii. These take the cake for most expensive and the most enviable gifts. They might also be the most useful- stars have been known for taking their families and kids, and utilize every aspect of the sponsored trips. This includes not only hotel stays but could include swimming with dolphins, African safari trips and cruises!

1 New Products: $10,000 +

Above all, stars sometimes get hooked up with the most random but definitely the most high-end goods. Depending on the sponsor, the gifting suite or awards show, celebrities can land the newest stuff for free, and it could be so big, they need help getting into their car. Custom espresso machines, cakes, assorted foods, HD TVs, $10,000 interior design gift cards, headphones, actual phones and mp3 players are just a few sweet treats and tech gear that celebs have received in the past. Companies are even known to be given the newest launches of products that haven't even been released to the public yet. But it doesn't stop at just a tangible good or gift card. the 2012 Oscars, Disaronno sponsored the opportunity for each star to get a personal mixologist at a fully stocked, premium bar at a location of their choice for up to 100 guests, valued at $15,000. Talk about an extravagant marketing move!

Generally, the rich become richer, and awards season is no detriment to this theory. Combining a few of all these things, it's safe to say celebrities generally take home between $3000 to $15,000 in gifts by attending award shows and making appearances at sponsors' gifting suites. This is on top of all of the free parties, events and red carpet honors that surround an award show, not to mention their already ginormous paychecks while working. And, while rather few celebrities have been seen or quoted using the awards season gift bags, they must be appreciating it because they continue to show up happily year after year. But even though we all are envious of the fact that these perks only come to those who probably could have already afforded it, we also still love hearing about it.

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