The 15 Worst Fictional Girlfriends Of All Time

When it comes to dating these days, meeting a normal and marginally sane woman can be difficult. We live in a world where ex-girlfriends can find you with a click of a mouse on social media. Dating is no easy task these days and sometimes it feels like it’s only getting worse. It’s hard to tell if you are going to meet the love of your life or whether she’s the type of girl that will saran wrap your car after a breakup.

Every man at one time or another has dated a crazy girl, and that can be a good and a bad thing. There was the girl that you didn’t know was a drug addict or the one that didn’t consider oral sex cheating. The girl that keyed your car because you liked that picture on Instagram or the one that had the sex drive of a neutered dead dog. Oh please don’t forget the girl that told you that you were dating only to move out of town the very next day.

You may think that you’ve had it rough in the dating pool but nothing compares to the train wrecks on this list. These girls put psychotic to a whole new level. These women will make you appreciate the girl you have waiting at home who is at least halfway sane. Check out this list to see 15 of the worst girlfriend in the movies:

15 Judith in Saving Silverman


Amanda Peet played such a horrific girlfriend in Saving Silverman that it affected the decisions of casting directors for years. They literally did not want to hire her; she was just that good at playing a terrible person. She played Judith who is a spiteful and vindictive psychologist who has her boyfriend wrapped around her finger. She hated her boyfriend’s disgusting friends and tried to get him to stop hanging out with them completely. But she doesn’t just stop there she proceeds to try to destroy his friends by torturing and humiliating them. His friends try desperately to stop him from marrying Judith because they know she’s a real hellcat. Judith was the kind of girl that had the ability to put the fear of God in many men around the world.

14 Regina in Mean Girls


Rachel McAdams played Regina in Mean Girls, the leader of the Plastics. She was a horrible person in general and made it her goal in life to take over an entire school; she’s basically every high school kid’s worst nightmare. What’s amazing was that she was just as horrible to her boyfriend who was genuinely a nice guy. She spent the entire movie cheating on him with another guy at school and talked down to him every chance she could get. When he finally moved on with Lindsay Lohan, Regina lost her mind and went out of her way to try to destroy their relationship even though she didn’t want him in the first place. She was too busy cheating and getting fat to realize what she had before it was gone.

13 Melissa in The Hangover


Melissa was painful to watch in The Hangover; you would just cringe every time that she would interact with her husband, Stu. You just felt so bad for the guy because he was treated like shit and you knew even the sex between them had to be bad. Melissa was one of the worst girlfriends around, and you started to wonder what Stu even saw in her. How does one end up marrying someone like that? She insulted him regularly and talked down to him in such a fashion that you had to assume she must have a deep down hatred for the guy. “Good idea Dr. Faggot!” was just one way she showed him what she thought of him. She hated his friends and belittled him about everything, and it was surprising that he ever went home to her at all.

12 Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Sarah Marshall is a classic example of a cagey girl who will likely always cheat regardless of who she’s with. She makes a big deal of dumping her sweet boyfriend, played by Jason Segel, while he’s standing in the room buck naked for a British rock star. There’s no doubt that Russell Brand is hot but he’s a complete tool in the movie. When they all realize they are at the same vacation spot together, things start to get awkward. Sarah cheated on him with Brand and then proceeded to shove her new relationship in his face every chance she got. Jason Segel got the last laugh when he got involved with the sexy Mila Kunis, who was not only sexy but sweet as well. Once Sarah got wind of the blossoming relationship, she tried to run back to Segel and win him back.

11 Amanda Chase in Anything Else


Christina Ricci plays the heartless Amanda Chase in Anything Else. She walks around in skimpy underwear, her nipples standing at attention in almost every scene. Which would be great, except she is having more sex outside the relationship than while in it. She is far from a normal girl, and she comes off as incredibly annoying, but her boyfriend thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Her terrible girlfriend standards are at an all-time high in this movie, as she cheats on her boyfriend repeatedly and does everything but cut his heart out and stomp on it. He continues to forgive her at every turn even though she continues to play him behind the scenes. The girl is heartless.

10 Evelyn Johnson in Pearl Harbor


Evelyn is portrayed as a stand-up chick throughout the whole movie, but it’s pretty obvious she is one sketchy girl. Evelyn sleeps with her boyfriend’s best friend Danny after she believed him to be dead in the war. Possibly the worst thing you could do to a war hero. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad except the guy comes back to life. Yes, everyone felt that her mourning should be over and that it was time to move on. She could have done so with anyone but his best friend. Evelyn ends up pregnant and then realizes later that her boyfriend isn’t dead after all when he comes back to find her already claimed by his friend. She can’t be with him of course because she’s pregnant with another man’s child so his homecoming isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. They do end up together, in the end, married and raising the baby together but that’s only because Danny ends up dying at the end of the movie.

9 Meredith Johnson in Disclosure


If girls could be douchebags, Demi Moore would be leading the pack in Disclosure. Even though she was Michael Douglas’s ex-girlfriend, she came back into his life and tried to seduce him even though he was married. She opened a bottle of wine, started massaging his shoulders but when he says no to having sex with her, she flipped out screaming, “You’re dead.” Michael assumed she was just crazy and tried to hide the scratch marks Demi left on his chest from his wife. Thinking the whole situation was behind him he returned to work the next day to the proverbial crap hitting the fan. When he turned her down, she turned into a demon bitch and tried to ruin his life, first with a bogus sexual harassment charge. She tried to ruin his marriage and his career throughout the movie and almost succeeded.

8 Daisy in The Great Gatsby


Daisy from The Great Gatsby seemed like a great girl at first. She was passionate, well bred and gorgeous but there was more than meets the eye with that girl. At first, she seemed like she was the soul mate of The Great Gatsby himself. He tortured himself over her, finally believing she loved him, and they would be together, only to have her dump him after a temper tantrum he had. She was selfish and shallow and chose to break Gatsby’s heart because she feared to leave her life of luxury and security. She cheated on her husband with Gatsby but still dumped him, and when she learned of his death, she wouldn’t even attend his funeral. Instead, she moved on as if he never existed. Daisy was a cold and calculating girl that only loved when it suited her best.

7 Jenny in Forrest Gump


There’s no doubt about it Jenny from Forrest Gump was terribly messed up. She had a terrible childhood where she endured some sexual and physical abuse, but it was no excuse for the constant heartbreaks she caused Gump throughout the movie. It seemed as if she ruined everyone around her. Throughout the movie you see her make decisions that proved that she was a very selfish person who only thought of herself and the next adventure she went on. She constantly strung Gump along even though he loved her and waited for her while she never returned his love. She eventually returned to him, and moved into his house, but it was only at the end of her life when she realized that she was dying and needed him to care for their son. She wasted all of her youth on drugs and casual sex when she could have loved him.

6 Taylor Vaughan in She’s All That


Taylor was the popular girl in high school, mainly because she was a b*tch that controlled the people around her. She was completely self-involved and treated her boyfriend like something she walked in. When summer break was over, she returned to high school to casually inform her loyal boyfriend that she had cheated on him with Brock from The Real World and she was leaving Zack for him. Ewwww, right? That doesn't stop Taylor from getting super jealous of Laney once she realized Zack had feelings for her. It was typical cagey girl behavior to go back to a guy only after he has moved on with someone better. It was best for Zack to leave that cheating girl in the dust.

5 Linda in the Wedding Singer


Linda was the kind of girl that would drive you crazy but not in a good way. She was really one girl that was hard to watch without wanting to strangle her. She was hot but so horrible to Adam Sandler who played Robbie, that it was hard to endure. Right from the beginning, she showed her “groupie” roots. She was only with Robbie because she salivated over the idea that he was going to be a rock star. Next, she left him at the altar which sent him into a spiraling depression that he barely survived. Truly an unforgivable deed. Which was worst, however, was when she went back crawling to him. She showed up at the door in her underwear and his t-shirt when Drew Barrymore showed up to see him. If that wasn’t bad enough, she also had terrible hair.

4 Madison in Swimfan


Madison wasn’t Ben’s girlfriend in Swimfan, but they did sleep together, and she fits in the category of the completely insane. Not only was she nuts but she was really scary too, the kind of ex-girlfriend no guy ever wants to have. After Ben cheats on his loyal girlfriend with Madison, the crazy girl got a little too obsessive. Ben tried to break it off with her and at that point you know it was not going to go well for him. That girl got a taste of something she liked and didn’t want to give it up. She started with stalking Ben and leaving him weird objects. She quickly accelerated and got him kicked off the swim team due to a failed drug test she set up. She then stole his car and in crazy girl fashion trashed it. The girl was out of her mind, and it was one of those movies that was a subtle warning not to cheat on your girl.

3 Meredith in The Parent Trap


When it comes to dating, you have to watch out for the gold-diggers, those are tricky vixens that are hard to figure out. Meredith was just such as girl. She was engaged to Nick but only for his money and nothing else. Although he had twins, she showed absolutely no interest in them. She was not only a horrible person, but she was annoying to watch. In the end, Meredith sealed her own fate when she demanded that Nick chooses between her and his two daughters. Bye, bye, Meredith!

2 Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction

Via Sunset Boulevard

Alex Forrest is the sexy and confident woman that Michael Douglas’s character fell for. He ended up cheating on his wife by having a hot steamy sex scene in an elevator with Alex. Although he was completely taken with her he had no real plan to leave his wife for her, but she didn’t know that. She thought they were about to live happily ever after. When the hard truth is told to her, she went completely nuts. It was a sad case of a couple of nights stand going totally awry. She goes after his family, trying to commit suicide to win him back, kidnapping his daughter, boiling their pet bunny in a pot, and eventually trying to kill his wife. She ends up dead in the end by Douglas’s hand but not before she wrecked complete havoc on his life.

1 Heidi in Old School


Luke Wilson played the ever faithful boyfriend in this movie only to find out that his girlfriend Heidi was cheating on him. Heidi took cheating to a whole new level as well. Old School had that memorable scene where Luke came home to find his girlfriend tied up to the bed with a video camera playing. As if that wasn’t bad enough another couple came out of the woodwork in blindfolds. Cheating was bad enough, but when your girlfriend was having random orgies in your bed, it was time to call it quits. Heidi was the kind of girl that should have stayed single because she broke a man’s heart and didn’t even seem to feel all that bad about it.

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The 15 Worst Fictional Girlfriends Of All Time