The 20 Hottest Video Game Babes Of All Time

Video game fans know the long road of evolution the industry took. The first game characters were little more than blocks of color, barely any sign of them being human at all and it didn’t improve that much with the Nintendo era. It really took the advent of 3D gaming in the mid-90s for things to improve and give gamers women that looked like real figures. Of course, some might debate that point as so many of these ladies have little resemblance to a human being you see in reality. Yet that doesn’t take away from how damn hot so many of them are.

Some are famous, others a bit less so, some are icons, and a few appeared just once. But they all share how they’ve managed to win fans over, sometimes by looks, others by their skill and drive and other times simply their outfits. The best ones are rarely the “eye candy” but truly capable of being fantastic characters, often in the thick of things and helping make the game shine. There are so many to choose from but here are the 20 hottest video game women and how they make these games shine.

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20 Lightning

via tumblr.com

From the moment she appeared in the lead-up to Final Fantasy XII, Lightning took the hearts of fans. Her lovely face framed by light pink hair, her outfit of a white suit with blue gloves and red cape along with boots, showing off nice legs, she’s a great figure in fights and the animated cut scenes are beautiful showcasing her in action. While some critics find her cold, she ranks among the most popular characters of the entire franchise, given her own spin-off game and her independence and willingness to fight for herself sets her off from many of the other ladies of the franchise. She may have detractors but for the most part, this is a hot lady who has taken fans by storm.

19 Juliet Starling

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This one is an easy choice as it’s just so wild. The only reason to enjoy the otherwise rough Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet is a cheerleader whose boyfriend is killed by zombies. So, picking up a chainsaw, she slices the zombies off, still in her cheerleading outfit and her dead boyfriend’s head in a bag at her hip. The game’s wild humor is a welcome break from the usual gloom and doom of a zombie game and the fact Juliet keeps on making wild puns while chewing on the title candy and the fact the outfit has become a cosplay standout shows that even if you don’t know the game, you surely do not forget its lead.

18 Princess Daphne

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Dragon’s Lair was a groundbreaker for its time with its stunning Don Bluth animation and the constant choices that could often drive you crazy but you still found yourself pounding in quarters. A key reason was that you just had to rescue Princess Daphne, truly amazing in her hotness for the 1980’s with lush blonde hair, a sheer black dress and very sizeable chest. It was amazing to see and Daphne alone was a reason to keep playing this game, a sexy prize more than worth this grand adventure to get to.

17 Isabela

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A major highlight of Dragon Age II is the introduction of this feisty pirate captain who soon joins your party although still mostly out for herself. You can play as her in a fight, fast with her twin daggers and sneak attacks and looks amazing with a bandanna over her black hair, a white top showing off her nice chest, hip-high boots and a face that just screams “don’t screw with me.” She also has a biting sense of humor, mostly in it for the gold but a pure heart underneath to help out. Better is that you can romance her as either a male or female protagonist and thus it makes perfect sense that a sexy pirate is the one who steals this game.

16 Meryl Silverburgh

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First arriving as a more innocent teen in Metal Gear Solid, Meryl soon becomes a fantastic soldier in her own right. Dressed in sensible black ops clothing with a headband holding back her dark red hair, she’s tough as nails, holding her own against the same folks as Solid Snake and finding herself drawn to a fellow soldier. She rarely shows off much so when she arrives in a wedding dress late in one game, you can understand why her fellow soldiers just gape as Meryl prefers being a pro over a hottie. However, in both, she is fantastic and more than deserving of a spot on this list.

15 Sonya Blade

via bestanimations.com

When the first Mortal Kombat game was released in 1992, Sonya was the only female character and thus stood out. A special forces operative, she looked in fine form in a green outfit with bare mid-riff, short blonde hair held by a ponytail and some great moves, including the fantastic “kiss of death” fatality. She skipped the second game but returned in the later ones, her outfit more trim but still looking gorgeous yet able to kick the ass of anyone in her path, no matter if they were human or some creature. She keeps it up with some cyborg parts but it’s still her natural beauty that wins you over and makes her a tough lady to fight for.

14 Miranda Lawson

via comicvine.com

Thanks to the advancements in technology, this Mass Effect 2 character looks exactly like her voice actor, Yvonne Strahovski, which makes her automatically hot as hell. The black hair and clipped accent make her an “ice queen” at first but she warms up as the mission continues and aids hero Shephard on his/her quest to save the galaxy. You can give her some hotter outfits but that white and black jumpsuit is great highlighting her curves. It comes out in a very revealing love scene with a male Shephard and the combination of the performance and the character fighting her dark past with a domineering father makes Miranda one of the best characters of the entire saga and one woman you’re willing to save the galaxy for.

13 Tifa Lockhart

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The Final Fantasy series has given us some truly gorgeous and stunning women over their number of games. Trying to figure the best is tough but Tifa is something else, having been in FF VII and Kingdom Hearts. She’s tough in both spirit and body with long gorgeous hair, deep eyes and terrific mini-skirts to highlight her body. She’s gotten hotter as the games have gone along and showcasing a terrific drive that makes the series among the most popular around and she stands as a great reason for it.

12 Kasumi

via magical-pixels.tumblr.com

You can’t do this list without at least one woman from the Dead or Alive series. This is a woman who can be killer in a bikini playing volleyball and then slice and dice folks up with her swords. Besides bikinis, her outfit consists of a loose blue robe that shows off her chest and legs and her brown hair flowing around her adds to her appeal. In the storylines, she’s actually been cloned a few times which makes perfect sense as you’d definitely want as much of this woman as you could possibly get.

11 Chun Li

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The first female fighter for Street Fighter, Chun Li was an instant sensation that’s remained one of the iconic faces of the entire franchise since. The loose blue Chinese robes help as does her appearance of dark brown hair in a bun and those great legs flashing in her super-speed kicks. She may throw in teenage-girl antics but she’s an experienced detective and her size if more than offset by her speed and drive to take down any opponent. Her name translates as “Beautiful Spring” and she more than lives up to that as a classic lady of the genre.

10 Cortana

True, she’s not human. Since the beginning, the thrust of the story of the Halo games has been the relationship between super soldier Master Chief and his holographic AI whose humor helps lighten things up but always provides important advice when needed. They truly care for each other even though they know it can’t be a real relationship for obvious reasons. It’s helped that Cortana’s appearance has gotten hotter as the games have gone on with better hair and a “body” mixing circuitry with some very nice curves. She may not be totally “real” but undeniably hot all the same.

9 Triss Merigold

via cdprojektred.com

The Witcher series has been a popular one for a while in how it basically takes all the usual clichés of role playing games and smashes them apart in a dark tale. Triss is one of the few characters to appear in all three games and for good reason as this feisty sorceress is a truly believable woman with a realistic body and short red hair that fits her personality. She goes from an aid to the title character to his lover and later the leader of her own personal army and her affinity for outfits that enhance her chest adds to her popularity. Also helping is that she’s shown nude in the second game and even was featured in a spread in the Poland Playboy. All told, this is one game character more than ready to pull you under her spell.

8 Samus Aran

via aminoapps.com

It’s a moment no gamer of the late-‘80’s can possibly forget. After managing to beat Metroid, you discover that Samus, the bad-ass bounty hunter who has just battled through a planet of vile aliens, is actually a woman. It’s a stunning twist that helped make the game a hit and the start of a terrific franchise. While she continues to wear the armor, Samus has been shown out of it and quite nice in blue jumpsuit, long blonde hair in a ponytail and yet so flexible, she can roll herself into a ball as well as jump huge distances. Yes, Other M went too far making her an emo type but the true Samus is an icon of the industry and even under that armor, you can’t help but love her.

7 Joanna Dark

via screwattack.com

If ever a character is best named in their game title, it’s Perfect Dark. Her nickname comes from her error-free training for her job as a secret agent and that’s shown in the classic first-person shooter. She fits every curve of her blue jumpsuit that shows off her arms nicely and often goes with the front unzipped just because she can. Add in her short fiery red hair and she wins you over completely. She has darker hair in later games but the redhead look is preferred for a woman who truly is perfect for many gamers’ fantasies.

6 Jill Valentine

via tumblr.com

On the one hand, she’s not exactly dressed for zombie fighting. A key heroine of the Resident Evil series, the former Delta Force operative joined a special unit of the Raccoon City PD, making her tough as nails. So much so that she goes around in tight black shorts, boots and shoulder less blue top, her short black hair framing a face that’s gorgeous even when intense. Yet this is a woman who can kick, stomp and shoot zombie hordes with no problem and never mess up her outfit. This is one Valentine you wouldn’t mind getting all year long.

5 Bayonetta

via gayonetta.tumblr.com

The appearance of this woman is fantastic. After 500 years asleep, this witch breaks out and goes on a quest for her past and looks stunning doing it. Her skintight black outfit with a mostly bare back and boots is great but there’s also the flowing black hair that reaches to her knees and spins about as she leaps around, with a red braid at the top of her bun. Her eyeglasses actually make her look sexier as she goes around, blasting her twin pistols and whipping demons like nobody’s business. She may look like a twisted librarian but this woman is one of the best fighters around and proves that girls with glasses can be hot as hell.

4 Morrigan Aensland

via tumblr.com

The most popular character of Darkstalkers, Morrigan is a succubus, meaning she feasts upon the souls of people. Of course, she’s more famous for her appearance, long green hair and a purple costume showing off wings and a nice chest. Her fighting moves are fun to watch and she’s become quite popular in the spin-off media with an intriguing backstory of a gal who’s heir to one of the oldest families in history but would much prefer going to a party than family responsibilities. Sure, she may be a killer but one look and you realize it’s quite a way to go.

3 Farah

via neogaf.com

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is regarded as one of the greatest games ever thanks to its gorgeous design, terrific story and the ability to rewind time for nifty moves. Farah is an important character, a princess who warns the Prince of the dangers he unleashes and then works with him to restore things. She’s tough and strong and the cut scene where they get together in a pool is utterly gorgeous, highlighting a woman with perfect skin and hair and making her fate afterward rough to watch. Thankfully, she returns in the sequel The Two Thrones, now a bad-ass firing off arrows everywhere to aid the prince, her red outfit added with armor to make her stand out more. Either way, she’s no damsel in distress but as capable as the Prince himself and a great reason these games are so beloved.

2 Bloodrayne

via 1zoom.net

When you’re the first ever video game character to be featured in a nude Playboy spread, you’re definitely set for this list. These cult games succeed thanks to their terrific lead character. A half-vampire, Rayne is determined to hunt down her own father and kill him and doesn’t care who she has to go through to it. You think killing Nazis is fun already? Try slicing them up with arm blades and then draining their blood. Add in a tight leather outfit and it just gets better, carrying her through a sequel and fans still hope for a revival someday as being dead never looked so good.

1 Lara Croft

via tumblr.com

Were you expecting anyone else? The mid-riff, the ponytail, the sunglasses, the shorts and of course, that very ample chest and the British accent, the woman is the full package. The fact she’s been played in the movies by Angelina Jolie just adds to it as ever since the first Tomb Raider debuted in 1996, gamers haven’t been able to get enough of Lady Croft. From her twin pistols to her unique puzzles, it’s captivating playing as Lara enjoying various wild adventures and exploring ancient ruins, never quitting and showing her amazing drive. The recent reboot of the series has added to it, a Lara who grows as a woman and a fighter. No matter the type of game, Lara Croft remains the epitome of what video game fans love and why she has to top this list.

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