The 20 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe

As the Marvel universe expands itself on the big screen, with each movie cleverly intertwining with the next, the era of beings with super powers is definitely upon us. With a wealth of heroes and vil

As the Marvel universe expands itself on the big screen, with each movie cleverly intertwining with the next, the era of beings with super powers is definitely upon us. With a wealth of heroes and villains to choose from, we have to ask the question - Who is the most powerful being in the Marvel universe?

For decades, these beings have been filling our comic books, TVs and movie screens with never ending battles - with good seemingly always winning over bad. But then the bad comes back bigger and badder than ever. So who is the ultimate winner? Good or bad? Hero or villain?

In this list we look through all the characters of the Marvel comic books, movies and TV shows to finally answer the question of who is the most powerful. In this list we look at strength, abilities and the amount of times they've been defeated. (If they ever have that is!)

Some you'll know and some you may not, but let us know if you agree.


19 Hyperion


Having had several distinct versions over the years, one thing remains the same and that's Hyperion's power. Often a villain, Hyperion comes from a different dimension to ours and is only interested in one thing: world domination. Thinking that every dimension and world would be better with him as ruler, Hyperion sets about taking control.

18 Juggernaut


The mystical powered mutant is an undeniable force that cannot be stopped. The step-brother of Charles Xavier, Juggernaut (born Cain Marko) was left in the shadow of the brilliantly gifted Charles. Resenting his step-brother, and his own father for choosing Charles over him, Juggernaut ran away. Finding himself in a cave, he unearthed a mystical entity - The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Upon touching it, Juggernaut absorbed all of its mystical power.

17 Deadpool


Of all the vast power that the characters on this list have, you may well be thinking that Deadpool doesn't even come close. After all, he's not a God or an all-knowing entity; he's just a mutant with healing powers and a smart mouth. Right?

Well, all that is true but if you read the comic book story arch, Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

After the X-Men send Deadpool to a mental hospital in order to be 'cured,' he is treated by Psycho-Man. When Psycho-Man's 'treatment' fails, Deadpool becomes even more mentally unhinged (we didn't think that was possible!). He then kills Psycho-Man and then sets about killing every single member of the Marvel Universe, both hero and villain.

16 Hulk


Many casual readers or viewers of the Marvel universe may well wonder why Hulk is so high on this list. Shouldn't he be near the end? Or possibly even number one?

The short answer to that is no! Although there is no denying that The Hulk's strength is almost too great to calculate, that's all he has. When an experiment with gamma radiation goes wrong, Bruce Banner is transformed into The Hulk, an unstoppable force that is pure anger.

However, with the ever expanding universe that Marvel has created, the beings are not only getting stronger, but also more diverse. With many of its characters reaching 'god-like' status or are indeed gods themselves, this leaves The Hulk a little behind

15 Silver Surfer


There aren't many beings in the Marvel universe that are more noble or pure as the Silver Surfer. Born on the planet Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer's life changed when Galactus approached his planet in order to devour it. Seeing no other way, The Surfer offered to become Galactus's herald and help him seek out new planets to consume, in exchange Zenn-La would be spared.

14 Thor


The son of Odin, and heir to the throne of Asgard, Thor is not only a powerful hero but also a God. The God of thunder wields great power over the nine realms, however, it is Earth that he cares for the most and soon Thor nominates himself as our protector.

13 Apocalypse


With the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie, some people may not be familiar with the super-powered villain.

Apocalypse is an ancient mutant with a variety of powers: mastering telepathy and telekinesis  as well as superhuman strength and immortality. After merging with Celestial technology, Apocalypse has complete control over the molecules in his body meaning he can change his shape, size and can even adapt his limbs to make weapons and wings.

12 Vulcan


Born Gabriel Summers, Vulcan is the brother of fellow mutants Cyclops and Havok.

After narrowly avoiding death before he was even born, Vulcan became the slave of Erik the Red. Eventually escaping and coming into contact with Charles Xavier, who could tell that he was related to Cyclops, Vulcan joined the X-Men. However, after a mission to rescue the original X-Men went wrong, resulting in Vulcan being left for dead, Vulcan wanted revenge on Charles.

11 Skaar


Skaar is the son of The Hulk, conceived when the Hulk was on the planet Sakaar and fell for Caiera, a super-powered being with incredible strength and invulnerability.

10 Odin


The King of Asgard, father of Thor and the most powerful Asgardian. Odin is the top of the tree when it comes to Gods.

His powers are almost limitless as he can manipulate magic and energy to do anything he wants. He can also summon the powers of all Asgardians and use them as his own. Giving him great strength, durability and immortality. He also has use of the Odin Force, with the help of his magical spear 'Gungnir,' which magnifies his powers and abilities beyond anything else in the nine realms.

9 Grandmaster


Being an 'Elder of the Universe,' Grandmaster possesses great power. Vastly intelligent, the Grand Master has use all of psychic and mental powers, such as: telepathy, telekinesis, mind altering and even wiping minds completely. His physical strength is greater than most beings as well as having greatly superior reflexes, meaning he can move faster than any human. Super powered or not, The Grandmaster is also completely immortal and can not be killed. Since he went up against Death, Grand Master banished him from the realm and therefore has complete control over death. Even managing to bring back other beings from the dead.

8 Galactus


Described by some as 'the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos,' Galactus is a higher being that eats planets in order to sustain him.

Using the cosmic energy force known as the Power Cosmic, Galactus's powers are almost unknown and limitless. Using Heralds to search for life sustaining planets for him to devour, Galactus shares some of his power with the heralds in order to enhance their own. One such herald was The Silver Surfer.

7 Magus


Destined to be a champion of life and death, Magus (Adam Warlock) was created by a time paradox by the cosmic beings Lord Chaos and Master Order. However, after 5,000 years of being bombarded with their philosophies and dark secrets, Magus was driven mad. After escaping, he took over the planet and became a God to the inhabitants.

6 Thanos


Thanos is a mad tyrant obsessed with becoming the most powerful being in the universe, which fuels his consuming obsession with death.

Possessing strength, endurance and agility, Thanos is one of the strongest 'Eternals' there are. His skin is nearly invulnerable and his mind can't be penetrated by most forms of psychic attacks. Thanos can also survive indefinitely without food or water. Together with the Infinity stones placed in his gauntlet, Thanos is a force of nature within the universe.

5 Phoenix Force


Born out of the void between states of beings, The Phoenix Force is the child of the universe itself. After the last universe was dying, The Phoenix Force saved all of existence from eternal damnation. After this, The Phoenix Force was re-born out of the cosmic fires created in the Big Bang.

The most feared force in existence, The Phoenix Force is beyond the powers of any living being. However, after time and being in all realities at once, The Phoenix Force became unable to return to its natural state. When it learned of an up and coming threat that could put the whole of creation in danger, The Phoenix Force had to find an avatar to channel its power. The mutant X-Men Jean Grey harnessed this power, becoming Dark Phoenix.

4 Eternity


Eternity has existed since the very start of the universe. Along with Death, Oblivion and Infinity, they are creation. Eternity is every living thing and every thing is Eternity which means he controls all things in all realms, with the exception of the Living Tribunal.

The embodiment of time, Eternity has an almost omnipotent presence throughout the universe and has the combined powers of the space/time continuum.

3 Living Tribunal


As with Eternity and the Phoenix Force before, we now get into beings so powerful that they exist out of and beyond our own plane.

2 Beyonder


The Beyonder is the sum of the entire multiverse. An omnipotent and vastly powerful inhuman, Beyonder was born out of remaining energy from pocket realms. Beyonder is so powerful that he created the planet Battleworld out of other parts of planets, then abducted several superheroes and villains from Earth, forcing them to fight against each other just so he can observe them and witness the battle between good and evil first hand.

1 One-Above-All


Number one on this list is the ultimate being in the entire Marvel multiverse. The One-Above-All is apparently responsible for the creation of all existence in the multiverse.

Believed to represent the creators of Marvel (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), One-Above-All is all knowing and all powerful. Not that much is known about this cosmic entity, often appearing to the likes of the Fantastic Four and even Thor as a heavenly God.

With his powers on such a scale that they can't be measured in any known way, all we do know is that One-Above-All can do anything and everything it chooses and there is no being in existence that can touch him.

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The 20 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe