The 20 Hottest Women On TV You Don't Know About

TV has a lot of hot women, that’s no surprise. The networks offer more than their fair share on their shows with the CW in particular boasting several very attractive ladies (the fact many of them wear tight super-hero outfits helps). Cable channels like HBO and Showtime add to it with the freedom of ladies to doff it all along with their dramatic or comedic programs, and Netflix is adding to it as well. From the start, television has been home to ladies who break out majorly into true stardom and can still gain fame in their later years.

However, some of the hottest ladies on TV are the ones who don’t get the major attention. You don’t really see them on red carpets or accepting awards, they don’t get the major movie deals but in terms of sexiness, and more so, they can put so many A-listers to utter shame. Many come from genre and cult TV shows as Syfy has been stepping up their game with great programming. Others have bounced around various TV shows and landing some better gigs, while others are up and coming hotties who are showing their stuff nicely. A few come from Canada, a country with its own successful TV programming which often succeeds thanks to less restrictions than the U.S. Some keep their clothes on while others don't, but either way, they show incredible sexiness that should gain them more attention. There are a lot of actresses who deserve more attention than they get, so here are 20 of the hottest ladies on TV right now.

20 Deborah Ann Woll

19 Cynthia Addai-Robinson

18 Stephanie Leonidas


17 Allison Scagliotti

16 Kathleen Robertson

15 Alyssa Diaz

14 Ksenia Solo

13 Olivia Cheng

12 Shantel VanSanten

11 Sarah Hay

10 Melanie Scrofano

9 Alice Braga

8 Caterina Scorsone

7 Rachel Skarsten

6 Melissa O’Neil


5 Lesley Ann-Brandt

4 Sarah Rafferty

3 Lela Loren

2 Aya Cash

1 Bridget Regan

This gorgeous actress got her big break playing Khalan in the cult syndicated series Legend of the Seeker. With her lush dark hair, amazing build and dressed in flowing robes, she was an incredible presence that helped the show’s two-season run really stand out. She’s bounced around in various other roles, several of which show a wicked and sexy side under a normal exterior. On White Collar, she played a seemingly innocent scholar seduced by main character Neal, who turned out to be a ruthless killer con artist in her own right. On Agent Carter, she’s Dottie, a neighbor who’s a deadly assassin and battles it out with Haley Atwell’s main character in some nice sequences. Her role on Jane the Virgin had her in some hot lesbian scenes before the reveal of her character’s dark secrets. Currently, Regan has joined the cast of the thriller the Last Ship and while in business suits, her red hair and lovely face showcase a lady who’s even hotter when she gets bad and ranks among the sexiest on TV today.

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The 20 Hottest Women On TV You Don't Know About