The 20 Sexiest Vampires in Television History

sexiest vampires on tv

Vampires. They’re seductive, they’re creepy, and they really turn us on. At least, they do if they’re the ones on our list of the 20 sexiest vampires in television history. Yes, we’ve come a long way from Count Dracula. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to True Blood, we’ve got 20 of the hottest male and female vampires who have graced our screens. So sit back, read on, and get ready to feel as though you’ve been transported to the depths of a vampire’s lair.

Vampires may make you think of the Twilight series, but there are so many options out there other than Edward and Bella. Here we have a variety of hotties with fangs, and some of them are actually hybrids and different species. That’s right; popular culture has come a long way in portraying vampires. Now we have entire series dedicated to them, as well as fan fiction and loads of images. So feel free to salivate over photos of their gorgeous and well-endowed television vampires. We can be pretty sure that you won’t be sinking your teeth into anyone’s neck! That being said, we don’t mind watching these on-screen vampires suck blood from their unfortunate (or are they lucky?) victims.

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20 Bianca, The Dresden Files

Via starsend-jarrak.blogspot.com

Bianca St. Claire was the hottie vampire of the Red Court in the TV series The Dresden Files. She was played by Joanne Kelly and took Chicago by storm throughout the series. You see, she was in charge of a crew of other supernatural beings, and while gorgeous and alluring, she also had the ability to make herself invisible to mere mortals. She was not one to mess with, as her vampire kiss would inject her victims with a magical substance that rendered them totally inhibited. That means that Bianca could do whatever she pleased with her human victims. Of course, there was a catch: Bianca and the rest of the Red Court are utterly useless in the face of sunlight.

19 Bo, Lost Girl

Via syfy.com

Bo is the main character and cute vampire in the Canadian TV series Lost Girl. She is played by Anna Silk and is definitely one of the more modern vampires out there. She finds her lovers in both men and women and she’s actually a special addition to this list. Bo is a succubus, meaning she is this kind of supernatural creature that can have sex with men while they sleep. So yeah, she’s pretty hard core. Bo also sucks the life out of her victims (quite literally) by feeding through their mouths. So, needless to say, Bo is a very sexual TV character, one that you do not want to mess with.

18 Dean, Supernatural

Via archiveofourown.org

Whether he is a supernatural being or posing as a human, Dean is one hot dude. He also has a fairly confusing backstory and family history (if you want to call it that.) We guess Dean could be considered a mutt in the vampire world. He is part human, part vampire, and part horseman. Even so, that probably just gives him more badass abilities and makes him a super-hot addition to the hit TV series Supernatural. Along with his bro, Dean belongs to the Men of Letters, a society that dedicates itself to studying the supernatural mysteries of the universe.

17 Shen, Blade: The Series

Via dvdbash.files.wordpress.com

Blade: The Series was a TV show that ended back in 2006, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have some on-screen hotness for viewers. Shen was one of the most delectable characters and he was also a super-awesome fighter. As he battles other vampires, we get to see his hot bod in action, and there is nothing as seductive as a good-looking guy using his muscles. Even when he is being tortured by his enemies, he looks downright gorgeous. Hey, we definitely wouldn’t mind having Shen strapped down and vulnerable to us. Yet we digress; this is a TV hottie that we don’t want to forget about.

16 Aidan, Being Human

Via seriesaddict.fr

Aidan Waite is the sexy vampire who definitely keeps getting better with age. You see, Aidan is actually more than 250 years old, but he is still encompassing a rock-hard body and a killer smile. Aidan is somewhat of a rare breed in the vampire world because he chooses to ingest pre-filtered blood rather than sucking it straight out of the necks of his victims. So we guess he could sort of be like a vegan vampire? No, that’s not quite right. Anyway, he is not without his flaws, and in his past life (as a human) he was quite a soldier and faced a lot of combat (hello, American Revolution!)

15 Janette, Forever Knight

Via pinterest.com

Now let’s get back to the ladies. Janette was one of the hottest characters in the TV series Forever Knight. She was born to a vampire father, so blood-sucking is in her family. To add to her sex appeal, Janette is the owner of a nightclub which is open to both vampires and humans. In fact, Janette once made a living as a “working girl,” but left that lifestyle behind. She eventually falls in love with a human, as is protocol for a hot vampire character. Hopefully her lover-boy didn’t mind Janette being the older woman; she is actually nearly 1,000 years old!

14 Julian, Kindred the Embraced

Via taliesinttlg.com

Kindred the Embraced may sound like a strange name for a TV show, but it was actually based on a game (The Masquerade.) This was one of the supernatural-centered shows that aired back in the 1990s, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t filled with smoking-hot characters. One of them was Julian, who was a prince and thus, in charge of the other vampires. Nothing like royal blood, right? Julian ends up falling for Caitlin, who is a human and totally vulnerable to Julian’s power. He ends up recruiting her as the newspaper that he owns, all the more to seduce her.

13 Stefan, The Vampire Diaries

Via fanpop.com

The Vampire Diaries is one of the hottest shows in recent years, and for good reason. The characters are super attractive, the plotlines are intense, and hey, vampires are still in style. Stefan Salvatore is one of the hottest characters in the series, as we might guess from his alluring name. He is relatively young for a vampire (he’s not even 200 years old yet!) but he still gets around, don’t worry. He has quite a desire for blood-sucking, and it’s a bit difficult to keep him in check. That’s okay because it makes for some great television and it makes us feel things, so we don’t mind.

12 Klaus, The Originals

Via wikia.com

Klaus is such a cool character that he’s featured in not one, but two vampire-related shows. He first appeared in The Vampire Diaries and then starred in The Originals. Klaus could be considered a “pureblood” because he comes from a long family line of blood-sucking beings. He’s also into S&M, if that’s your jam. And to add to that effect, Klaus is also part werewolf, so you can bet that he is great at seeking just the right blood. Okay, so maybe he’s a bit creepy (he did kill his mother, after all), but oh! He is so totally hot!

11 Eric, True Blood

Via quotesgram.com

If you haven’t heard of the hit TV show True Blood, then you must be living under a rock. Next to The Vampire Diaries series, this is one of the hottest shows on television. As the title suggests, it is all about those blood-thirsty supernaturals, and Eric Northman is one of the sexiest of them. First of all, he is played by a Swedish actor, so his sex appeal shoots through the roof, even though he has been alive for centuries beyond centuries. This hottie is tall, blonde, and blue-eyed. He’s also a bit of a sweetie (compared to other vampires) and when he takes Sookie in his arms, we just melt.

10 Pamela, True Blood

Via truebloodfansource.com

Now on the female side of True Blood, we’ve got Pamela Swynford De Beaufort. Such an aristocratic name, and Pamela is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is a lover yet she has her dark side (of course!) Even though she is nearly 200 years old, she is stuck in the body of a 19-year-old, since that is when she was bitten by a vampire (another hottie, Eric Northman.) Even so, Pamela was a brothel owner and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She thinks vampires are way cooler than humans, and we are certainly not going to object!

9 Henry, Blood Ties

Via vampirephile.blogspot.com

Blood Ties was created as a TV series that reflected the Blood novels. It was actually geared towards housewives, but it became popular with lots of people. It tells the story of Henry Fitzroy, a vampire who can sort of control humans to do as he pleases, to a certain point. Even though Henry is supernatural, he has his own inner demons, and often tries to come to terms with his vampire tendencies. Hey, a vampire’s got to eat, and with those good looks, we are just about ready to stick our necks out for him, quite literally! And hey, everyone can get in on the action, since Henry is actually a bisexual.

8 Angel, Angel

Via buffy.wikia.com

Angel was an iteration of the famed TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The title character is one hot vampire, and his show lent a darker and more sinister vibe to the whole genre. It actually had an interesting take on the whole vampire lifestyle. Angel was forced to become a human again and after living as a supernatural being, we can pretty much assume that going back to a human sucked. Angel is played by David Boreanaz, who had us smitten at first glance. Plus, followers of Buffy were over-the-moon excited to see Angel have his own TV series.

7 Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Via vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net

With a name like Drusilla, you can bet that she’s gonna be hot. And so it was with “Dru,” who was played by Juliet Landau (even her real name is sexy!) Drusilla is not only a vampire, but she is also psychic. Or at least she was when she was a human. Turns out, she had quite the life: she was tortured, she went crazy, and had her entire family killed off. Ouch. Needless to say, she was a bit unstable, but that led to some pretty awesome scenes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was a vampire who preferred to work behind the scenes and develop elaborate traps for her victims. Sexy and smart? We’ll take it!

6 Josef, Moonlight

Via fanpop.com

Moonlight was set in Los Angeles, and Josef was one of the vampires that lit up the television screen. He was dreamy and seductive and despite his being over 400 years old, he had a baby face that made us swoon. He was also in an on-again, off-again relationship with Lola, another vampire. This gave the writers loads of space to create steamy vampire-love scenes, and we weren’t complaining. Although we may be a bit jealous that Lola was able to call Josef her lover. He’s got it all: looks, brains (he’s a hedge fund investor) and the seductive allure of a blood-sucking being.

5 Elena, Vampire Diaries

Via wikia.com

The Vampire Diaries was a delight to viewers all over, and Elena (played by the lovely Nina Dobrev) immediately stole our hearts. Elena started out as a seemingly simple human being, but she later became another hot vampire to add to this list. Currently, we’re waiting to see if she will wake up from her everlasting deep sleep. In order to wake up, another character, Bonnie, must die. Oh, the dilemma! We just want to see Elena again…her long brown hair, her smoldering eyes, and that curvy feminine body. Even though she wanted to stay human, the vampire look totally suits her.

4 Hayley, The Originals

Via i.ytimg.com

Hayley Marshall-Kenner is one hot momma. No really, her child is Hope Mikaelson, daughter of Hayley and Klaus (another hottie on this list.) Man, you can imagine what their kid is going to look like! We can hardly wait; maybe there will be a spin-off series featuring Hope? Anyway, back to Hayley, who is smokin’ hot in her own right. She is sometimes a vampire vixen and at other times a wild werewolf and all the time she’s super-sexy. She also loves to speak her mind and isn’t afraid to get nasty with Klaus (they’ve got quite a tumultuous relationship.)

3 Jessica, True Blood

Via i.ytimg.com

Yes, we are back to True Blood, but there is just so much hotness in this series, that we can’t help ourselves. Jessica started out as a guest on the show, but now she is part of the main cast of characters, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Jessica is played by the ephemeral Deborah Ann Woll, who is a gorgeous redhead with a body that is feminine and sultry. She is one of the newer vampires, and as such, must learn how to use her newfound skills (and handle her blood-thirsty urges) properly. We would love for her to practice on us, maybe?

2 Queen Sophie-Anne, True Blood

Via wikia.com

As you would expect, Queen Sophie-Anne is a vampire ruler. She stars in True Blood ad is played by Evan Rachel Wood. She didn’t come around until Season 2, but not she is a main character in the series. Just like a true Queen, Sophie-Anne is very pretentious and holds her head high. Of course, she has her faults, and she can be a bit crazy at times, but hey, it just goes with being a vampire, right? She originally lived in France, worked as a prostitute, and eventually becomes a vampire queen. Not too shabby, huh? We can definitely appreciate that.

1 Rebekah, Vampire Diaries

Via wikia.com

Rebekah Mikaelson is played by Claire Rhiannon Holt, an Aussie seductress who stars in The Vampire Diaries. The also stars in The Originals, along with some of the other hotties on this list. Rebekah has lived for hundreds and hundreds of years, but she still has the appearance of a young twenty-something. With her good looks, it is no surprise that she has stolen the hearts of multiple characters on the show, and we are happy to say that she is still alive in the show. She’s also the hot aunt to Hope Mikaelson. Besides showing off her hotness, she must plot how to overcome her personal struggles and vanquish her not-so-nice mom.

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