10 Crazy Disguises Celebs Use To Dodge The Paparazzi

There’s no doubt about it – people are crazy about celebrities and the lives they lead. So many of us lead mundane and regular lives, so it’s become an addiction to observe our favorite celebs and ind

There’s no doubt about it – people are crazy about celebrities and the lives they lead. So many of us lead mundane and regular lives, so it’s become an addiction to observe our favorite celebs and indulge in their highs, lows and everything else in-between. It’s really no wonder that paparazzi culture is bigger than ever before. The demand is so high for pics of stars in their most candid moments, and several publications are willing to pay tons of cash for exclusive images. Below we have listed some of the creative and unorthodox ways that stars have tried to hide themselves from marauding hordes of paparazzi photographers. Read on ….

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10 Justin Beiber’s Gas Mask


Justin Beiber has been the source of all kinds of media speculation lately. His transition from a teen singing sensation to a young adult has had many rocky stops along the way. No matter what he does, the paparazzi are always on hand to snap a picture. Last year, the Biebs made a visit to London, and he took to wearing a gas mask out in the open as he went about his errands.


Of course this caused a huge sensation, and onlookers weren’t sure if this was a disguise or some type of elaborate inside joke. Either way, it was an extreme gesture and just one of the many things that have left people wondering about the ongoing evolution of the Canadian superstar.

9 Beyonce’s Louis Vuitton Ski Mask


Beyonce is definitely one of the most recognizable faces on earth. For her, attempting to go out onto the streets and be incognito is mostly an exercise in futility. But she still tried to do that in Los Angeles last year. The Queen of Pop stepped out in a Louis Vuitton ski mask that covered every part of her face except her eyes - but between her entourage and the high-fashion clothes she was wearing, it wasn’t difficult at all for the paparazzi to pick her out. With the level of fame she has, she could go to any corner of the earth and still be mobbed on the streets by her adoring fans.

8 Madonna – Extreme Winter Eskimo


The 55-yr-old Madonna is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Wherever she goes the paparazzi are sure to follow. Well earlier this winter in NYC, she was obviously not in the mood for being recognized by fans or intrusive camera men. So she pulled up the massive fur-lined hoodie of her winter coat, used a red skull-print bandana to cover the lower portion of her face and on top of it all, she rocked a huge pair of dark sunglasses. We give her a lot of credit for picking a disguise that was perfect for the frigid New York weather.

7 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone – Cardboard Cards


We think this is probably the smartest and most creative attempt at a disguise we’ve seen from any celebrities ever. Earlier this summer, when Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were swarmed by paparazzi after having lunch in Manhattan, the duo covered their faces with cardboard signs on which they had written the names of their favorite non-profit organizations. We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a pretty ingenuous way to avoid the cameras and still be a positive force for good all over the world. Well done guys!

6 Leonardo DiCaprio – Darth Vader mask


Mr. DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most dashing heartthrobs. In addition to his undeniable good looks, he is also one of the best actors of his generation. On a recent trip to Venice, Leonardo decided to do some sightseeing without everyone around noticing and interrupting him. So what did he do? He found some kind of Venetian/Darth Vader mask, threw it over his face and slapped a pair of sunglasses over the makeshift disguise. We don’t think this worked very well, as you can see in the picture above. Come on Leo, surely you could have gotten a little more creative.

5 Anne Hathaway: Potted Plant Mask


Anne Hathaway is one of those actresses in Hollywood that is constantly on the verge of being a little too cute and mildly annoying. She’s certainly a great actress – all you have to do is watch her movies like Devil Wears Prada & Les Miserables for proof of that. Anne isn’t one to pose for the paparazzi either, and she’ll use anything at her disposal to hide herself from them. Recently in NYC, the only thing she had on hand was a potted plant, and guess what, the world was introduced to the first potted plant mask ever. See above.

4 Katy Perry – Chanel Blanket


Katy Perry is a global superstar, and she also happens to be one of the most hardworking women in music. She is constantly on tour connecting with her fans – and apparently this is one of the reasons why most of her personal relationships don’t work out. In 2012, when she was touching down at LAX from one of her whirlwind tours, she clearly wasn’t in the mood to deal with any fans or onlookers. So she decided to disguise herself with a huge Chanel throw blanket that covered her face and most of her body. It may have worked for a few minutes, but this is one of those disguises that actually brings more attention rather than diverting it.

3 Kanye West: Red Ski Mask:


Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, and when it comes to his interactions with the paparazzi, things have actually escalated to the point of fisticuffs. Last year, on a trip to Paris for fashion week, he stepped out with a red ski mask covering every part of his face except his eyes. Knowing Mr. West’s propensity towards fashionable looks, people weren’t even sure whether this was to avoid the cameras or whether he was just making a unique fashion statement. The good news is that no fights happened that night between the talented rapper and the unruly paparazzi.

2 Will.I.Am – IPad Face


We don’t know whether this qualifies as “face time” but it definitely serves a great advertisement for Apple’s products. In 2012, Will.I.Am , one of the most talented producers in pop music took to wearing an iPad on his face as some kind of technologically advanced performance art statement. He was seen doing this in public and on television too. He performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Will and his background dancers all had iPads strapped to their faces. Just leaves us thinking, what contraption does one use to strap this device to your face, especially considering that the wearer is executing some pretty energetic dance moves?

1 Pete Wentz:  Metallic Serial Killer Face

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is no stranger to wearing disguises to evade the paparazzi. When he was still together with Ashlee Simpson, the two of them could be spotted holding hands wearing gory-looking troll masks. He’s also been known to sport a mask bearing the likeness of boy band stud Harry Styles. But his most severe look was a spooky gold mask (see above) that made him look a serial murderer from a Hollywood slasher flick. Don’t you agree?

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10 Crazy Disguises Celebs Use To Dodge The Paparazzi