The 20 Raciest Kardashian-Jenner Photoshoots Ever

The Kardashian-Jenner family doesn’t mind being looked at, as it is possible to follow them through their everyday lives on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kim used to work as a stylist and personal shopper for Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Kourtney and Khloé created their own boutique DASH, Kylie has her own brand of cosmetics, Kendall is a top model and Kris makes sure the girls are seen by as many people as possible, as explained by People.

They worked hard to look good, and now they are proud to use their fame to take part in the sexiest - and raciest - photoshoots. There is one way to recognize them in pictures: their big butts and breasts they are not ashamed to show. Their bodies changed the fashion industry as a Vogue headline read: “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty.” Curves are now a roller coaster that gives you the best thrills and the Kardashians-Jenner don’t mind pushing the limits with their attention-seeking arsenal.

Let’s give them the attention they want by looking at the 20 Raciest Kardashian/Jenner Photoshoots ever:

20 Kim Kardashian for System Magazine (2015)

Kim Kardashian by Juergen Teller for System Magazine

It is time to get dirty, and Kim literally did that by crawling in a pile of dirt. The reality star posed in a much grittier setting for a photo shoot styled by her husband Kanye West and photographed by Juergen Teller. The star earning $50 million per year looks like the sexiest girl in the small village posing in an amateur photo shoot with her best girl friend. Even though she doesn’t look her best, the cheap style makes her look more accessible and rebellious. If you were looking for something racy, this was certainly risqué.

It seems like the photographer didn’t want Kim to feel like she was the only one half-naked so he took off his pants too, even though he kept wearing his winter coat. Kim was probably seduced to know she would pose at Chateau d’Ambleville in France, but the story doesn’t tell if she knew she would only be posing in the fields around.

19 Kim Kardashian for Elle (2010)

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber for Elle

If you are a teenager already looking for a cougar, this photo shoot with 29-year-old Kim Kardashian and 16-year-old (looking 13) Justin Bieber could interest you. Even though there is not too much skin revealed, their relationship is enough to inspire fantasies.

The whole story started when the singer posted a picture of them together with the caption “Look it’s my girlfriend,” as a joke. However, his fans weren’t happy about it, as Kim said “I started to get death threats from 10-year-old girls, saying that I stole their man and they were gonna come to find me.” However, Justin was not only friend-zoned, but also put in the childcare zone as Kim said he was too young, tried to match him with then 14-year-old Kendall and doesn’t get how people would think it is serious, as she said in the behind the scenes video.

18 Kourtney, Khloé and Kim for Sears (2011)

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe for Sears

This time, you could get three Kardashians for the price of one… but a woman is not something you can buy, mostly when they all have way more money than you. However, the Kardashian Kollection didn’t make them rich. It didn’t last for long as Sears quietly stopped selling their clothes in 2015. Customers at Sears probably didn’t expect to be paying $189 for a dress that doesn’t even reflect the Kardashian’s chic style.

Moreover, there were so many “K” that it seemed to make a reference to the Ku Klux Klan. The memo reading “Join the stylish Kardashian Klan on September 6th” didn’t help either. Their promotional pictures have also been the subject of a Photoshop fail as Khloé is usually much taller than her sisters, but was photoshopped so she could be on the same level. 

17 Khloe Kardashian by Nick Saglimbeni (2013)

Khloe Kardashian by Nick Saglimbeni

Khloe may be covered from head to toe, but she leaves no place to imagination when it comes to the shape of her body. Wearing a black latex body suit and hanging upside down with an aerial tissue similar to bondage, the star looks like a classy BDSM model. 

She wanted to spice things up by providing sexy photos for the birthday of her husband Lamar Odom, as it was presented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, even reality TV stars can be uncomfortable with their body and Khloe almost canceled the shoot before her assistant Malika convinced her that it would look great. This is why low confidence should never keep you from doing what you want to do.

16 Kim Kardashian for Factice (2012)

Kim Kardashian by Vijat Mohindra for Factice Magazine

Three things rule Kim’s world: fashion, luxury and sexiness. Factice brought this all together to picture the starlet in a glamorous photo shoot inspired by the 70s for the cover of the French magazine. 

Kim Kardashian loves France so much that she once flew to Paris just to eat a slice of her favorite cheesecake… until she discovered they were out of her favorite dessert. She explains all this by saying she was pregnant and had a food craving. There is probably not a lot of people that are able to afford two VIP plane tickets and a luxurious hotel room simply to eat a specific piece of cheesecake. The story doesn’t tell whether it was worth it or not.

15 Kylie Jenner for Galore (2015)

Kylie Jenner by Terry Richardson for Galore

Shooting with the controversial photographer Terry Richardson, Kylie certainly wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday with a bang. It wasn’t the first time she took part in a sexy photo shoot: “It makes no sense that even a month ago people were complaining that I was too young to be doing certain things, and now people are just okay with it because I’m grown.”

Kylie grew up way faster than most people as she bought a house and had to deal with business meetings before she was even legal. She grew up so fast that her shirt became way too tiny for her and only covered her nipples. This is probably why she simply decided to put her pants down and wear her underwear. After all, showing off her body suits her well. 

14 Kim Kardashian for British GQ (2014)


Kim wants you in her bed… or at least this is what she wants you to feel like while reading GQ Magazine. 

Kim went to a private Roman Catholic school, but had never been too innocent: "We would tease the boys by wearing really short skirts with knee-high socks and boxer shorts underneath.” However, big butts weren’t popular at that time and she tried to hide it by wearing floaty tops and fitting it into tiny jeans. She didn’t know at that time that showing it off as an adult would have started a new trend. Nowadays, her curves even made her a sex symbol and she thinks this is great. After all, this is the derriere that made her famous as she also said: “I don’t have anything against my butt. I’ve got a lot to thank if for, perhaps.”

13 Kendall + Kylie for Topshop (2016)

Kendall + Kylie for Topshop

When the sisters created their own collection, they made sure to present what they wear the most on Instagram: sexy swimsuits. They are proud to show their beach body and they want all women to be proud too as Kendall said in an interview: “The cut-outs and silhouettes show off your body in the best way possible and make you feel confident.” They sure are confident as they both agreed that Kylie was the most likely to flirt with the lifeguard…

The sisters spend so much time in bathing suits that they even created a new trend: the thigh-brow. It refers to the skin rolls that forms between the hips and the thighs when you kneel and bend forward. Both Kendall and Kylie showed off their curvy body on Instagram. Great thing is, unlike the thigh gap, the thigh-brow is universal to all body types. Every body can become a beach body: simply put a Kendall + Kylie bathing suit on it.

12 Kim Kardashian for GQ (2016)

Kim Kardashian by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for GQ

As this was Kim’s second cover for GQ, she had to show much more than the last time. Has she been waiting in her bed since 2014? It seems like so, but this time the temperature is hotter so she got rid of her bed sheets to reveal that she is sleeping fully naked. However, she was tired of waiting and decided to put on her transparent underwear, high leather boots and leather coat to go on the man hunt. She sure knows how to make herself the bait by attracting all the attention and catch people in her trap. However, it is possible to recognize her easily as she didn’t realize she had to wear her clothes, and not only hold them close to her body.

11 Kendall Jenner for GQ (2015)

Kendall Jenner by Steven Klein for GQ

Even though Kim posed for GQ twice, Kendall managed to do even more with less. Her nipples are barely showing and this little tease makes her photoshoot much more enjoyable. She wants to play, she makes funny faces, she smiles. The top model is much more than a body, she also has a great personality that shines in front of the camera.

Kendall lived her life in front of the camera, so she knows what it wants. The star is not playing a character, she doesn’t even know how she would be doing it, and confirms that everything that is presented on the reality show is real. Kendall followed her own path to become a top model and be different from the rest of her family. And she did become a star on her on so it is not even surprising to see she was also part of the Sexiest Women of 2015 video by GQ.

10 Kim Kardashian for W Magazine (2010)

Kim Kardashian by Mark Seliger for W Magazine

Kim is covered from head to toe, but not by clothes. Even if she is covered in silver, she could earn the gold medal of the best body. However, posing naked for one of the first times, she did not get the results she expected…

The star was described in the magazine as: “Kim Kardashian can’t sing, act, or dance, but she’s found the role of a lifetime in the fine art of playing herself.” On the cover, her assets were hidden by the words “It’s all about me. I mean you. I mean me,” which presented her as a talentless attention seeker. Moreover, Kim didn’t like the images at first and was ashamed to say they look pornographic.

9 Kourtney Kardashian for DuJour (2014)

Kourtney Kardashian by Brian Bowen Smith for DuJour

Even though she is 35 and nine months pregnant with her third child, Kourtney won’t take part in a kitsch maternity shoot. There is no reason why she wouldn’t take this opportunity to be sexy for the camera and win a wet T-shirt contest. It is not even surprising from her as Kourtney loves being naked, especially when she is pregnant.

“To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of. I’m not embarrassed of my body. I’m at my best when I’m pregnant,” she said in an interview for DuJour. When filming, she casually walks around naked and pregnant in front of the crew and, in case she is not there, a picture of her other nude maternity shoot was hanging in the entry of her mom’s house. 

8 Kendall Jenner for Love Christmas Special (2014)

Kendall Jenner for Love

Kendall Jenner did many photo shoots and video shoots for the Love Advent Calendar so you can have what it takes to warm you up during these cold December nights. Let’s hope the reality star is hot because she isn’t wearing many clothes and we wouldn’t want her to be freezing. She shows off her black-coal sexy underwear, dresses up as a sexy shark who has to take a steamy shower and is totally on fire for the final erotic Christmas film. The top model knows that receiving a gift is great, but desiring it is even more pleasurable. And she is worth the wait! The tease, the fun and the flirt is what makes it so interesting.

7 Kim Kardashian for M.I.L.F. (2016)

Kim Kardashian in M.I.L.K. (Fergie)

If this was an advertisement for milk, everyone would overdose on calcium. Young men are the lucky ones this time as Kim turned into a MILF, next to Fergie in this music video. Even though we know she is taking a shower of milk, this white liquid dripping down her face doesn’t leave much place to imagination.

As a video is in fact made of 24 images per seconds on average, this counts as a photo shoot. If you want to see 23 more images per seconds of this, don’t miss the music video MILF by Fergie. Heard you in the mood for a little MILFshake?

6 Khloé Kardashian for Complex (2015)

Khloe Kardashian by Steven Gomillion for Complex

Khloé Kardashian worked hard to get this athletic body. The easiest methods didn’t work for her and this is why she has been working out for a year and a half straight to get the body she wanted to have for the rest of her life.

Even though she said she wasn’t ready to wear a bikini on the beach, she was ready to tell what motivated her: instead of dealing with stress by eating unhealthy food, she decided to cope with stress by jumping on a treadmill with her headphones on and have a moment for herself. One thing is sure: Health and fitness suit her well. And these pictures are certainly a good motivation for anyone who wants to start working out.

5 Kim Kardashian for Playboy (2007)

Kim Kardashian by Steve Wayda for Playboy

Kim first became famous because her sex tape with Ray J was released and widely viewed. Playboy was seduced by this opportunity and decided to feature her on the cover of the December 2007 issue, one of the bestselling of all time according to the magazine.

If you are curious to see what happened during the photo shoot, it was all presented on the first season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And for those who prefer mature women: Kris got naked too and wasn’t shy to show much more.

4 Kim Kardashian for Love (2015)

Kim Kardashian by Steven Klein for Love

Kim Kardashian took part in a photo shoot in the style of voyeurism. You can look at her through her bedroom window as she acts sexually by herself, meet her as she is walking up the stairs naked or waiting outside her door, secretly watch her in the pool through the fence and don’t miss any moment when she bends over to show off her bare butt. With a 30-page editorial, she has a lot to offer to the eyes of the readers, and it also includes some “juicy” secrets.

When it comes to sex, Kim’s favorite position is from the back, as she said in the interview for the magazine, and no penis can be too big. Moreover, she would like to be a seahorse as these creatures can have sex with themselves and “I’ve always wondered what that was like.” Kim Kardashian is a true animal, as she also doesn’t like to wear clothes. She only started wearing underwear a month before the shoot, “I never wore underwear until then”… However, the unsexy part about it is that she doesn’t even seem to know how underwear works as “I always pee all over my Spanx, it’s a disaster. They aren’t crotchless enough!”

3 Kendall Jenner for Love (2015)

Kendall Jenner for Love Magazine

If there is one competition Kendall wins over Kim, it is the competition for the raciest photo shoots for Love Magazine. Seeing Kim naked is not a surprise anymore, but Kendall kept more mystery, which made her photoshoot for Love much more interesting and risky. For the spread called Boobs, Kendall is unrecognizable in trashy haute couture as she rides a naked man, spreads her legs, shows off her boobs and rips off her dress as she bends over - with no underwear on. Love Magazine doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries and this suits Kendall well as she can experience many different styles and get out of her comfort zone.

2 Kylie Jenner for Interview (2015)

Kylie Jenner by Steven Klein for Interview

In this controversial photo shoot, Kylie turns into a sex doll: bending over at your service as a waitress, remaining passive as a handicapped woman and manipulated as a doll who can’t move by herself. With a blank face, perfect body and BDSM look, she became an object of fetishes and dominance.

If there is one good thing about this controversy is that it gave Kylie the attention she wanted. BDSM is not only about control, it is about pushing your limits and boundaries with someone you trust… And it seems like Kylie Jenner is interested in this kind of exploration.

1 Kim Kardashian for Paper (2014)

Kim Kardashian by Jean-Paul Goude for Paper Magazine

Paper’s Magazine goal was to Break the Internet and Kim was the best celebrity they could find to do the job. At that time, it was reported that she had 25 million Twitter followers (a million less than Oprah) and was the third most popular on Instagram. When Paper asked her if she would exist without social media she said: “I don’t think so…” In fact, Kim wasn’t the first one to do the Champagne Incident Shot as Caroline Beaumont posed the same way - but totally naked - for Jean-Paul Goude in 1976. This is the proof that the one thing missing at that time was truly a platform to easily share it with the world.

But why does serving a glass of champagne has to be so complicated? Simply think of a woman using the right movements to make it so a white liquid goes right into her ass. This is what you are supposed to be thinking about.

Sources: Complex, NYDailyNews, People, MensFitness, USMagazine

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