The 27 Hottest Stars To Appear On Reality TV

It wasn’t easy to compile this list, since there were so many beautiful women and so many reality television shows to choose from. Narrowing it down was nearly impossible. Not only are there numerous shows, but there are so many different kinds of reality shows out there.

First came MTV’s Real World, in 1992,with the nonstop filming, and cameras in every corner, including a confessional room where people could trash-talk behind each other’s backs. Lots of alcohol was introduced, which made it even more interesting.

Then this reality idea morphed into a full-on competition. Survivor and Big Brother were born, and the contestants were not only filmed daily, but they were also trying to win, and getting cutthroat in the process. Drama increased.

Then they took that winning aspect, set it to music, and American Idol was born. They added a participatory element, the home vote, and judges that were mean, saying things we said at home.

Then they twisted the winning aspect again, this time into romance, and the Bachelor saga began. Heartbroken women were crying uncontrollably—television gold! Was it really that easy to fall in love? Once the Bachelor franchise worked all bets were off. Reality TV exploded.

Ozzy Osborne and family jumped into the mix. Then more celebs like Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump followed suit. Everybody and their dog wanted to be on TV. Extreme makeover shows sprang up. Self help shows motivated weight loss and drug rehabilitation.

Ratings snowballed and producers were so efficient they could sell anything or anyone. The reality machine was powerful enough to make its own stars. Annoying nobodies were catapulted into complete superstars. Enter Duck Dynasty, Real Housewives and Keeping Up.

And all the while, as reality TV climbed in popularity, the women just got hotter, and hotter… Here are the 27 hottest.


27 Heidi Klum

There were a few years in the late 1990’s when Heidi Klum dominated the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Some called her ‘The Body’ because her curves looked flawless in absolutely every photo. She had the perfectly tanned skin, the cute smile and tons of charm. The years have been kind to the beauty, who wisely refocused her career from modeling to television. She hosted the highly successful fashion design show, Project Runway, with her catch phrase, “As you know in fashion, one day you're in, and the next day, you're out.” Later she became a judge on America’s Got Talent. She’s definitely the kindest, sweetest judge to offset oddball Howie Mandel and shock jock Howard Stern.

26 Nicki Minaj


Many forget that the buxom Anaconda rapper has appeared on reality television as a very outspoken judge on American Idol. The legendary reality TV show was going through a rough transition after Simon Cowell had left. Randy Jackson was still on board, but not for long. Mariah Carey also judged, and the two music divas did not get along. There was plenty of onstage tension, rumors of offstage catfights and the overall chemistry of the show suffered. Idol’s ratings slipped and neither Carey nor Minaj returned for a second attempt. Buzz around the show did however increase the rappers popularity.

25 Jamie Chung

A Real World vet, Chung is arguably the most successful female of the franchise. And pretty hot too. After appearing on Real World: San Diego in 2004, Chung transitioned her MTV fame into recurring roles on Once Upon a Time. The fledging actress plays martial arts expert Mulan on the ABC show that brings many favorite Disney animated characters to life. Chung has also appeared in Grown Ups and The Hangover II. Her dramatic role in Eden, in 2012, earned her some critical praise, but the film suffered from controversy. The movie was based on a true abduction story that was later found to be completely false.

24 Carrie Underwood


After the huge success that Carrie Underwood has had in country music, many forget that it all began on reality TV. Carrie was on the fourth season of American Idol, and beat out future nobody Bo Bice. She recently performed a duet on the Grammy’s and stole the show from lousy newcomer Sam Hunt. The leggy blonde should stick to singing though. When she tried acting in the live musical the Sound of Music she was panned by the critics, who thought her acting seemed very amateur. However, the live stage format was a huge success, and paved the way for Peter Pan, The Wiz and Grease Live.

23 Kim Kardashian

It’s hard to believe that this big booty brunette and selfie queen is the unofficial icon of American culture. The coverage of this woman’s life is a constant source of speculation. She is always featured in tabloids and list articles, and her social media platform is colossal. To think it all started with a sex tape, which led to a reality show that was a huge hit. Now Kim Kardashian is swimming in publicity, with no end in sight. Her marriage and kids with Kanye West has only fanned the flames of hype. Even after all the thousands of photographs, at every angle, guys are still love to stare at her round backside.

22 Jessica Simpson


At one point in her life, Jessica Simpson was confused whether chicken of the sea was poultry or tuna. Pretty obvious answer, right? So obvious that many criticized the curvy starlet for purposely acting like a dumb blonde. Her ditzy little comments caused a big stir, and made her reality TV show a huge success. Then her marriage suffered, she got divorced, and her singing career tanked. She looked awesome in Dukes of Hazzard, but her acting stunk. But in the end, she has finally proven to be no dimwit. Simpson created a billion dollar clothing line, and became the most successful celebrity mogul in the fashion industry.

21 Jennifer Lopez

There is nothing in the world that Jennifer Lopez cannot do. She can sing, dance, and has acted on both TV and film. She slays in each category and looks good doing it. Her rear-end is a legend in itself. And she keeps shaking her famous booty all the way to the bank. The starlet has been in the Hollywood spotlight for decades and still looks amazing with a career that is now busier than ever. She helped resurrect the American Idol franchise after it floundered through Simon-less seasons, and she’s currently starring in its final run. JLO is also receiving some critical praise for her TV crime drama Shades of Blue with Ray Liotta.


20 Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad is the pretty girl-next-door that we all wish we could have dated in high school. And if it didn’t work out maybe we could have had a shot with one of her hot friends like Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge or Whitney Port. Or Heidi Montag, before the 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Conrad and the dating drama of her senior year played out on Laguna Beach, and then on the follow up reality show, The Hills. After too much drama with Spencer Pratt, she left the show and handed the reins back to hottie, Cavallari. Since then Lauren got married and took the last name Tell. She has a fashion line at Kohl’s and Nordstrom, and is also a bestselling author.

19 Melissa Rycroft

We had to get a Bachelor contestant on here somewhere and Melissa Rycroft seemed like an obvious choice. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was a victim of one of the strangest finales of the franchise when she was chosen as the winner, but then the Bachelor quickly flip-flopped. Let’s say Melissa wasn’t too happy about his final decision, and her honest reaction won the praise of many fans. Immediately afterwards, she was offered a contestant gig on Dancing with the Stars. The brunette seems to have opened a door between the two ABC reality shows, and many Bachelor alums have subsequently starred on Dancing.

18 Demi Lovato


The singer and Selena Gomez BFF arrived on the scene in 2008 in Camp Rock, a Disney movie with the Jonas Brothers. Her career was beginning to fade when she joined forces with reality king, Simon Cowell on the American X-Factor. The judging gig gave the public a favourable look at the pop princess and her career accelerated. Her latest album, Confident, has already sold half a million copies. She is lucky in love as well, dating That 70’s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama. Recently, on the 2016 Grammys, the star wore a suit jacket with no undershirt, which offered a revealing profile during her singing tribute to Lionel Richie.

17 Kendall Jenner

Here’s another beauty from the Keeping Up with the Kardashian crew. While Kim may be the most famous sister, Kendall is arguably the most attractive. After all, Kendall is the only legitimate model, while everybody else seems to feed off gossip. Besides about a million selfies, Kendall has appeared in photos for Estee Lauder, Fendi and Chanel. She is the current face of Calvin Klein. Jenner has walked the runway for designers including Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta. She is recognized as a marketing force over young people, and her star is only rising.

16 Mariah Carey


This woman has one of the best voices in the history of music. She has sold over 200 million records and is one of the best-selling female artists ever. She also has a wardrobe full of very low cut, tight fitting dresses. She contributed her talents to one entire season of American Idol, but she barely finished, and didn’t want to come back. Mariah has made headlines recently in her personal life. After her quick marriage, twins and divorce to Nick Cannon, Carey is engaged again, to Aussie billionaire James Packer. Rumor has it that the diva has some outrageous spending habits and is fortunate that her uber rich fiancé can bail her out.

15 Gigi Hadid

The old wisdom goes: If you want to know what a girl will look like, check out her mom. Real Housewives does have a few hot mommas but it is sometimes their daughters who steal the show. Although not featured as much as her mom, Yolanda Foster, Gigi appears enough on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to create a name for herself. And when she joined the Taylor Swift posse her buzz was increased even more. Gigi also models for some huge accounts like Guess and Victoria Secret. She recently broke off her romance with Joe Jonas and has been seen around town with Zayn Malik to shoot his latest video, Pillowtalk.

14 Bethenny Frankel


By far the most recognizable name of the Real Housewives franchise is the slender, bikini-killing brunette, Bethenny Frankel. After starring in Real Housewives of New York City, her spinoff show Bethenny Ever After, lasted three seasons. And her wedding special, Bethenny Getting Married? broke Bravo viewing records. As a one-time assistant on the set of Saved By The Bell, Frankel went on to found the Skinny Girl cocktails label. She is also a published author and had her own short run talk-show. She caused quite a stir appearing in the buff for a PETA ad that protested the selling of furs.

13 Julianne Hough

Joining Dancing With The Stars with her brother, Derek Hough, Julianne Hough quickly scored a win in seasons 4 and 5 with Olympian Apollo Ohno, and Indy racecar driver Hélio Castroneves, respectively. Romantically, Hough had a 3-year romance with Ryan Seacrest and is currently engaged to NHL star Brooks Laich. This beautiful blonde is the triple threat, with singing and acting chops as well. Hough has appeared in the all-star musical film, Rock Of Ages and the Nicholas Sparks romance Safe Haven. Recently the cutie received rave reviews for the role of Sandy in Grease Live. She seemed to channel the success of predecessor Olivia Newton John, and nailed every scene.

12 Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Had to put a Survivor on this list too, and Hasselbeck has been the most successful contestant by far. With her maiden name of Elisabeth Filarski the leggy blonde came in 4th place on the second season. Her popularity led to a marriage proposal by former NFL quarterback, Tim Hasselbeck. Soon she was cast as co-host of The View. The staunch republican was recently star of Fox & Friends news magazine, until she quit in December to spend time with her family. Although her political and religious beliefs are quite polarizing, we can all agree that the doe-eyed beauty is one of reality TV’s finest. The tribe has spoken.

11 Kendra Wilkinson

There are several Playboy bunnies on this list, but only one who starred on a reality TV show with Hugh Hefner himself. In Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson was the youngest of Hef’s girlfriend trio, which included Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Like both Madison and Marquardt, Wilkinson also starred in her own spinoff series. Kendra, ran for five seasons and detailed her life with a new baby and her marriage to NFL star Hank Baskett. The couple was wed at the Playboy Mansion. Since then Kendra has starred in Celebrity Wife swap, along with Kate Gosselin. She recently had another child with Baskett.

10 Tyra Banks


The supermodel and actress was also a trailblazer when she started America’s Next Top Model way back in May 2003. American Idol had only just begun in June 2002. The celebrity-judging format was still a fresh concept, which later caught on big time with shows like Project Runway and The Voice. Add to that genius is the concept of maximized attractiveness. We all know sex sells, and what better contest than that of models. The amount of beautiful women on one show is staggering. Not until So You Think You Can Dance was there such a wide selection of inspiring young talent. But nobody was as hot and fierce as Tyra Banks. Not even close.

9 Trishelle Canatella


Here’s a beauty that everybody remembers from the Real World. Trishelle Canatella was the buxom, southern miss, with an ample bust, and a gorgeous smile. She was also known to party, and took a few guys to bed. WWE’s the Miz, aka Mike Mizanin, who launched his wrestling career on the Real World, dated Trishelle for quite some time. They connected on various sequels of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Trishelle was linked to the WWE again in 2007 when she appeared in a GoDaddy superbowl commercial with Candice Michelle. Also, like Michelle, Trishelle posed nude for Playboy. She has since disappeared from the limelight.

8 Shakira


This petite Colombian knock-out first burst onto the scene with hit singles like Whenever, Wherever and Hips Don’t Lie. Then in 2012 Shakira briefly paused from philanthropy and recording to serve as a judge on The Voice. Now, if you were a contestant, and every judge’s chair, including Shakira’s spun around, wouldn’t that be the easiest decision ever? Who wouldn’t select this beautiful, natural spitfire as a judge? Shakira showed off her intelligence and extensive vocabulary on the reality show. At season’s end a compilation of her lexicon included words like didactic and diaphanous. Even more impressive, considering English is one of five languages she speaks.

7 Nicole Scherzinger

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like her? Yes, we do. Nicole Scherzinger first found fame as the leader of the girl dance pop group, The Pussycat Dolls. The leggy beauty acted as a judge with Simon Cowell on American X-Factor, and then she was a contestant on the reality game, I Can Do That. In one episode, she impressed fellow contestant Joe Jonas with her bottom-dropping dance moves while she showcased her newly learned archery skills. It’s funny that Nicole has made a career out of shaking her assets, because she is actually a trained actress, who attended two different schools to study theatre,

6 Erin Andrews


Besides Erin Andrews' wholesome good looks, this ambitious blonde’s popularity rose sharply due to a stalker scandal she was involved in. Apparently, the slender sportscaster feels at home in the buff, and would walk around naked in various hotel rooms across the country. Some super sleazy dude found out, followed her around with a camera, and posted footage that went viral online. The story broke, and while Erin is still pursuing a complaint against Marriot Hotels, the buzz may have upped her popularity. She recently branched out of her regular sportscaster gig and hosts Dancing With The Stars.

5 Brooke Burke

Beauty Brooke Burke first broke into the business on a travel show, Wild On! on the E! network. She was partying in Belize and Rio, walking around in a string bikini, and everybody wanted more. And they got it all when the model posed for Playboy. Although the skin mag has deflated as many careers as it has helped, for Burke it worked out well, and the model soon landed a contestant gig on Dancing with the Stars. She won and later became a co-host. During a bout with thyroid cancer, she left the show, but since then has made a recovery and is currently doing well.

4 Anna Nicole Smith


She may be the most infamous gold digger in the history of mankind. She may have also defined the term "hot mess". At one point, back in the early 1990’s, Anna Nicole Smith was the prettiest thing anyone had ever seen. Playmate of the Year, and the Guess ads were stunning. It was like Marilyn Monroe had been reincarnated with an even sexier body, and a much dirtier bedside manner. Then the drugs kicked in and poor Anna lost her mind. The Anna Nicole Show chronicled the beginning of her downfall. As the old saying goes: You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

3 Paris Hilton

It seems like ages ago that this thin blonde heiress was the hottest thing in Hollywood, thanks to her breakout reality TV series and her infamous sex tape released just days prior. In The Simple Life, Hilton and BFF Nicole Richie, visited several small-towns and tried and failed at various low-paying jobs. And in 1 Night in Paris, well, let’s say Rick Salomon had a pretty good visit. Afterwards, Paris did a sexy Carl’s Jr commercial, dated NFL linebacker, Brian Urlacher, and got busted a time or two. She ruled the tabloids for years and suddenly disappeared, replaced by Kim K, another socialite with similar scandal.

2 Carmen Electra

Whether real or fake, Carmen Electra has one of the hottest bodies on planet earth. The Playboy stunner has landed in the arms of some weird ex-husbands. First came the enigmatic Dennis Rodman, and then in 2003 she wed Dave Navarro, the heavily-eyelined rock guitarist from Jane’s Addiction. The then newlywed couple starred in seven episodes of the MTV reality TV show Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave. Electra starred in Baywatch and danced for the Pussy Cat Dolls, but never really scored any huge success. Her best film role was probably from Scary Movie. In the opening scene of the horror-parody, Carmen runs bouncily into the forest in her lingerie.

1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been in a few different reality shows over the years. First was Star Search with Ed McMahon, back in 1992. Then the pop star had a reality show with her husband Kevin Federline called Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. She had a choppy romance with the back-up dancer, and the audience was surprised by her annoying personality. Then came two kids, divorce, and the epic head-shaving mental breakdown. After recovery, Britney appeared as a judge on the American X-Factor. Currently the pop star is performing Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. She got her legendary body back, seems happy, and is making loads of money.


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