Eminem Biography: His Rise to The Top

Eminem Early Life The rapper Eminem is 40 years old, and he was born on October 17, 1972. The rapper was not born with the name Eminem; He was born with the name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, but mos

6 Eminem Early Life

The rapper Eminem is 40 years old, and he was born on October 17, 1972. The rapper was not born with the name Eminem; He was born with the name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, but most people refer to him as just Marshall Mathers. He may have spent a good portion of his life growing up in Detroit, Michigan, but he was not born there. The rapper was actually born in the state of Missouri, more specifically St. Louis. Also, Mathers was not raised by his father, as his mother was the only one who raised him. His father actually abandoned Mathers and his mother when the rapper was just a baby.

5 Eminem Education

Eminem attended high school in Detroit, but he ended up repeating the ninth grade not once, not twice, but three times. The reasons why he had to repeat the grade was because of truancy as well as failing in his classes. Eventually he decided that it would be best to just drop out of high school. When the rapper decided to drop out of high school, he was 17-years-old.

4 Eminem Music Career

Eminem has enjoyed a very successful career. The rapper expressed interest in rap and hip-hop at an early age and was performing in the underground rap scene, in Detroit, by the time he was 14-years-old. Throughout his teen years he was performing at underground venues.

Eminem became very well-known in the underground rap scene from 1991-1999. However, in 1998 he landed a major contract and record deal with Dr. Dre's label, Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records. The same year Eminem signed a record deal, he started to record his first major record, which was titled The Slim Shady LP. In 1999 the album was finally released and it quickly became one of the most popular albums of that year. In matter of fact, Eminem's first major album went triple platinum.

Eminem then went onto release six more studio albums and he is currently working on his eight studio album. As of now there is no release date set for that album, but it is said to be released sometime in 2013. Even though there has been no set date for the release, Eminem's manager said that it would be towards the end of May, 2013.

Eminem has also gone on to do a bit of acting. Back in 2001, the rapper made a small appearance in a film called The Wash. However, Eminem is, in terms of acting, is best known for starring in the movie 8 Mile, which was based on the rapper's life.

3 Eminem Ventures 

Since Eminem enjoyed major success with his first studio album, he thought it would be a good idea to get into other ventures. One of the most successful ventures that the rapper started was his own record label. With the help of his manager, Eminem decided to start Shady Records, which was started in 1999. By 2002, Eminem signed a band called D-12, who the rapper was familiar with because they were his friends.

Eminem not only started his own record label, which has been hugely successful, but he even went onto publish a memoir, which detailed his life. That memoir was titled The Way I Am, which was published in 2008. The book talks about his upbringings as well as his struggles with a wide range of things, and talks about things that are very personal to him.

Eminem has also ventured into the world of advertising. There were a couple of commercials aired during Superbowl XVL, which featured the rapper.

The rapper has even ventured into charity work. Mathers believes in giving back to the community and that is why he decided to set his own charity up. His charity is aimed at helping young people who are at a disadvantage.

2 Eminem Marriage And Divorce

The rapper has only been married to one person. The person he married was to Kimberly Anne Scott. He actually married her twice, but Scott was his long time girlfriend before the two decided to get married. The two met and started dating when Scott was 13-years-old, while he was 15-years-old. After about 10 years of dating, the two tied the knot in 1999. However, the couple decided that it was best to divorce, and in 2000, the married couple decided to file for divorce. The divorce was finalized in 2001, but the two gave marriage a second chance in 2006. The second marriage did not last long, and the couple ended up getting a divorce in the same year.

While the couple were married they did have a child together. Mathers and Scott gave birth to Hailie Jade Scott, who was born in the year of 1995. When the couple divorced, they shared custody of their daughter. Eventually, Mathers adopted his ex wife's sister's kids.

1 Other Information on Eminem

Eminem is a huge car fan and he has owned many different types of cars. One of his favorite cars is the Ford Mustang, which he owned for a while back in 2003. He has also owned Hummers, and he is said to currently own a Cadillac Escalade. These are just a few of the vehicles that the rapper has owned or currently owns.

Eminem also owns a mansion in the state of Michigan. The mansion is just one of the many homes that the rapper owns. It is said that he actually owns homes that are located all around the world, but it is said that the mansion in Michigan is more of a permanent home. The Michigan home was purchased back in 2003, and is worth millions of dollars.

Some of Eminem's closest friends are very well-known. He is good friends with Dr. Dre, who signed Eminem to his label and was responsible for launching his career. Eminem is also good friends with D-12, as well as rapper 50 Cent, who Eminem helped launch his career into the mainstream.

Once Eminem's new record is released in 2013, it is said that he will perform live, and one of the places he will perform live is in Europe, America and maybe other parts of the world.

Eminem is also considered one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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Eminem Biography: His Rise to The Top