The 20 Hottest Witches In Movie & TV History

There’s something about witches that entices you. Women are already incredibly alluring as is. Add in magical powers and they get even hotter and better. For centuries, witches were seen as something to be feared, evil and possessing the powers of darkness. But early in the 20th century, things shifted to show the hotter side of magic as women were soon showcased as amazingly hot and showing their magical abilities to their fullest. Throw in a push of hot new actresses in such roles and it’s no wonder witches have gone from something to fear to truly amazing and beautiful creatures. Some are still evil but others can be major forces for good as well.

Some are modern, others fit in older times and even fantasy. However, a lady mixing fantastic magic is more than something to get viewers going and add to their amazing power. With Halloween coming up, it’s natural to look at some of the hottest of these ladies and marvel at their great ability to win folks over. Some are tricky as they have great magical powers but not really witches (Maleficent, for example, is an evil fairy) and thus a bit rough to figure out who fits into this category. However, there are more than enough gals who put to bed the idea of witches as something ugly to hate. Here are some of the hottest female witches of movies and television and whether good or evil, they all cast a very sexy spell that wins you over big time.

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20 Alex Russo - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was 16 when she was cast in the Disney Chanel series Wizards of Waverly Place and about to blossom into a truly hot teen. The character was unique in that she was a selfish and spoiled gal who enjoyed using her magic for her own ends. While she could be a good person, Alex often looked out for herself, lazy and not above such things as creating her own magical clone to get out of family deals or assignments. The show got wilder as it went along with Alex facing vampires, mummies, angels, demons and even her own evil doppelgänger (which gave Gomez the chance to show in tight leather). Gomez got hotter as the show went on, showing off in a variety of nice outfits and costumes and the wicked air of Alex made her all the sexier. It was the role that boosted Gomez to stardom and fantastic to show a lady who enjoyed magic as any teenager would and adding to her young, sexy heat.

19 Samantha Stephens - Elizabeth Montgomery

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Bewitched was one of the bigger TV hits of the 1960s thanks to its nice lead and comedy elements. Elizabeth Montgomery was Samantha, a seemingly normal gal who surprises her husband Darrin on their wedding night by revealing she’s a witch. From there, she would use her powers to try to help her husband out while dealing with stuff like her meddlesome mother and nosy neighbor. The sight of Montgomery wiggling her nose to cast a spell became iconic as she had a wonderful “woman next door” air that was pretty hot for the time. She wasn’t too revealing in outfits (it was the ‘60s), but still had a lovely sexy air with her looks and how she handled situations, usually the most sensible person amid the madness. She became a mom herself to magical kids and helped the show to a great long run. Nicole Kidman played the role in an ill-fated 2006 movie, but even she couldn’t top the inherent beauty that Montgomery had to make Samantha the witchy neighbor TV viewers all wished they had.

18 The Witches of Eastwick - Cher, Susan Sarandon & Michelle Pfeiffer

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John Updike’s best-selling novel was adapted to the big screen in 1987 with the utterly perfect casting of Jack Nicholson as Daryl Van Horn, a man who may well be the Devil himself. Coming to the small town of Eastwick, Daryl soon seduces three lonely women: sculptor Alex (Cher), music teacher Jane (Susan Sarandon) and writer Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer). All three fall in bed with him and are soon growing in both sexiness and magical abilities. Cher was actually quite the hot presence in 1987 and stands out here as do Sarandon and Pfeiffer. Indeed, the scene of Sarandon and Daryl playing violins so hard the strings burn is fantastic and showcases how all three ladies explode in their heat as they get more powerful, including a romp in a large swimming pool. They also realize Daryl is truly evil and have to band together against him. The big special effects climax is a bit much, but all three ladies shine very well together to form a powerful trio. A TV update was short-lived despite a cast including Rebecca Romijin but seeing three actresses at the height of their sex appeal united was a great trick to make this a hit.

17 Sabrina Spellman - Melissa Joan Hart

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Melissa Joan Hart had already become a popular teenage actress with her role in the series Clarissa Explains It All . This made her a good choice for an ABC movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch, based on an old comic book character. It was a hit that soon led to a regular series that amazed many by running for seven seasons and two TV movies. As Sabrina Spellman, Hart learns she’s a witch, her aunts are centuries old witches themselves, and her “pet cat” is really her transformed uncle who can talk. The show mixed magic with some “lesson” episodes as Sabrina learned the hard way how using magic for shortcuts just caused more problems for herself. As the show ran and Hart grew, she added a more sexy edge to Sabrina with her outfits and attitude, showing herself off more (Hart would do a memorable Maxim spread during its run). The later seasons were rough with Sabrina in college and still maintaining a ”kid-friendly” attitude for viewers. However, watching Hart grow in the role was great as she made Sabrina a natural as how a teen would handle magic and becoming a hot lady in her own right.

16 Melisandre - Carice van Houten

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Technically, she’s a priestess but clearly, a witch is her true calling. Appearing in season 2 of Game of Thrones, The Red Woman is an influence on Stannis as he wages war on his brother Renly for control. They end up together which soon leads to one of the wildest segments in the history of the show as Melisandre “gives birth” to a black creature that kills Renly. Carice van Houten was a fantastic figure, with no shame in showing off her body several times, her red hair adding to her hot presence. She could seduce a younger man for a twisted moment and even put the moves on Jon Snow with ease. A ruthless figure who oversaw the murder of a child, she was dedicated to what she thought was the proper path for the gods she worshipped. Melisandre’s place on the list would be higher if not for one thing: In the sixth season premiere, it was revealed that she’s actually a centuries old hag using magic to appear to be this gorgeous lady. Despite that, when van Houten showed off, she brought fire to this dark world that shone brightly.

15 Sally and Gillian Owens - Sandra Bullock

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1998’s Practical Magic focuses on the Owens, a family who has magic in their veins but also a sad track record with men that borders on a curse. Sally (Sandra Bullock) finds that out when her beloved husband dies, leaving her a single mom living in a small town with her eccentric aunts. She’s smart, soft-spoken and prefers not to keep up the family legacy. Gillian (Nicole Kidman) is her opposite, a feisty redhead who enjoys partying and sleeping around. The plot has them accidentally killing a man who attacked Gillian only to have him revived by dark magic. Bullock and Kidman alone make a hot combination, but mixing them with magical powers is even better. Gillian is nice showing off in tight jeans and tops while Bullock is more down to Earth but no less hot, especially when they mix together for the finale. Opening up to their powers lets them become more popular with the townsfolk and it’s easy to see why as these are two sisters who show sexy magic running in their family well.

14 Morgana - Eva Green  

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Starz’s Camelot only ran one season, trying to do a “realistic” take on the King Arthur legends. That had Arthur as more a common man pushed to become a king and a little less on the fantasy elements. However, they were smart enough to make the character of Morgana Pendragon still a conniving sorceress out to conquer Camelot for herself. They also were smart to cast Eva Green in the role. The gorgeous French actress was perfect in the part, smart and cunning and not above using her body to get ahead by seducing others to her side. She even tries it on Arthur, her own half-brother while making more plots to conquer Camelot. This being Starz, Green naturally had some opportunities to show off her naked body and looked amazing doing so as Morgana gives herself to the dark powers in her quest for control. This includes using a spell to make herself look like Arthur’s mother Igraine (Claire Forlani) to seduce Merlin. The show was axed after one season which is a shame as Green’s wonderful dark lady deserved more of a chance to take off and prove Green a magical sexy presence in any time period.

13 Zatanna - Serida Swann

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During its decade-long run, Smallville brought in a lot of DC characters besides just Superman. The show was criticized with changing a few of them up in appearance a bit too much. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with DC’s resident sexy spellcaster. First, the producers cast Serinda Swan, who bore a great resemblance to the comic book character. They kept in her casting spells by speaking backwards. And, best of all, they kept to her classic comic book outfit of a tuxedo top and jacket, tight shorts, knee-high boots and fishnet stockings. Her first appearance was more mischievous, casting a spell to turn Chloe into Lois but she eventually became more of a heroine to help Clark out in his adventures while rescuing the spirit of her father. Swan brought a nice air to the role, a sexy smirk and obviously enjoying being a hot witch. At the same time, she knew the power she had that could be misused and had to learn some humility in order to get to her dad. Overall, it was one of the show’s best attempts at bringing a beloved DC character to life and Swan was terrific boosting the character to life as much as fans had dreamed.

12 Faye Chamberlain - Phoebe Tonkin

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Based on a series of novels, The Secret Circle focused on a pack of teens who discover they’ve inherited the magical powers of their parents. While a few of them were nervous about using them, Faye relished in them majorly. Played by Phoebe Tonkin, Faye was a bad girl from the start, the type of lady who would go around in a top of only beads in a store and acting up at school. She is the epitome of “alpha bitch,” selfish and arrogant and enjoys using her magic for her own ends. Ironically, she doesn’t realize she’s following in the footsteps of her mother, a wicked witch in her own right as Faye is manipulative and not above starting a thunderstorm to make sure she’s the center of attention. She also has a wicked humor, getting the show’s best lines and Tonkin sold them quite well as the season focused on Faye falling more into darkness. The fact Faye seemed to have a unique vibe with the other witches just added to her appeal. Sadly, the show was canceled at the end of its first season although Tonkin got a good follow-up role on The Originals, but Faye remains her best part as her sexiness was no secret.

11 Cassie Nightingale - Catherine Bell

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Catherine Bell is one of those women who barely seems to age. She’s as stunning now as on her breakout in the 1990s starring in JAG with her dark hair, amazing build and great smile and leading to her role on Army Wives. In 2008, she starred in The Good Witch, a Hallmark Channel movie as Cassie, a newcomer to a small town. Living in a mysterious mansion and promoting herbs and other healing matters, Cassie was a friendly gal who helped out the townspeople. The question of whether she truly was a witch was a major mystery with clues leaning to it although she promoted herself as just a normal gal. The movie was a hit and thus for the next six years, Bell would make an annual sequel as Cassie fell in love with a local cop and got married. In 2014, Bell was finally free enough to star in a regular series with Cassie now a widow raising a teen daughter inheriting her gifts. Bell remains a fantastic star and showing how ladies just get magical with age to enhance this drama.

10 The Beauchamps - Julia Ormand, Jenna Dewan, Rachel Boston & Madchen Amick

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The often wild Lifetime series Witches of East End offered a terrific quartet of sexy stars. Joanna (Julia Ormand) is an exiled Asgardian who becomes a witch on Earth and centuries old. She’s cursed to have two daughters, Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) only for them to die before 30 and Joanna becoming instantly pregnant again afterward. The current incarnations are now finding their magical powers and unleashing their sexy sides (which, for Dewan Tatum, isn’t much of a stretch). Better is Joanna’s sister, Wendy (Madchen Amick) who can transform into a cat, complete with nine lives. She loves being a witch and no shame wandering around naked after her transformations while engaging in some steamy hookups. All four get to show their very hot sides as Ingrid breaks from her “bookworm” phase to become hotter while Freya is masterful showing off some nice skin. Joanna is no bad shakes either as the sexy heat fires them all up when they get to their magic adventures. The show was canceled after two seasons but gave us four ladies who knew how to rock the magical heat nicely.

9 Ridley Duchannes - Emmy Rossum

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The film adaptation of the best-selling book Beautiful Creatures failed at the box office to end a would-be franchise. That’s a shame as it meant moviegoers were robbed of more chances to see Emmy Rossum as Ridley. In the movie’s world, a family of “casters” are given the choice of going light or dark at a certain age. Ridley went dark, turning from an innocent girl to a manipulative vixen overnight. This meant a fantastic wardrobe such as sauntering out of a car on a football field in a nearly sheer black dress and seducing a man wearing fantastic lingerie. Rossum is no stranger to showing her body off (as evidenced by her many nude scenes in Shameless) but even hotter teasing here and her short red hair gives her a nice edge. She carries herself with a wicked demeanor, sunglasses covering her colored eyes and pushing an agenda of seducing her own cousin to the dark side as well. Her final moments give the idea she’d be a recurring foe for the series which never came to be. Which is sad, as Rossum was stunningly hot in the role and more than lived up to the title of beautiful in every way.

8 Zelena - Rebecca Mader

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It was inevitable that Once Upon a Time would tackle the Wicked Witch of the West. But leave it to the show’s writers to come up with a twist for it. In green makeup but keeping her lush red hair, Rebecca Mader stood out from the beginning as this incredibly hot lady who outdid most anyone in chewing up the scenery with relish. However, it took a turn with the revelation Zelena was the half-sister of Regina and that link now pushes their rivalry to unique heights. Her jealousy over Regina getting the power she wanted made Zelena go literally green with envy and take over Oz for her own gain. Her war with Regina even went beyond death as they fought it out. Mader is fantastic in the role, especially in the tight black outfits pushing her chest up. Like Regina, Zelena had softened due to motherhood and wanting to turn a new leaf but still the signs of darkness within her. No matter her skin color, Zelena proves that being wicked looks so very good.

7 Willow Rosenberg - Alyson Hannigan

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When Buffy the Vampire Slayer began, Willow was the shy bookworm, a computer geek who babbled a lot. As the show went on, she blossomed into a nice hacker and showed a surprisingly sexy side. A major turn was the appearance of her vampire doppelganger from another reality who looked amazing in a tight leather outfit. Willow soon began getting into magic and learning a good ability for it. This in turn led to her relationship with witch Tara that showed off a much sexier side to herself in more revealing outfits. She made some dark turns but remained very sexy as she grew more powerful and it helped that Alyson Hannigan was able to blossom into a hot lady in her own right. Her red hair and hotter wardrobe helped enhance her as Willow blossomed from a nerd to a hot lady even without her magical powers. Hannigan has had other roles since, but transforming Willow from a quiet girl to a sexy as hell witch remains a very impressive magic trick.

6 Morgana - Helen Mirren

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Dame Helen Mirren is proof of how some women get sexier with age. Today, she’s a fantastic looker with a fine hot aura, but in 1981’s Excalibur, she was utterly amazing. As Morgana, she plays the enchantress who desires the power of Camelot for herself. She thus launches a wicked plan to take Arthur down and ably playing the wizard Merlin to do it. Mirren looks gorgeous in her black dresses that are often sheer as well as what’s basically a metallic bra and her cool accent shines in her words. It’s easy to see why even Merlin falls under her spell as Morgana is gorgeous in any setting, her seductive techniques second to none and shining well in the film. The movie is a darker take on the Arthur legends and hailed for its style and Mirren is a fantastic example as Morgana. Seeing how she’s even hotter today makes you realize this woman has some magic to herself over the decades.

5 Ravenna - Charlize Theron

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From the moment the first trailers for Snow White and the Huntsman appeared, it was clear this wasn’t your typical version of the classic story. The storyline imagines the Evil Queen as Ravenna, a wicked sorceress who murders her way to power over the kingdom. Walking about in some glorious gowns, Ravenna is sucking the youth out of maidens to keep her own and taking baths in milk, giving Theron a chance to show that amazing body of hers off. Commanding and near psychotic, she makes the Queen a powerful enemy willing to kill her kingdom off just to get at Snow White and scary at times with her power. The role was so huge that the producers of the sequel, The Huntsman Winter’s War, knew they had to find a way to bring Ravenna back. They did for a clash with her own magical sister (Emily Blunt) and Theron still wonderful in the role. The movies may be over the top, but watching Theron dominate as this wicked and evil witch queen make it easy to root for the bad lady here.

4 Hermione Granger - Emma Watson

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For the first three movies of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson wasn’t what you’d call sexy. In the first movie, Hermione is an adorably cute girl with frizzled hair who’s more into academics than showing off. The next couple of movies continued that, Hermione still a mostly bookworm gal despite how she could change up her hair to look a bit better and more open with humor. However, as Watson began to grow into a very sexy woman in her own right, that heat rubbed off on Hermione as well. The latter movies showed her growing more, blossoming into a strong young woman fighting the forces of darkness and her smarts as important as her magic. She becomes fantastically hot as she enters the final films and shows it well, including a soaked shirt. Watching Watson grow into this sexy presence was a highlight of the entire series as the role made her famous and shows how magic a woman can become before our very eyes.

3 The Craft - Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk & Rachel True

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This 1996 hit really helped push the whole “goth magic” theme of the ‘90s up more. Moving to a new school, Sarah (Robin Tunney) has a hard time fitting in until she runs into a trio of girls: Bonnie (Neve Campbell), Nancy (Fairuza Balk) and Rochelle (Rachel True). Rumored to be witches, the girls bond with Sarah and soon realize they really can work magic. Soon they use it for themselves with Sarah casting a love spell on a jerk, Bonnie using it to heal her burn scars, Rochelle to get back at a racist bully and Nancy causing her stepdad’s death so she and her mom inherit a nice life insurance payment. Sarah soon realizes the other three are getting off on their power, their heat nice (especially Balk and Campbell), but the darkness overtaking them as well. The fact all four go around mostly in their school uniforms with skirts makes them stand out well as well as how their sexy sides are unleashed more as their powers grow. They may get to the bad stuff, but they show a quartet who put power behind teen sexiness well.

2 Regina Mills - Jennifer Morrison

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The story of Once Upon a Time is really the tale of Regina. Once a simple young girl, Regina was pushed by her conniving and power-mad mother Cora to get married into power and then learn magic. Taken under the wing of Rumpelstiltskin, Regina soon grew in power as well as darkness to become the Evil Queen of fairy tale legend. Lana Parilla has confessed to loving playing this wicked lady, rocking a variety of stunning outfits while coldly dispatching enemies. Her attempt to curse her enemies into our world without their memories actually led to her defeat. It also forced Regina to change her ways, more moral and learning to care for others. Of course, even as a heroine, she has a sardonic and cold tongue that can take down anyone with a snappy line and her chemistry with Jennifer Morrison’s Emma has gotten many fans excited. She had a softer side with her relationship with Robin Hood, but still able to bring out the colder aspects as well. This season has kicked it up as a spell has separated the Evil Queen from Regina, the two now battling it out and giving Parilla double the chances to steal the show. No matter in current time or flashback, Regina shows how sexy the dark side can get.

1 The Halliwell Sisters - Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano & Holly Marie Combs

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Beginning in 1998, Charmed quickly became one of the CW’s biggest hits. It was easy to see why, not just because of its fun writing and good special effects. It was due to its fantastic cast of the three sisters who discover they’re part of a long-running magical line. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) could stop time and blow demons up; Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) could see the future and levitation; and Prue (Shannen Doherty) had telekinesis. For two seasons, they worked together against various threats while showing off well. When Prue was killed, Phoebe and Piper found Paige (Rose McGowan), a half-sister with teleporting powers and the sexy quotient of the show got even bigger. Many episodes would have the girls in skimpy outfits from mermaid to fairies and evil doubles among many other choices. The actresses were fantastic in the parts, mixing good humor and drama together while engaging in various love affairs amid the demon fighting. They even got an adoptive sister of sorts in Billie (Kayley Cuoco) who helped out in the final season. It ended its run with them getting a happy ending and all four sisters proving how magical sexiness ran in their family well.

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