The 20 Hottest Women Lil Wayne Has Been With

hottest girls lil wayne has been with

The owner of Young Money Entertainment and massively successful rap artist Lil Wayne has not been secretive about his love for women. In one song he’s particularly famous for, he sings about wanting to ahem "sleep with" every girl in the world – to put it nicely. Well, he has certainly done a good job and is well on his way to accomplishing this goal. He has been with many big names in Hollywood, and many beautiful women are among the ranks of his conquests.

For some, he is their first love, or they will remain friends forever and on good terms. For other exes, their relationship didn’t fare so well, and he is the topic of many tell-all books and confessions. He has also been put on blast by a few of his ladies, so he hasn’t completely gotten off easy for his dirty and deceitful deeds.

If you’re a little curious to see who some of these ladies were that caught Lil Wayne’s attention, just check out our list of the hottest women Lil Wayne has been with. You are sure to be impressed and surprised by some of the names and faces on this star-studded list of sexy females. One thing can be said for sure- he knows how to pick ‘em!

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20 Trina

Via oh-trina.com

The rapper known as Trina or Katrina Laverne Taylor was one of the ones that caught Lil Wayne’s attention and actually kept it for a while. She is famous for her popularity in the rap world in the 90s and early 2000s and was even referred to as "the most consistent female rapper of all time" by XXL Magazine. She worked with Lil Wayne and dated him on and off from around 2005 to 2007. They were engaged to be married and had each other's names tattooed on them. A sad turn of events happened and she miscarried their child- the relationship ended soon after.

19 Solange Knowles

Via atlantablackstar.com

The talk on the town back in 2006 was that the famous and gorgeous Solange Knowles and Lil Wayne were getting pretty cozy and close while working on similar projects and hanging out frequently. The talented songstress is known mainly for being the younger sister of Beyoncé Knowles and being a part of Destiny’s Child for brief periods of time. She has also done some acting and animated voice-overs and is very much involved in the feminist movement. She also has denied all rumors of her and Wayne ever hooking up- but do we believe her completely on this? Not sure.

18 Farrah Franklin

Via bet.com

One of the many songstresses enchanted and caught up in the Lil Wayne spell is the lovely Miss Farrah Franklin. She is most known for being a member of the hit girls group Destiny’s Child. She was also a songwriter and actress and has dabbled in modeling as well. She and Wayne dated for a short while and even lived together in Miami for a bit back in 2007. She has opened up since about their relationship and how she wasn’t ready for his wild rockstar style of life. She also states that the reason they broke up was because she caught him cheating- red handed.

17 Shanell Woodgett

Shanell Woodgett, who is a singer and performer who goes by the name Shanell or SnL, is another member of the Lil Wayne fan club with benefits. This curvy young diva caught his eye when she signed to his music label Young Money Entertainment. She is most known for being a dancer and songwriter- she danced for Ne-Yo for a while and wrote songs for him as well as Danity Kane, Melanie Fiona, Jennifer Hudson and Kelis. She and Wayne have kissed on stage while performing which started the rumors of their relationship, but she denies being in a relationship with him.

16 Karinne Steffans

Via bet.com

Karinne Steffans is a native to the U.S. Virgin Islands and known for being a dancer and video girl. She started off her career by working as an exotic dancer and worked her way up when she moved to Los Angeles and was featured in many music videos by big time rap artists. She dated Wayne for a while and even through times when she had health issues. She is quoted saying that even after their breakup they would stay close friends. She is also an author of the Vixen series and a book called How to Make Love to a Martian where she’s talking about her relationship with Wayne.

15 Adrienne Bosh

Via cdn.styleblazer.com

The drama filled and media saturated relationship between Lil Wayne, and Adrienne Bosh is quite a story. The petite and gorgeous Bosh is the wife of NBA superstar player Chris Bosh and rumored to have hooked up with Lil Wayne. Wayne called her out on Twitter after going off about how much he hates Bosh’s team and fellow players. Wayne was even kicked out of the Heat game by police- yikes! It turns out that the two did sleep together, but it was before she was with her husband. The plot thickens when we find out she’s no angel- she had falsely told Wayne she had cancer and needed money right before she left him (eww!).

14 Teairra Mari

Via images.enstarz.com

The exotically named singer-songwriter Teairra Mari was most known for her being featured on other peoples’ albums. She is signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and has released fairly popular albums as well as multiple mixtapes with big name artists like Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. She was also a dancer, actress, and hip hop model- she appeared in Biggie’s "Nasty Girl" video, 3LW’s "Feelin’ You" and Jay-Z’s "Show Me What You Got." She denies the rumors that she dated Lil Wayne as well as Ray J, but most people aren’t buying it since they know both of those artists’ track records for loving the ladies.

13 Nivea Nash

Via i.ytimg.com

The singer and performer Nivea Nash was most famous for her song "Don’t Mess with My Man" which was a Billboard charts top hit in the 2000s. She and Lil Wayne began dating around 2002 and were engaged in 2003. She was quoted in a magazine saying how romantic the proposal was and saying that Wayne was her first love and if she didn’t marry him she would end up dying old and single (wow, intense!). Their engagement was called off when he got engaged soon after to his daughter’s mother (awkward). She must have found a way to move on since she ended up marrying the R&B singer The Dream.

12 Keri Hilson

The gorgeous and talented Miss Keri Hilson is among the ranks of Lil Wayne lovers. The successful singer, songwriter, and actress are signed to Timberland’s record label – Mosley Music. She is most famous for songs like "Pretty Girl Rock," "Knock You Down," "I Like" and "Turnin’ Me On." She was also in the movie Think Like a Man and has been active with many charities for HIV and AIDS. Wayne and Hilson were widely publicized for their "hot n’ heavy" performances of her song "Turnin’ Me On" where they were grinding on each other and flirting. They only dated briefly in 2009.

11 Tammy Torres

Via barsandtwists.tumblr.com

One of the many drama filled relationships Wayne has been in includes his brief and media filled stint with Tammy Torres, who allegedly made Eskimo brothers out of Drake and Lil Wayne by hooking up with them both one day after the other. She is also alleged to have hooked up with Drake while Wayne was in prison. She is also well known for threatening to tell which one of the two rap stars was better in bed- she definitely believes one is better than the other. Apparently part of this story may be to keep Wayne from saying anything about her in his tell-all book he was working on.

10 Antonia "Toya" Carter

Via 3.bp.blogspot.com

Antonia Johnson Carter, now going by Toya Wright, has the main claim to Lil Wayne since the two were middle school sweethearts back in the day. Toya & Wayne met in 1996 and had their baby daughter (Reginae) in 1998 when he was 15, and she was merely 14. They later got engaged in 2000, married in 2004 and then split up in 2006 when she reportedly could no longer deal with his lifestyle. They remained on good terms afterward, and they both were featured on the show My Super Sweet 16 when their daughter "Nae" was starring on an episode.

9 Candace Cabrera

Via pbs.twimg.com

Famous for being a Lil Wayne side chick, Candace Cabrera definitely makes the list of hottest women Lil Wayne has dated. She is also famous for being the "runner up" on the show Flavor of Love. They dated back in 2010 around the time Wayne was released from jail. They have also been seen together hanging out on and off recently and even while he was dating other people. She is most known for being the side chick that got his name tattooed on her. Reportedly it is a small tattoo on her finger that some say looks like someone with bad handwriting wrote it in sharpie- Ouch!

8 Ashlee Monroe

Via 40.media.tumblr.com

Forget what you’ve been told, apparently being an Instagram model really can get you somewhere. Or at least in the case of Ashlee Monroe and Lil Wayne. She is reportedly one of his newest conquests, and she’s feisty about it too. She has been seen on Twitter telling his exes to back off and respect that he is hers now etc. We aren’t sure if this just means she’s marking her territory and worried about these women, or if she simply wants to show off that she’s been "hanging out" regularly at the successful rapper’s pad. Although she has deleted the message and apologized since- we aren’t sure what to believe.

7 Dhea Sodano

Via i.ytimg.com

Dhea Sodano is Italian-born but raised in Arizona. She has made her way into Hollywood through acting and modeling. Was actually engaged to Lil Wayne soon after meeting at a club in Arizona and dating briefly. They wasted no time, but it must have been a waste of time since they never actually made it to the church. Although they broke it off, he has been spotted hanging out with her while he was dating other people. This man just can’t make a decision can he? Can’t blame him with all these gorgeous women around, though. Supposedly he dumped her because she was getting too full of herself and he felt like he was "losing control" of her.

6 Dana Lee

Via thirstiestmenofinstagram.tumblr.com

Dana Lee and Lil Wayne have been "hanging out" for a while now. They have been on and off since 2009, and he just doesn’t seem to get enough despite all the drama that has been stirred up between them over the years. The gorgeous Asian model Dana Lee is known for being one of his favorite side pieces that he sees at the same time he’s dating other women. At one point she even put one of his text messages on blast via Instagram showing him basically begging to see her despite her "very busy" schedule. Can you say drama?

5 Zena Foster

Via i.ytimg.com

Lil Wayne definitely caught the world’s attention when he started dating the smoking hot video model Zena Foster. With her ripped bod, perfect curves, tan skin and unearthly light eyes, she was quite a wanted woman (and still is). Foster is also well known for dating the R&B legend Tank for a long time off and on and having a daughter with him (Zoey) who is just about as gorgeous as she is (if that’s possible). Tank and Foster have also had a son this year named Zion so he must have won the battle for Zena’s heart against Wayne. Better luck next time, Wayne.

4 Christina Milian

Via hawtcelebs.com

This stunning singer and songwriter have also been wooed by Lil Wayne. Milian was also married to The-Dream back in 2009. They eloped to Vegas, and she had a daughter, Violet, with him. She also dated Nick Cannon for a few years. She signed to Lil Wayne’s music empire Young Money Entertainment back in 2012 and released the 4th album through his label. Milian’s split up with Lil Wayne was televised on their reality show when she found an Instagram picture of another girl in their home wearing her underwear (Scandalous!). She doesn’t seem bitter now and even insists that she has never loved anyone more than she did Wayne.

3 Lauren London

Via freddyo.com

Lauren Nicole London is a music video model, film actress, and television personality. She has gained most of her following and gotten the most publicity from being on the BET TV show The Game but she is also known for her parts in the film ATL, and the TV shows Entourage and 90210. She has been in music videos with Tyrese, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Pharell and many more. She met Lil Wayne in 1998, and it is alleged that Wayne wrote multiple songs about her over the years. They split in 2009 right around the time they announced her pregnancy with his son Cameron Carter. Lil Wayne was reportedly supportive of her through the whole pregnancy (awww).

2 Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins was indeed caught in the midst of plenty celeb drama due to many Hollywood men having crushes on her (mainly Lil Wayne & Drake). There’s no doubt why she was so sought after. Between her mad basketball skills and her bangin’ body, she really does seem like every man’s dream come true. Diggins plays for the Tulsa Shock WNBA team and before that she led Notre Dame to 3 final four NCAA championships in a row. She is a part of Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports and was also featured in Sports Illustrated and Vogue Magazine. She also has been known to downplay rumors of dating Lil Wayne.

1 Meagan Good

Via meekospark.com

The beautiful actress has caught many people’s eyes for as long as we can remember. Ranked at the top of many attractive people’s lists, Meagan Good is by far the hottest woman Lil Wayne has been with. She has been on the Hollywood scene since the young age of 4 and has starred in commercials, TV shows, music videos and hit movies. She is most famous for her role in the film Think Like a Man. Good met Lil Wayne at a show he was doing in L.A., and they ended up dating for approximately three years. It is rumored that Lil Wayne was Good’s first love.

Sources: wikipedia.org

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