The 20 Sexiest Girls Dumped by Athletes This Year

You may wonder why the women on this list have found themselves single again in 2015. Well, the truth is, we just can’t know enough about a person without really spending some quality time with them. These are the 20 sexiest girls dumped by athletes this year. And while some of these we may have seen coming, others were a surprise or at least disappointing. From singers and actresses, to models and reality stars, there have been loads of breakups and splits this year. Not to put a damper on 2015, but it seems that this was the year to be unlucky in love. Heck, summer of 2015 was even unofficially dubbed “the Summer of Breakups” by many tabloids and magazines.

So here we have 20 girls who have had their hearts broken this year. But judging by their good looks, talent, independence, and accomplishments, they will be just fine. Some people are just not meant for relationships. That isn’t to say that these girls won’t find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right in the future. There is still hope! Maybe their forecasts for 2016 includes some lucky in love. Let’s just hope that things go better for their relationships this time around!

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20 Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo was a former Miss USA model, and she was also the arm candy for Tim Tebow of the NFL. It turns out that they are having some difficulties, all because of Tim’s abstinence. Hey, we have major respect for him; he doesn’t want to have sex with Olivia until her marries her (if he does at all,) and we think that’s pretty cool and responsible of him. However, the media and Olivia herself are having issues with it. Olivia reportedly split from Tim, with the media poking fun at the whole situation and saying that Olivia, like Tim, was “having trouble scoring.” Ouch. People are mean.

19 Lindsey Vonn

We will just clear up something before we get started on the Lindsey VonnTiger Woods split: it was not because of cheating! The pro snowboarder was dating PGA golfer Tiger Woods for almost three years. Lindsey took to her Facebook page to announce the split publicly. She said that they “mutually decided” to end the relationship, but they enjoyed their time together. It seems that their romance just hit a dead end and there was not a whole lot of growth happening. That’s okay because Lindsey has a soaring career to continue. She recently won a skiing race at Lake Louise. On the other hand, Tiger is still struggling to be an adequate golfer.

18 Irina Shayk

17 Nia Peeples

16 Kaley Cuoco

We love Kaley Cuoco, and The Big Bang Theory is going to be greatly missed. The 30-year-old actress married professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013, and now they are already in Splitsville. Even so, Kaley seems to be taking good care of herself. She has been spotted around town, flying solo, and looking hot. That’s a girl! Looks like the ball is in Ryan’s court now (pardon the pun.) As of September 25, 2015, the couple is officially filing those divorce papers and getting the legal stuff underway. Kaley was once engaged to Josh Resnik (from late 2011 to early 2012) before meeting Ryan. The two of them got engaged in September 2013 and married a few months later.

15 Miley Cyrus

What kind of guy would ever be able to have a sustainable relationship with Miley Cyrus? Have you seen her music videos? Patrick Schwarzeneggar, who is following in his dad’s footsteps as a bodybuilder, certainly does not want anything else to do with Miley, at least not romantically. In April 2015, the couple called it quits after first becoming an item in late 2014. Miley has also severed romantic ties with Liam Hemsworth, Nick Jonas, and Tyler Posey. Well, Miley should not have too much trouble finding her next romantic partner. The singer is pansexual, meaning that she is open to a relationship with just about anyone.

14 Gladys Portugues Varenberg

Via 41.media.tumblr.com

They may have gotten married back in 1987 (which seems like centuries ago,) but Gladys Portugues Varenberg and Jean-Claude Van Damme have called it quits. The two bodybuilders have always had a relationship on the rocks. They got divorced in 1992, only to remarry in 1999. Then on March 18, 2015, they filed for divorce yet again. And then in May 2015, they said they were back together again. So what is going on? We don’t even know. Might it be that Puerto Rican fire in Gladys? Or perhaps it’s the macho mission of Jean-Claude. Whatever the case, this is one couple that just never seems to be happy together. What will 2016 bring?

13 Pamela Anderson

Via Bigstock Images

All right, so Pamela Anderson was with Rick Salomon, a professional poker player, but we are going to count this on our list anyway. After all, it’s Pam Anderson. So anyway, Pamela and Rick got their marriage license together in Las Vegas (of course!) in 2007 and married that same year in October. Come December, and they were calling it quits. Come 2013, and they decided they were going to get back together, but this time, they wanted it to be a friends-with-benefits thing. Okay, sure. 2014 rolls around, and Pamela announces that she has remarried Rick. Guess what happened on April 29, 2015? You guessed it. Divorce!

12 Khloe Kardashian

The latest news in the Khloe Kardashian - Lamar Odom relationship drama is that Khloe wants to expedite the process and get things moving! The two have had issues for quite some time now, and it just adds more fuel to the Kardashian fire. Khloe married Lamar in the later half of 2009. At the end of 2013, a divorce was in the works, but things did not start becoming official until summer 2015, when Khloe and Lamar starting putting pen to paper and adding their signatures to the legal papers. October 2015 saw Lamar in the hospital after being found in a brothel, unconscious. Khloe rushed to his aid and said that the divorce was withdrawn. Yet, in December, Khloe backed the divorce papers again.

11 Jenelle Evans

All right, so maybe this does not involve a professional athlete, but it’s close enough. Jenelle Evans of MTV’s Teen Mom has been in a sticky situation with Nathan Griffith who looks like he goes to gym a lot. The two of them were engaged, but called things off in the summer of 2015. Now they are in the news for their split and the fact that their son, Kaiser is stuck in the middle of things. Apparently, Jenelle is finding Nathan to be a crappy dad, and thinks he is only interested in being on the reality TV show, not in being a father. He reportedly does not taken care of Kaiser and is not performing his co-parenting duties. Sigh.

10 Maria Sharapova

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

9 Lisa Curry

Via oneroadtrip.com.au

Lisa Curry is a former Olympic swimmer while Joel Walkenhorst is a health and fitness guru. The couple had been dating for five years. In fact, they even traveled Australia, bringing health and wellness to people all over the continent. Even so, Joel is 20 years younger than Lisa, which may explain some of the struggles they had in their romantic life. After all, it has got to be hard to be a fun-loving 30-something man and have to deal with a woman nearing menopause. People close to the couple say that Lisa would get testy with Joel quite often and all those screaming matches may have finally caught up to him. So now they are kaput, adding one more notch to the belt of 2015 breakups.

8 Lindy Klim

Via lindyklim.com.au

Polish-Australian Olympic swimmer Michael Klim married Lindy back in 2006. Lindy, a former model and a fashionista/businesswoman, gave birth to Michael’s three kids: Stella, Frankie, and Rocco. Yet, like many couples in 2015, Michael and Lindy’s relationship seemed to be heading for choppy waters. Naturally, rumors abounded that the two of them were on edge and wanted out of the marriage. In April 2015, many people were making speculations of divorce, especially since Michael and Lindy were living in two separate countries. Then in November 2015, news spread that Michael had deserted Lindy and gone away for good, leaving Lindy to fend for herself.

7 Nicole Scherzinger

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like Nicole Scherzinger? The former Pussycat Doll has since moved on from the girl group, but she is still acting, dancing, and singing her way through life. She was also a regular television personality on the Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. Her romantic endeavors are a bit more muddled. She was in a relationship with Lewis Hamilton, a Formula 1 champ, and they have been on again, off again. They were serious from 2007 to 2010, then split, then got back together in 2012, then split, then got together again in early 2014. Yet, in February 2015, the reportedly broke up again! Well, it looks like the Pussycat Dolls’ song “Stickwitu” really does apply to this relationship!

6 Glory Johnson

In our only same-sex relationship on this list, we have Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner. They are known in the sports and WNBA world, but now they’re getting negative attention. The couple filed for divorce and has been battling nasty trials and legal proceedings. Glory requested $20,000 in spousal support PER MONTH from Brittney. Yet the judge denied that request, leaving Glory empty-handed. Well, not entirely. She gets to enjoy her lovely baby girls, twins Solei Diem and Ava Simone. Glory gave birth to the babies after her split from Brittney. Awkward. On the court, Glory plays for the Dallas Wings, while Brittney is on the Phoenix Mercury.

5 Whitney Bischoff

Haven’t people learned by now that you can’t just meet the love of your life by sorting out fame and gold-digging nobodies? Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules were a couple made famous by the hit television program The Bachelor. They got engaged thanks to the show, but –surprise! – they split two months later. While both Whitney and Chris are absolutely gorgeous, their relationship ain’t! Chris is a farmer’s boy and played with the National FFA Organization, as well as football and track. Whitney is a cute blonde who has been surrounded by friends. She spent her 30th birthday party in June with other Bachelor contestants. Aw.

4 Bristol Palin

The drama doesn’t end for the Palins. Bristol, the daughter of Alaskan politician Sarah Palin, made headlines again with her relationship woes. We’re tired of hearing about Bristol and Levi Johnson, but what about Dakota Meyer? Bristol was actually engaged to the U.S. Marine, but the engagement was called off in May 2015. Poor Bristol. She’s pregnant, too! This will be baby number two for the 25-year-old. She initially called the pregnancy a “huge disappointment,” but obviously retracted that statement to say it was not “ideal.” Yikes. Will this girl ever get a break? And we don’t mean a “breakup.”

3 Draya Michele

You may know Draya Michelle and Orlando Scandrick from the show Basketball Wives LA. The couple has dodged rumors and loads of bad press, and they seem to be an on-again, off-again couple. Throughout 2015, they were broken up, then together; engaged, and then calling it off. When Orlando injured his hand while at team practice with the Dallas Cowboys (he is their cornerback,) Draya came to his aid. Yet, that doesn’t mean there were splits and fights, too. You see, this couple kept us guessing all throughout the year. After breaking up, they reportedly got back together and started planning their engagement.

2 Hillary Duff

1 Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Bricklin (who owns a ping pong bar,) are on this list because 1) Susan Sarandon; and 2) a ping pong bar. Enough said. So, Susan and Jonathan were together for 5 years, and even though Jonathan is 30 years younger than Susan, they seemed to be doing quite well. After all, Susan seems like a cool gal. Yet in 2015, they too decided to go their separate ways. Both of them were starring in the AOL series, Connected, created by Morgan Spurlock. On the show, six couples are highlighted and their daily spats and dates are recorded. Apparently, that show is responsible for the breakup.

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