The 20 Hottest Women Justin Timberlake Has Been With

That Justin Timberlake is one fine fellow. While he started out as the ramen-noodle-haired member of the boy band NSYNC, he has clearly developed a stronger fashion sense over the years. The group shot to stardom and everyone not only fell in love with the band, but Justin himself. Since the band disbanded, he launched a solo music career in the new millennium that was even more popular than his hits with NSYNC. Soon came movie deals and awards show appearances and even humanitarian work. And of course, there were loads of romantic dealings sprinkled in!

Justin had quite a love life from the time he was able to date, to his marriage to the gorgeous Jessica Biel. In between those years there were speculations of backstage hook-ups, bedding co-stars and other artists, and too many break-ups to count (but that won't stop us from trying). So here is our list of The 20 Hottest Women Justin Timberlake Has Been with. This guy is super-attractive, as well as talented and just an all-around sweetheart. So you can bet that he had a lot of girls yearning for his attention and it is easy to see why. Here are just twenty of them.

From models and dancers to other music artists and female band members, these girls are all beautiful, but only one of them got the guy in the end! Way to go, Jessica!

20 Elisha Cuthbert

19 Olivia Wilde

18 Olivia Munn

17 Lindsay Lohan

16 Rihanna

15 Scarlett Johansson

14 Cameron Diaz

13 Tatyana Ali

12 Emma Bunton

11 Staci Flood

10 Alyssa Milano

9 Jenna Dewan

8 Alicia Keys

7 Nicole Appleton

6 Britney Spears

5 Veronica Finn


4 Fergie

3 Danielle Ditto


2 Mila Kunis

1 Jessica Biel

Ah yes, the final lady here is the one that Justin actually ended up marrying (and having a baby boy with!) Jessica and Justin were first spotted as boyfriend and girlfriend back in 2008. They weren’t without their ups and downs, and actually split up in 2011, but they soon rekindled their romance. Jessica, who shot to fame in the family drama 7th Heaven, attended her co-star’s wedding and had Justin in the wedding with her! In 2012, it was Jessica’s turn to be a fiancée. In October 19, 2012, they got married in Italy and will hopefully have a wonderful, and smooth future ahead of them.

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The 20 Hottest Women Justin Timberlake Has Been With