The 20 Hottest Movie And TV Scenes Of 2015

As the year winds down, we look back at highlights and some of the most notable stuff. That includes another year of very hot scenes of actresses and not just in movies. Sure, we had some big hot sexy films, kicking off with 50 Shades of Grey and has continued onward with some notable breakout actresses and a couple making their debuts. But television provided more than their own fair share, driven on by the rise of cable and streaming services has allowed producers to push the envelope more and actresses more willing to doff it all.

There have been tons of nice scenes that bared it all, some more dramatic than others (the infamous “walk of shame” from Game of Thrones) and some almost forgettable. But there are some truly great ones offered this year that more than brought some excitement to viewers, showed some gorgeous ladies off nicely and rank among the most memorable not just for 2015 but of all time.

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20 Ex Machina

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This has been a breakout year for actress Alicia Vikander, highlighted by this critically acclaimed sci-fi drama. As an android slowly being remade into human by her creators, Vikander captures the tone needed for such a role. But much better is her stunning scene where she bared it all, going full frontal before a mirror as her robotic form is encased in skin. With her perfect body and long dark hair, it’s no surprise her own creator starts to fall for her and Vikander perfectly shows her robot embracing humanity to extreme methods. Her star is rising fast and it’s easy to see why as Vikander showed plenty of goods to impress.

19 Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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The sequel to the whacky comedy may not have been a monster hit but it did push the limits of the R rating to the extreme. During their various time traveling antics, they go to a future where nerdy Jacob is somehow landed ultra hot Sophie (Bianca Haase) who enters in just white panties to give him a kiss. It’s a short but fun scene to highlight the film and hopefully gives us more of Haase to watch in the future.

18 Ray Donovan

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Sadly, Katie Holmes did not get naked in her guest star role on Showtime’s drama, despite some heat in her scenes. Thankfully, we more than made for it, first with Christy Williams as a daffy young lady who sees no problem stripping naked whenever she has to and shows off fantastic breasts and rear end in her scenes. Better was that after years of teasing in shows like Army Wives and The Vampire Diaries, Alyssa Diaz finally showed off as a boxer, yanking down her bra in front of her trainer and proving how spicy she is. Throw in the likes of Krystal Harris and it shows how this series provides more than enough hot scenes to go around.

17 The Longest Ride

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After making her naked debut last year in Ask My Anything, Britt Robertson is ready for her star to rise more. As proof, see how she actually managed to make a movie based on a Nicolas Sparks novel watchable. An artist who falls for a rodeo cowboy, Robertson rocks a pair of jeans and ten galleon hat very nicely and looks gorgeous doing it. It leads to a hot scene where Robertson enjoys showing off her chest and looking quite athletic. The woman is a young star on the rise and the way she salvages an otherwise soggy melodrama shows how hot she can be.

16 Orange Is the New Black

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It’s not a “women in prison” drama without some nudity and Netflix’s acclaimed smash kept that up. Laura Prepon made her welcome return to the series showing off her butt in a hot sex scene with star Taylor Schilling, who continued to work stuff like a shower bit and other wild antics. Ruby Rose was a true highlight, the Aussie actress showing every inch of her tattooed body off and in some hot lesbian scenes to boot. While we had nudity of a few other actresses, these three were the main pulls to remind us why this show remains a fantastic guilty pleasure.

15 I Smile Back

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Sarah Silverman is well known for her wild comedy routines and her Emmy-winning TV show but when she glams up, it’s utterly stunning. In this drama, she takes on a more dramatic role as a married woman fighting off depression via addictions and sexual experiences. Silverman doffs off in front of a mirror for some posing, showing off her amazing breasts. It’s not a happy movie but it works out and Silverman does a fantastic job in it to show how sometimes the comic folks can provide surprising heat.

14 Salem Rogers

via celebritymoviearchive.com

This Amazon pilot sadly wasn’t picked up which is a shame thanks to its great star. TV veteran Leslie Bibb played a former supermodel who spent a decade in rehab and is ready for a comeback, unaware of how much the modeling game has changed and that people aren’t ready to accept her again. To make her big splash, Bibb decides to walk the runways at a fashion show in nothing but heels and scarves, strutting out to show her off her body and when the outraged designer grabs the scarves, she’s left in the buff and for fans of the actress, it’s more than worth the wait for her amazing body on display. It ends with her tazed by security and one hopes Amazon reconsiders it to give us more of Bibb on full display.

13 Togetherness

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It’s been 15 years since Amanda Peet blew away folks with her turn as a hit woman in The Whole Nine Yards. It took a long time for her to show off again but more than worth it in HBO’s new series about a pair of married couple connecting. For a scene talking with her husband and a friend, Peet pops out of her bra to reveal her still fantastic chest, walking around for a bit to show off proof she still has it. She does indeed and the sole reason to watch this show to admire a woman whose sexiness just doesn’t know when to quit.

12 Flesh and Bone

via collider.com

When you hear “ballet drama,” you might expect something dry and dull. But leave it to Starz to make that world sexy as hell thanks to their new drama that doesn’t hold back on the pain dancers go through. Much bigger is how it showcases fantastic nudity, highlighted by Sarah Hay in her “second job” as a stripper doing a stunning number that will rattle you hard. Also helping is Megan Dickinson and Emily Tyra, both of whom show quite nicely their naked bodies, Tyra getting in a wild sex scene to boot. It helps all the actors are real dancers so you know how flexible these ladies are and put the “flesh” in the title big time.

11 Youth

via geektyrant.com

Boasting some serious A-list talent such as Michael Caine, Jane Fonda, Harvey Keitel and Rachel Weisz, this drama from Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino played on the ideas of aging and actors clinging to the past. So it makes sense that turning a scene where a couple of the old guys are talking about it, in walks the new Miss Universe (Madalina Diana Ghenea), completely in the buff and stunning. With firm round breasts, toned rear and lush black hair about her, it’s no shock the men are speechless by her appearance. It landed on the movie’s poster but even better on screen and should launch Ghenea to major stardom.

10 Power

via celebritymoviearchive.com

In case you haven’t watched Starz’ fantastic drama (and you should), it focuses on James Patrick, a drug dealer named “Ghost” who runs a nightclub as a cover. In season 1, he fell in love with former high school friend Angela (Lela Loren), unaware she was a federal prosecutor hunting “Ghost” down. In season 2, each finds the truth about the other but that just fires up the sex scenes with Loren showing off amazingly well including stark naked in heels and a great island affair. She’s not alone as Naturi Naughton shows off as James’ wife while Lucy Walters provides some steamy sex as a moll involved in things. Throw in some nudity of various other actresses at the club and this is a show worth checking out big time.

9 Welcome to Me

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From SNL to hits like Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig has been able to make audiences howl with laughter. But her indie drama has been winning raves for how it stats a light-hearted romp of a woman who, after winning the lottery, gets her own talk show, but soon showcases the woman as a total mental mess. The highlight is the sequence of her character dropping a robe and marching through a casino stark naked and Wiig is amazing showing off her body full frontal, no issues at all with her appearance and making it work wonderfully. No matter what she does, Wiig also impresses and this proves her daring no matter what.

8 Outlander

via celebritymovieleaks.blogspot.com

Starz’ adaptation of the best-selling novels took a bit of a break before returning in early 2015 and more than made up for any delay with its fans. As the time-lost nurse in 1700’s Scotland, Caitriona Balfe brings a modern sensibility to her scenes, no shame in baring breasts and rear end and Lotte Verbeek showed off her own chest in a powerful courtroom scene. And the show also provided some equal opportunity nudity as Sam Heughan went full frontal to throw viewers more and prove that for a series set in “olden times,” this can fire up the screen as well as any modern story.

7 Zipper

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Slipping under the radar, this indie stars Patrick Wilson as a prosecutor whose sexual addictions can hurt his political dreams. Right off, the movie asks a lot by the fact that the man is married to Lena Headey and cheating on her, especially after she shows her terrific breasts in some lovemaking. But then you meet his main mistress, Alexandra Breckendridge, who shows off very nicely in various positions, wonderful in the sex scenes and handling Wilson well. Thanks to these two, this movie is more than worth tracking down to unzip some truly hot scenes.

6 Carol

via cinemavine.com

There’s only one thing hotter than a movie boasting nudity from either Rooney Mara or Cate Blanchett, and that’s a movie boasting both. And the only thing hotter than that is them in bed together. Gaining huge awards buzz, this drama as Mara as a shopkeeper falling for Blanchett’s housewife, a pretty big deal for the 1950s. It builds to their love scene and both actresses make it real and authentic which just makes it all the hotter. Both women show off nicely and their bond forms a wonderful movie that boasts one of the best girl-on-girl scenes in some time and make this quite notable.

5 Shameless

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The actresses on Showtime’s dark comedy are never afraid to live up to the show’s title and this season was no exception. As ever, Emmy Rossum had multiple chances to doff it all and went all out in a fantastic sex scene in the finale. Meanwhile, Nicole Bloom put a new spin on the “sexy geek” with her character in nothing but eyeglasses. There were also some great scenes from young actresses like Shani Aitas. But best of all was Sasha Alexander finally going naked as a cougar teacher seducing a young student, utterly fantastic and more than worth the wait for fans of Rizzoli & Isles. Another fabulous year for lovers of hot ladies on TV in nothing.

4 Bare

via tribecafilm.com

For most of six years, Dianna Agron was best known as the stuck up but popular Quinn on the hit Glee. In this drama, she plays a bored teen who’s soon seduced by a drifter (Paz de la Huerta) and Agron shows a terrific drive in the part. It comes to a sensational scene in the desert and while Paz is good, Agron is the real highlight with terrific body shown off and putting her TV past well behind her. One can hope she shows off more as the woman was a standout in this film.

3 50 Shades of Grey

via starmagazine.com

It may have gotten criticism and some slams on its over-hyped presence but you can’t do a list of hottest scenes and not include the adaptation of one of the biggest erotic tales in recent years. Dakota Johnson went all out for her role as Anastasia, the young woman who falls under the spell of Christan Grey and is soon pushed into the world of BDSM and other wild sexual acts. Johnson was fantastic showing off her amazing body in scenes that pushed the R rating to the extreme and then some. It was a huge hit and a sequel likely but hard to imagine how it can top the amazing acts that have launched Johnson to stardom.

2 Masters of Sex

via celebritymoviearchive.com

As usual, Showtime’s drama offered terrific nudity to fit the real life story of sex research pioneers Masters and Johnson. Lizzy Caplan continued to show off quite nicely with her amazing form and was backed by some spectacular co-stars. Kristen Hager and Emily Kinney both turned in great performances as students in the sex studies while Annaleigh Ashford continued her fun supporting role as well. That’s not to mention the various one-off naked gals abounding so even besides Caplan, the show truly lives up to its name in all its glory.

1 Bound

via celebritymovieleaks.blogspot.com

50 Shades might have gotten the press but this indie thriller shows off an amazing hot side all its own. Sure, it’s a “mockbuster” of the more famous film but it boasts a scene far, far hotter as Charisma Carpenter is a realtor pulled into a relationship with a shady figure. It builds to a scene with Carpenter stripping down, blindfolded and tied up for a steamy encounter. Carpenter shows no signs of aging, as hot at 45 as she ever has been and makes every scene with her naked body a standout. It may not be as popular but the fact remains that Carpenter was hotter in five minutes of this movie than all of 50 Shades put together.

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