The 20 Hottest Pics of Disney Channel Stars All Grown Up

The evolution of the Disney Channel has been an intriguing one. In its first years in the 1980s, it was a pay channel that just showed Disney movies, kids TV shows and stuff from their parks. It evolved for some original shows and movies but still going for a “family feel.” That changed in the 2000s as the network began to go for a “tween family” feel with more original shows. They added to it with soundtracks for TV shows and movies and soon mega hits like High School Musical, Hannah Montana and many more. It continues with shows that play to kids but also adults can enjoy them as well.

What makes these shows work are the fantastic casts as Disney has a great eye for young talent. Watch their various original movies and you can see future stars abounding who have since shown off some very sexy sides to themselves. Some are able to take it even further as many of today’s major pop stars got their start on Disney and going pretty great. Twitter has just enhanced it as starlets are able to get their message out faster and post plenty of pics to make themselves a bigger deal. It also helps that so many of them can be incredibly sexy, far more than one might expect and show it off in many ways. Some have even proven themselves no stranger to nudity and that just impresses you more. There are slews of choices but here are 20 of the hottest picks of Disney starlets all grown up and how the Channel continues to promote some very nice looking gals.


20 Brenda Song

At first a cute kid in movies like Get a Clue and The Ultimate Christmas Present, Song won over Disney Channel execs with her nice humor. This led to her biggest role as the scatter-brained heiress London Tipton on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Her performance was so winning that London was added to the show’s spin-off Suite Life On Deck. She also played the title role in Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior to show off more skills. Song has moved to bigger roles like The Social Network and the TV series New Girl and ready to return in Real Genius. As this pic of her like a dark nun shows, Song also has a sexy side that makes her a very hot lady outside of London.

19 Chelsea Kane

It’s sometimes forgotten how the Jonas Brothers were just another Disney Channel act before they hit it majorly big in music and acting. Kane co-starred on their TV show as the friend trying to help them out with some good musical chops and dancing. That included some movies for the Channel like Starstruck but she showed her dancing skills off getting to the finals of Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. This included fantastic outfits like a golden sequinned dress for the rumba and a lovely white silk number. Today, Kane stars on the hit Freeform comedy Baby Daddy and still has a fun comedy style to show off those stunning legs.

18 Dove Cameron

A rising star for the company, Cameron plays both roles on the hit Liv & Maddie. She handles the parts of twin sisters, one a flighty actress, the other a smart athlete and making them both great. She’s also boosted up playing Mal on the hit Descendants, showing off her nice vocal turns as well as some surprising sexiness. That was on full display at this year’s Comic Con as Cameron showed up in a dark wig and dressed like a schoolgirl. It shows her amazing sexiness and how she can have a true major career ahead as a lady who can sets heart afire.

17 Debby Ryan

A brunette when she was first brought to attention, Ryan was cast on The Suite Life on Deck in 2008. A spin-off of another hit show, she played a farm girl on a cruise ship and brought some nutty fun to the part. This boosted her to her own show, Jessie, playing a struggling actress who's the nanny for a rich family. A major hit, it got Ryan more attention with her lush red hair and fun vibe. She’s been involved in charity work which thus made it harder when she was arrested for a DUI earlier this year. Apologizing for it, Ryan still has a hot side as evidenced by a photo shoot of herself in a lush red dress and sultry side that shows she has a wicked side ready to come out.

16 Zendaya

Her full name is Zendaya Coleman but she prefers going by her first name most of the time. One of her first gigs was a Sears commercial with a then-unknown Selena Gomez before the Disney Channel came calling. She and Bella Thorne co-starred on Shake It Up as dancers to show off some great moves. This worked for Zendaya when she took part on Dancing With the Stars that scored highly. She’s back with the Channel playing the title role of a teenage spy on K.C. Undercover. That’s given her a wide range with slews of nutty costumes but the shoots of her in a black bikini at a beach show her off even more. She goes by just one name but Zendaya is more than enough for any fan to handle.

15 Keri Russell

Back in the late 1980s, the Disney Channel decided to revive the old Mickey Mouse Club show for a new generation. Made up of songs and skits, the show had a good base but it’s more famous today for launching some careers such as Justin Timberlake and a few ladies later on this list. Keri Russell was among them, a bright actress who had a few good sketches. She also played the love interest in Honey I Blew Up the Kid. Russell achieved instant fame as the title star of the WB hit Felicity that moved her to movies. She’s currently wowing with her role as a spy on the FX drama The Americans that’s given her risqué stuff. Russell already showed her hot side in magazine spreads, most notably one for Vanity Fair. Clad in just fishnet stockings and heels, breasts covered, Russell gave a lovely smirk at the camera that showcased how hot she really is when she tries.

14 Adrienne Bailon

Born and raised in New York, Bailon got attention as part of the girl group 3LW. Bigger attention came with another girl group, the Disney Channel movie The Cheetah Girls. The movie was not only a hit but spawned a huge album and Bailon would tour with her co-stars and reprise the role in two sequels. Bailon continued her musical career before working with various hosting gigs for MTV and a relationship with Rob Kardashian. That included having his name tattooed on her rear and thus a major regret when they broke up. Bailon is now one of the hosts of The Real where a famous episode had her showing getting Kardashian’s name laser removed. She still shows off, including in a stunning black bikini as her singing is matched only by her fantastic moves.


13 Hilary Duff


The first of the wave of the current programming of Disney Channel, Lizzie McGuire was a huge hit. Duff played the title role of a young teen trying to navigate life with occasional animated imaginings. Her quirky style and good acting made Lizzie a favorite for teen girls and McGuire would play the role in a big-screen movie. She moved to teen movies (A Cinderella Story) and various albums while putting up with some personal drama in her own life. Today, Duff is back on TV playing a struggling executive on the TV Land hit Younger. As part of this, she did a nice photo spread that shows how grown up she is and hotter than ever.

12 Aly Michalka


With her sister AJ, Michalka was signed to Disney for their record label, Aly & AJ getting some success. Aly’s lovely face with curly blond hair got more attention and she was soon signed for the sitcom Phil of the Future. In 2010, Michalka got bigger attention as a law student turned cheerleader in the cult CW series Hellcats. She’s returned to the network to play a D.A. in the popular series iZombie and whether blonde or brunette, looks amazing. A Maxim spread in 2010 showed that toned body off in bra and panties and why Aly remains a favorite for fans of CW and Disney alike.

11 Christy Carlson Romano


Even Stevens is better known for Shia LaBeouf’s introduction to acting. But Romano was just as good as Ren, the sister putting up with her annoying brother’s escapades. Romano got even more famous voicing the title role in the network’s hit animated show Kim Possible. Her humor was terrific for a high school student/spy to make the show a success. Romano seemed a bright lady, more sedate than others and not likely to cut loose. Which made it all the more stunning when she starred in the movie Mirrors 2 and stripped down to show a far more impressive body than anyone would have expected. Romano sticks mostly to voice work today but those images of her nude body prove how possible she can be as a hot lady.

10 Vanessa Hudgens

After time in a few musicals, Hudgens got attention for her supporting turn in the movie Thirteen. That led to her career-making performance as the math geek turned singer in High School Musical. The Disney Channel movie became a full-fledged phenomenon with Hudgens becoming a star, reprising the role for its two sequels. She soon moved to a good singing career while turning in performances in Journey 2 and others. Hudgens also got turns on Broadway in Gigi and Grease Live. Ready to return to TV with the comedy Powerless, Hudgens showed off her hotter side in this magazine spread, making a simple black number look fantastic and how under her friendly side is one hot lady.

9 Ashley Tisdale


By the time she came to Disney Channel, Tisdale had already showcased herself with roles in musicals like Les Miserables. She started off as Maddie, the hotel clerk with an affinity for skirts and ties in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The show was a good hit but Tisdale’s career really took off with High School Musical. Playing the vain Sharpay, she showcased more beauty and comedy to make the movie a phenomenon that spawned two sequels and a Sharpay-themed spin-off. In 2010, she dyed her blonde locks brunette to play a cheerleading captain on the CW show Hellcats. This gave her a few chances to sing while also showing off her toned legs and body well. Bouncing between movies and music today, Tisdale remains a hot presence. The best showcase was in 2011 when she took part in Allure magazine’s “look good naked feature.” The body was great with sultry smile and no matter her hair color, Tisdale can make any fan’s heart sing.

8 Selena Gomez

Gomez herself laughs at how she got her start in the business as one of the kids with Barney the Dinosaur. She got attention for her role as a pop star on Hannah Montana. This led to her starring role as the sneaky witch on Wizard of Waverly Place. A major hit, Gomez would be a big singing star for the company while turning in roles in Disney Channel movies like Princess Protection Program (with real life BFF Demi Lovato). Gomez then took a major boost to change her image with Spring Breakers and has gotten a lot sexier with her singing tours. She’s showcased herself in bikinis and the like but this pic of her in a lovely number sums up the sexy Latina vibe that’s made her one of the best success stories of the company in years.

7 Fergie

Stacy Ferguson got the entertainment bug early. She was only nine when she voiced Sally Brown for some Peanuts TV specials. That led to a job on Kids Incorporated as one of the many doing covers of popular songs and dance moves. Eventually, she clicked as the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, taking off with her great vocals and hot style. She was a great singer and led to solo success as well. It helps that she’s had a fantastic sex appeal with her lush hair, sultry lips and terrific sexy smile. Countless magazines have showcased her body, one of the best being this hot spread with her in short shorts and just a fur boa across her chest. No matter her clothes or lack thereof, Fergie has shown how grown up she can be.

6 Demi Lovato

Her rise and evolution has been fascinating to watch. Lovato broke out starring in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock which showed her great drive and singing talent. That led to her starring in the comedy Sonny With a Chance and a popular singer for the company’s record label. She seemed put together so it came as a shock when she checked herself in for treatment for depression, drugs and cutting issues. Coming out of it stronger, Lovato has been up front on her problems to help inspire others. She’s also become far more confident showing her body off. That was proven by a spread in Vanity Fair with Lovato makeup free yet totally stunning as she showed off her rear end. She came through the fire stronger than ever and Lovato showing herself a fantastic star hotter than before.

5 Jennifer Love Hewitt

She giggles about it today but Hewitt’s first major credit was on Kids Incorporated back in the early 1990s. Just 10 years old at the time and billed as “Love Hewitt,” she was a cute kid with little sign of how she would grow up. A few years later, Hewitt got her big break on Party of Five. She then hit movie fame with I Know What You Did Last Summer that boosted her to fame with her very sexy body. Since then, Hewitt added more success like the hit Ghost Whisperer and her mix of sultry appeal and “girl next door” vibe has made her a winner. In 2011, Hewitt showed she still had what it took with the ads for her Lifetime show The Client List. Clad in a barely there slip with sequins, the billboard was such a fuss that it had to be moved due to traffic of gawkers. The show ended after two seasons but Hewitt could showcase a sexy drive far beyond any “kid.”

4 Christina Aguilera


As noted earlier, the newer version of The Mickey Mouse Club gave the world quite a few future stars. A bit forgettable in the early going was a young Aguilera as a chubby-cheeked gal with dark blonde hair and a nice smile. From the start, she showed some amazing singing chops that just grew more along with her body. At first she was a “bubblegum pop” princess who won the Grammy for Best New Artist. In 2002, she changed things up big time for a phase involving showing off her body in numerous ways. This included a famous Rolling Stone cover of Aguilera lying on a red sheet with only a guitar covering her body. It seemed to backfire on her and she made a comeback now a blonde bombshell to cut down on such overtly sexual stuff. However, Aguilera can still smolder in the right circumstances to back her voice with some hot stuff that’s made her a star.

3 Britney Spears

Hands down the biggest star of the Mickey Mouse Club, Spears was something of a squeaky-clean gal in the early going. But she transformed forever with “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” made her an overnight star. A famous moment was her performance at the 2000 VMAs as she stripped to a flesh-colored suit for a hot dance number. This prompted host Marlon Wayans to crack “girl’s gone from the Mickey Mouse Club to the strip club!” Since then, Spears’ fame has shifted, a famed tabloid target after a breakdown and criticisms. However, she’s coming back with an acclaimed new album and a hot VMA performance to remind you how incredibly sexy she still is and how the Club gave the world one fantastic star. Trying to pick the best of her pics is tough but one from 2001 still thrills. The sight of an oiled up Spears holding together a shirt while sliding her thong down sums up the stunning sex appeal and beauty that’s made Britney a household name.

2 Bella Thorne

First getting her break as the scatterbrained CeeCee on Shake It Up, Thorne showcased a great dance style. Her outfits on the show were pants and eccentric tops but since leaving the show, Thorne has turned into a true sexy presence. She’s taken off on Twitter and Instagram with her many selfies and adores showing off her toned body in workout clothes. Pictures of her in a bikini on the beach wow as Thorne is using her appearance to enhance her fame. She’s preparing to star in the Freeform TV series Famous in Love and also made a huge splash by coming out as bisexual. Thorne’s fame is rising more with spreads that include in red dress and topless in jeans. However, her hottest may well be a this fantastic number of a dress that seems painted onto that great body. Whether acting or just out on her own, Thorne has proven herself an incredibly hot presence and a star on the rise.

1 Miley Cyrus

The transformation is spectacular. Cyrus became an instant star with Hannah Montana, playing a regular girl turned pop superstar. The show was a full-fledged phenomenon with a sold-out concert tour and Cyrus appearing a nice girl in person. Few would have guessed that within a few years of the series ending, Cyrus would change in a stunning fashion. Dying her hair blonde and cutting it short, she soon added tattoos and piercings and then coming out in one incredibly hot outfit after another. She’s even gone in far less with full nude spreads in Paper and other magazines and it’s easy to cite those among her hotter ones. However, Cyrus works a bit better with at least some clothes on and this spread from V Magazine shows that off nicely. From just a peek of her rear with jeans to covering up her chest while holding a sexy pout, Miley shows how grown up she can be. Hannah Montana has long left the building as Cyrus shows she’s a major sexy star in her own right.

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