The 27 Hottest Stars To Appear On Reality TV

It wasn’t easy to compile this list, since there were so many beautiful women and so many reality television shows to choose from. Narrowing it down was nearly impossible. Not only are there numerous shows, but there are so many different kinds of reality shows out there.

First came MTV’s Real World, in 1992,with the nonstop filming, and cameras in every corner, including a confessional room where people could trash-talk behind each other’s backs. Lots of alcohol was introduced, which made it even more interesting.

Then this reality idea morphed into a full-on competition. Survivor and Big Brother were born, and the contestants were not only filmed daily, but they were also trying to win, and getting cutthroat in the process. Drama increased.

Then they took that winning aspect, set it to music, and American Idol was born. They added a participatory element, the home vote, and judges that were mean, saying things we said at home.

Then they twisted the winning aspect again, this time into romance, and the Bachelor saga began. Heartbroken women were crying uncontrollably—television gold! Was it really that easy to fall in love? Once the Bachelor franchise worked all bets were off. Reality TV exploded.

Ozzy Osborne and family jumped into the mix. Then more celebs like Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump followed suit. Everybody and their dog wanted to be on TV. Extreme makeover shows sprang up. Self help shows motivated weight loss and drug rehabilitation.

Ratings snowballed and producers were so efficient they could sell anything or anyone. The reality machine was powerful enough to make its own stars. Annoying nobodies were catapulted into complete superstars. Enter Duck Dynasty, Real Housewives and Keeping Up.

And all the while, as reality TV climbed in popularity, the women just got hotter, and hotter… Here are the 27 hottest.

27 Heidi Klum

26 Nicki Minaj

25 Jamie Chung

24 Carrie Underwood

23 Kim Kardashian

22 Jessica Simpson

21 Jennifer Lopez

20 Lauren Conrad

19 Melissa Rycroft

18 Demi Lovato

17 Kendall Jenner

16 Mariah Carey

15 Gigi Hadid

14 Bethenny Frankel

13 Julianne Hough

12 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

11 Kendra Wilkinson

10 Tyra Banks

9 Trishelle Canatella


8 Shakira

7 Nicole Scherzinger

6 Erin Andrews

5 Brooke Burke

4 Anna Nicole Smith

3 Paris Hilton

2 Carmen Electra

1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been in a few different reality shows over the years. First was Star Search with Ed McMahon, back in 1992. Then the pop star had a reality show with her husband Kevin Federline called Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. She had a choppy romance with the back-up dancer, and the audience was surprised by her annoying personality. Then came two kids, divorce, and the epic head-shaving mental breakdown. After recovery, Britney appeared as a judge on the American X-Factor. Currently the pop star is performing Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. She got her legendary body back, seems happy, and is making loads of money.


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The 27 Hottest Stars To Appear On Reality TV