The 20 Hottest Women On TV You Don't Know About

TV has a lot of hot women, that’s no surprise. The networks offer more than their fair share on their shows with the CW in particular boasting several very attractive ladies (the fact many of them wear tight super-hero outfits helps). Cable channels like HBO and Showtime add to it with the freedom of ladies to doff it all along with their dramatic or comedic programs, and Netflix is adding to it as well. From the start, television has been home to ladies who break out majorly into true stardom and can still gain fame in their later years.

However, some of the hottest ladies on TV are the ones who don’t get the major attention. You don’t really see them on red carpets or accepting awards, they don’t get the major movie deals but in terms of sexiness, and more so, they can put so many A-listers to utter shame. Many come from genre and cult TV shows as Syfy has been stepping up their game with great programming. Others have bounced around various TV shows and landing some better gigs, while others are up and coming hotties who are showing their stuff nicely. A few come from Canada, a country with its own successful TV programming which often succeeds thanks to less restrictions than the U.S. Some keep their clothes on while others don't, but either way, they show incredible sexiness that should gain them more attention. There are a lot of actresses who deserve more attention than they get, so here are 20 of the hottest ladies on TV right now.


20 Deborah Ann Woll

It’s ironic that one of the hottest ladies of True Blood was one who mostly kept her clothes on. Woll joined the HBO hit in the last episode of its first season as Jessica, an innocent woman turned into a vampire and from the start, brought a spark to the series. With her bright red hair and fun accent, Woll showed Jessica loving being a vampire and getting into frisky situations like seducing a professor in a classic schoolgirl outfit. A major highlight was her getting with main character Jason while in incredibly revealing lingerie and a red hood, and just showing it all off in their lovemaking. With that show ending, Woll has moved on, dying her hair blonde to play loyal secretary Karen Page on Daredevil and while the first episode had her showing her bare rear, she’s better showing the strength of Karen, which makes her hotter.

19 Cynthia Addai-Robinson


Born in London, Addai-Robinson has a fantastic look with her dark skin, deep eyes and a warm smile that only adds to her fantastic sex appeal. She gained prominence in the third season of the Starz hit Spartacus as a former slave-turned-warrior and gained actual fight training for the role. With that show ending, Addai-Robinson took on the famed part of Amanda Waller, the cold-hearted leader of the Suicide Squad on Arrow and even in a power suit, looked amazingly hot. She earned an Emmy nod for her role in Texas Rising and is about to play an FBI agent in the USA thriller Shooter. No matter the time period or role, Addai-Robinson is drawn to women who can kick your ass and look great doing it.

18 Stephanie Leonidas


Some might know her but not recognize her. The British actress first gained fame starring in the acclaimed fantasy film MirrorMask and handling the wild FX and strange goings-on well. It served her well playing Mina Murray in a BBC adaptation of Dracula. Her most famous role was on the Syfy drama Defiance as Irisa, an alien taken in by a human and Leonidas managing to look gorgeous even with the makeup and red wig making her unrecognizable. However, Leonidas managed the sexy with some hot hookups while also handling some major fight scenes and other turns throughout the wild series. Currently, she stars on the CBS drama American Gothic as a member of a family suspecting one of their own might have been a serial killer.

17 Allison Scagliotti


A favorite among sci-fi fans, Scagliotti first played the enemy-turned-love interest on the long-running Nickelodeon hit Drake & Josh, which gave the first taste of her great comic timing. Slews of TV appearances followed, including Wonder Twin Jayna on Smallville. Her biggest role was Claudia, the quirky tech genius on the popular series Warehouse 13 that involved plenty of quips amid the action. She currently stars on the Freeform series Stitchers as the best friend and tech helper to the main character, with the second episode having her fantastic in a tight club outfit. She’s gotten frisky with another character to show off her underrated body and with her dark hair and wicked smirk, Scagliotti proves how geek girls can be hotter than any beauty queens.

16 Kathleen Robertson

Originally getting famous with dark hair that could go hot red, Robertson played a teen genius on the cult show Maniac Mansion and then played Clare for four seasons of mega-hit Beverly Hills 90210. Various movies followed like Scary Movie 2 and Hollywoodland that allowed her to show off her nicely curvaceous body off. In 2011, she dyed her hair blonde to play Kitty, a duplicitous political aide on Starz’ dark drama Boss. This included several scenes baring her body and getting very risqué, and Robertson handled them with fantastic appeal. Currently, she plays Hildy, a cop on TNT’s police drama Murder in the First, all business in the field but struggling with an ex-husband, a rebellious daughter and, in the latest season, fighting cancer.

15 Alyssa Diaz


Born in Los Angeles, Diaz first got attention with a role on As The World Turns. She soon got attention on various TV appearances and the short-lived The Nine Lives of Chloe King giving her a lot of action scenes while dressed in leather. She moved onto the Lifetime hit Army Wives as a lady handling her soldier husband’s rough moods and standing well among the female cast. In the third season of Ray Donovan, Diaz finally showed her body off as a would-be MMA fighter whose taut body is on full display in several tough scenes. Currently, Diaz stars as a soldier in CBS’ Zoo and showing how hardcore she can be in fight scenes. With her lush looks and dark hair, the lady can handle most any role and proved herself to be a gal who mixes sex appeal with bad-ass.

14 Ksenia Solo

This Canadian actress has been popping up in some movies (she was a dancer in Black Swan) but better known for roles in her native land’s TV shows. She won the Gemini award for her breakout role in the teen series and moved to the CW drama Life Unexpected. Her biggest role was Kenzi, the quirky thief on the cult series Lost Girl with many fans citing her as the best part of the show. With her black hair often streaked with color and a variety of nutty outfits, Solo had fans laughing with her hysterical lines and holding her own with co-star Anna Silk in the hotness department. Solo followed that with a recurring role on the third season of Orphan Black that had her getting hot romantically with Tatiana Maslany. Currently, she plays Peggy Shippen on the Revolutionary War drama Turn. Her desire to rise in society pushing husband Benedict Arnold to turn traitor and Solo makes the 18th century dresses look amazingly alluring. With her gorgeous European looks and fun humor, Solo deserves more attention as a gal who proves good things come in small packages.


13 Olivia Cheng


The Canadian-Chinese actress got her break in the mini-series Broken Trail as one of several Chinese girls in the Old West. She’s popped up in various other TV shows like Supernatural but her biggest role has been on Netflix’s Marco Polo. As Len Mei, Cheng is a seemingly simple court concubine who turns out to be a deadly assassin. Many consider her a highlight for the scene where she battles it out with some killers in a bathhouse, using martial arts to take them down while completely in the nude. With her elegant looks and foreign air, Cheng mixes deadly appeal with sexiness very well to stand out with the series. No matter what she wears (or little she wears it), Cheng makes the show a must-see and that females are the deadlier of the species.

12 Shantel VanSanten

As a former model, it’s no surprise Shantel looks so amazingly hot. That’s led to great success on television as she played Quinn, a new character in the fifth season of One Tree Hill. She soon clicked with the cast with her humor and nice sex appeal to last for the rest of the show’s nine-season run. VanSanten moved onto the short-lived series Gang Related and The Messengers but found better success on the second season of The Flash as Patty Spivot, a cop willing to fight super-criminals while still looking stunning in an evening gown. VanSanten is about to star as a woman whose husband is accused of shooting the President in the USA thriller Shooter and when it comes to hotness, Shantel has already proven she hits the bulls-eye.

11 Sarah Hay


When creating their ballet drama Flesh and Bone, the Starz producers came up with the idea of casting actual ballet dancers. Thus, they’re believable not only with the dancing but the pain ballet stars go through to get ahead. Hay, a dancer since she was three, has talked of the pain of giving up relationships to get her break and sacrificing a lot. It pays off in this show as she’s totally relatable as Claire, an aspiring dancer for a controversial troupe who has the occasional job as a stripper. With her dark red hair, she stands out but Hay’s great body in those leotards also impresses, especially in her dancing. As this is Starz, she doffs it all quite a lot, revealing an ample chest and something to be said for a woman so curvaceous also being so flexible. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice Award, as well as winning a Satellite Award and Hay, proving that whether clothed or not, her sexiness makes ballet anything but boring.

10 Melanie Scrofano

Based on a cult comic book, Syfy’s thriller Wynonna Earp imagines that the legendary lawman also battled demons and passed that task onto his generations of descendants. Scrofano is Wynonna, the latest to take up this job she never wanted but handling herself well. With her flaming red hair, the actress stands out as a brawler who enjoys getting down and dirty with her partner Doc Holiday (yes, the same one) and yet squeals like a kid when she gets a motorcycle as a gift. Rocking the jeans and leather like there’s no tomorrow, she also gets dressed up at times but still able to take down evil demons without breaking a sweat or messing up her hair. She’s also a good big sister to Waverly who helps her on her job. Already a veteran of Canadian television, Scrofano is getting a big break here and proving herself as star of a fantastic TV show with a hotness that spans time nicely.

9 Alice Braga


The first scene of USA’s Queen of the South has Teresa Mendoza (Braga) as the cool and collected queen of the Spanish drug trade, looking amazing in suits and expensive jewels. Shot by a mystery assailant, Alice’s life passes before her eyes and we get to see how she started off as a rough and tumble street gal in Mexico. Braga is actually hotter here as she goes from street gal to marrying a rising drug kingpin only to have to fight to get on top when he’s murdered. Her scenes show off her sexiness, especially in a bathtub where she flashes a very ample rear and yet her cunning mind is just as hot. Watching her scratch, claw and kill her way up the ladder as she changes from a street gal to a cool boss is fascinating to watch and Braga (a movie veteran in her native Mexico) handles it all with fantastic heat to remind you how sexy Latinas are.

8 Caterina Scorsone

Grey’s Anatomy is known for some hot ladies like Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh, Jessica Capshaw and others. However, one of the hottest is a lady who doesn’t get as much attention from online blogs. Scorsone had a few roles in kids shows in her native Canada before her big break as a psychic who joins the FBI in the Lifetime drama 1-800-MISSING. She played the title role in Alice, Sci-Fi Channel’s bizarre take on the classic fairy tale. In 2010, she was recommended by Eric Stoltz to the producers of Private Practice as Amelia Shepherd, the younger sister of Patrick Dempsey’s Grey’s character. At first, Scorsone was made a regular with her character a fun gal who enjoyed sleeping around. She also brought dramatic chops with the powerful story of Amelia hitting bottom to drug addiction and fighting her way back. Scorsone made such an impression that when Practice ended, she was added to the regular Grey’s cast and has handled such fun as getting into a carpool while naked and handling her brother’s death. Hard at times, Scorsone’s great sex appeal and lack of shame helps her stand tall among a cast that knows how to bring the sexy.

7 Rachel Skarsten


Way back in 2002, the WB tried their hand at comic book TV shows with Birds of Prey, based on the popular DC comic. Skarsten was just 17 when she was cast as Dinah Lance, the young member of the heroic trio. Despite hopes, the show was canceled after just 13 episodes with Skarsten returning to finish college at Queen’s University. She soon became a recurring face on various TV series in her native Canada and a notable role in the Transporter TV show that included doffing it all. Skarsten was pushed to attention with her role as Tamsin, the hot Valkyrie on the cult show Lost Girl. She showed off a lot in hot outfits and very steamy scenes with co-star Anna Silk to make herself a notable part for fans. Currently, Skarsten has dyed her locks red to play Queen Elizabeth I in the CW series Reign, managing to make the monarch regal but also very sexy (the “Virgin Queen” bit is a cover) and showing how bad-ass this monarch was. No matter the time period, Skarsten is a great highlight and that sexy smirk getting you going.

6 Melissa O’Neil


A winner of Canadian Idol, O’Neil is naturally known for a terrific singing voice and stage presence. But few could have guessed she had some great acting chops, which she’s showing off in the Syfy series Dark Matter. The show follows six people who wake up on a starship with no memory of who they are or what they’re doing aside from good soldier skills. They soon find out each one of them is a wanted mercenary and stick together to pull jobs as they figure out how this happened. O’Neil plays Two (they name themselves after the order they woke up in) who becomes the de facto leader of the team, doing her best to handle command and looking fantastic in her tight jumpsuit. She gets very frisky with fellow crew member Three and O’Neil shown off in great shape. Things get more dramatic when her one-woman rescue of the captured crew reveals a stunning secret yet O’Neil carries it all with great determination to win you over. The show’s second season promises to deepen things and O’Neil is a key reason you won’t forget a lady so hot kicking ass.

5 Lesley Ann-Brandt


Lucifer has been one of the bigger surprises of the last TV season. The idea of “the Devil helping L.A. cops” sounded incredibly dumb but the series turned into a delight with its dark humor and not afraid to show the harsh sides of its title character. A major highlight has been Brandt as Maze, a demon who works as the bartender at Lucifer’s club and putting up with his antics. Her first shot is leaning on a bar before it’s revealed a guy has been on his knees before her and her sexiness continues to be showcased with Maze, in tight leather outfits that show off her body well. She’s sardonic with some wicked funny lines, but also finding herself drawn to mortals, even liking a child and the season ending with her standing up to her boss more. Brandt showed her hot side with her role in the first season of Spartacus and even when clothed, adds to it well to make this one devilishly fun show.

4 Sarah Rafferty

Suits has been one of USA’s most successful series, resting on the plot line of Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht), a cocky lawyer who takes under his wing Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) a genius at legal stuff but (due to various antics) can’t be a real lawyer. The series works off their cases and keeping Mike’s secret and has gotten more dramatic as it’s gone along. From the start, Rafferty has been a highlight as Donna, Harvey’s long-time assistant whose chemistry with him is so great that the writers eventually revealed the two had a brief fling years ago. For the first couple of seasons, Donna was just around with smart remarks and showing her awesomeness but as the series has gone on, she’s deepened with her feelings for Harvey and her great style. Rafferty looks gorgeous with her flowing red hair and showcased in hot dresses that show off her ample curves and can still make you laugh watching. The show remains a big hit and Rafferty is the best to show that under any suit is one incredibly sexy lady.

3 Lela Loren


Starz is known for their period dramas like Outlander and Spartacus. But one of their best shows is more than contemporary as Power lives up to its name in term of dramatic impact. It follows James, a club owner who’s also Ghost, an infamous drug dealer. At the club, he meets up with Angela (Loren), a former high school flame he still has a torch for. It’s not long before they’re engaging in an affair and Loren is incredibly sexy with her lush hair and ethnic looks, getting it on in scenes like stark naked except for heels in her office. Things get more dramatic as Angela is a federal prosecutor targeting Ghost and when each discovers the truth of the other, it spices an already great show up. Returning for a third season this July, the series promises to give Loren even more to do and truly powerful in her sexiness.

2 Aya Cash

Even by the standards of FXX shows, the characters of You’re The Worst live up to their name a lot with behavior that borders on near-sociopath. The opening gets you right off as Jimmy (Chris Gere) meets Gretchen (Cash) at a wedding, both of them sardonic and self-destructive folks who think love is garbage. They immediately get it on in incredibly hot scenes, Cash just short of baring it all but even what we see is incredibly risqué. The two start a rather dysfunctional relationship that actually works because of their issues. Cash is incredibly hot with great fun (in one episode she invites her former gal pals to a party only to find they’ve moved into motherhood and such while she still acts in her 20s) but the latest season has added depth with her battle with depression. Still, with her cool face, red hair and amazing lack of inhibitions, Cash proves he’s truly the best at being a hot mess you have to love.

1 Bridget Regan


This gorgeous actress got her big break playing Khalan in the cult syndicated series Legend of the Seeker. With her lush dark hair, amazing build and dressed in flowing robes, she was an incredible presence that helped the show’s two-season run really stand out. She’s bounced around in various other roles, several of which show a wicked and sexy side under a normal exterior. On White Collar, she played a seemingly innocent scholar seduced by main character Neal, who turned out to be a ruthless killer con artist in her own right. On Agent Carter, she’s Dottie, a neighbor who’s a deadly assassin and battles it out with Haley Atwell’s main character in some nice sequences. Her role on Jane the Virgin had her in some hot lesbian scenes before the reveal of her character’s dark secrets. Currently, Regan has joined the cast of the thriller the Last Ship and while in business suits, her red hair and lovely face showcase a lady who’s even hotter when she gets bad and ranks among the sexiest on TV today.

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