The Dexter Cast: Where Are They Now?

The Dexter series finale left fans unsatisfied - but what is the cast up to now and could Showtime bring the TV series back for a revival?

Dexter, a Showtime TV crime series, ran from 2006 to 2013 and had eight blood-soaked seasons. The show centered around a man who works as a blood spatter analyst for a forensic unit in Miami. This guy has a great life, a great job, and an excellent relationship with his adoptive sister. But Dexter has a secret. He sneaks off to dispatch bad guys like serial killers, murderers, rapists and bad guys, and dismantles them. He has learned to channel his homicidal and psychopathic tendencies into getting rid of the bad guys instead of killing innocent people. The gory TV show, based off of novels by Jeff Lindsay called Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter, was quite a hit and drew in millions of fans. After the season eight finale in 2013, most fans were left unsatisfied. The ending (no spoilers!) was disappointing to most; they felt as though the final episode didn’t mesh with Dexter’s well-established character.

But don’t despair! Showtime has made it very clear that they always intended to bring Dexter back on air. Whether it’s a short run or a whole new set of seasons, the ending isn’t quite the end for Dexter. It’s less a question of “if” and more a question of “when” the series can get together. Showtime has made it pretty clear they only want to continue with the series if Michael Hall is available to reprise his role as the almost good guy serial killer. Although Dexter season nine isn’t in the works yet, life goes on. So what have the actors from Dexter been up to lately?

10 Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan

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Since his serial killing days have been over, Hall, who played Dexter, has still been acting. He starred in the crime thriller Cold in July alongside Vinessa Shaw. The actor turned to real estate investor in 2016; he bought a fancy pad in NYC for $4.3 million and is currently listing it for rent at a mere $15k a month. He also recently sold his home in California for nearly $5 million earlier this year. Also, the serial killer has turned into a musician, starring in David Bowie’s production Lazarus. He’s also been seen on the internet doing covers of Radiohead’s music with the very talented Lena Hall. Also in 2016, Hall had a surprise third wedding to his newest sweetheart, Morgan McGregor. Listen for Hall’s voice to be in the upcoming documentary The Gettysburg Address, along with Sam Elliott, Cary Elwes, and William Fichtner.

9 Jennifer Carpenter - Debra Morgan

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8 David Zayas - Sgt. Angel Batista

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7 James Remar - Harry Morgan

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6 C.S. Lee - Vince Masuka

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5 Lauren Luna Vélez - Lt. Maria LaGuerta


4 Desmond Harrington - Det. Joseph 'Joupey' Quinn

3 Julie Benz - Rita Bennett

2 Christina Robinson - Astor Bennett

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Christina Robinson hasn’t been acting much since Dexter. After her role as Rita’s oldest daughter, Astor Bennett, Christina has only been seen in a couple of shorts, including Planting Daisy, a short about an abused wife getting back at her husband. The red-headed actress is in an upcoming movie in 2016 called Emma’s Chance. It’s a feel-good drama about a young girl who forms a special connection with an abused horse. The film was made by the Red Bucket Equine Rescue, who has helped to find homes for hundreds of abandoned and abused horses. She acts alongside Melissa and Joey’s Joey Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer’s daughter, Greer Grammer.

1 Geoff Pierson - Deputy Chief Tom Matthews

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Geoff Pierson played Deputy Chief Matthews in Dexter. After his days on Dexter were over, the actor had a recurring role on the ABC hit crime comedy Castle as Mr. Smith. He also played Pierce Grey in the HBO political comedy The Brink. He guest starred in an episode of The Astronaut Wives Club with Dexter co-star Desmond Harrington. He was also in the movie You’re Not You, where he played Hilary Swank’s father. Pierson will be voicing Colonel Jacob Kane in the upcoming cartoon Batman: Bad Blood. The actor, who has been acting since in first role in 1983, doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


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The Dexter Cast: Where Are They Now?