The Biggest Movie Budget Ever

When it came time to make the third Pirates Movie, "Pirates of The Caribbean, At Worlds End," no expenses were spared. Disney was sure of the fact that they would bank off of this already successful movie franchise. Disney put forward 300 Million dollars to create this epic tale of Jack Sparrow and his adventures.

The movie was not much of a critical success, with critics stating that the story was too unrealistic and childish. Internet movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 44 Percent rating.

This didn't have anything to do with the money that was made though. Us box office gross came in at a whopping 309 Million Dollars. The real place where Disney saw its money though was the international worldwide gross. The movie all together grossed 960 Million dollars, making Disney over 600 Million dollars in profit.

Disney continues to spend massive amounts of money on their movies, with John Carter being one of the most expensive movies as well at 290 million dollars. Tangled comes in on the top 5 most expensive movies ever made at 260 million dollars, making it the most expensive animated film of all time.

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The Biggest Movie Budget Ever