The 16 Sexiest Homewreckers In Hollywood

As they say, Hollywood marriages aren't known to last. With their hectic work schedules, travel all over the world, access to millions of dollars, and incredible parties full of sexy temptations, most celebs don't seem to be able to make it until the golden years with their spouses. Many try, but with some gorgeous and seductive homewreckers out there, most Hollywood marriages don't have what it takes. So, who are these hot homewreckers, and more importantly: whose marriages have they broken up? While we've compiled a list of 16 of Hollywood's hottest homewreckers, it is only too easy to blame the women for the demise of the marriage after an affair. Most of these men are known cheaters and even the hottest ladies on this list have also had their just desserts when the men cheated on them as well. Read on...

16 Angelina Jolie

15 Leann Rimes

14 Claire Danes


13 Denise Richards


12 Amber Heard

11 Abbie Cornish


10 Marla Maples

9 Britney Spears


8 Carla Bruni

7 Erin Barry

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6 Brittany Kerr

5 Miranda Lambert

4 Gabrielle Union

3 Alicia Keys

2 Traci Lynn Johnson


1 Khloe Kardashian


As if there isn't anything that will surprise you about the Kardashians, but Khloe is definitely one hot homewrecker. In a case of cheating on cheaters with other cheaters, Khloe started dating French Montana when he was still living with rapper Trina. This was after Khloe's husband Lamar Odom cheated on her with multiple women. But, Trina is also known to have cheated on a number of men. Isn't there enough to go around without having to cheat?

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The 16 Sexiest Homewreckers In Hollywood