The 15 Strongest Game of Thrones Power Couples

Despite not really being a romantic show, Game of Thrones does have several romantic couples for the audience to root for. Of course, since this is Game of Thrones after all, the couples aren’t usually thinking about romantic date nights or cuddling. Instead, they are usually plotting ways to take the Iron Throne, making them power couples in every sense of the term.

Now, not every couple can really be a power couple. For example: Robb Stark and Talisa. Sure, they loved each other. Sure, they had one of the hottest sex scenes on Game of Thrones to date, but a power couple they were not. I mean, their relationship is what lead to their demise and ultimately, Ramsay Bolton’s taking of The North. That is not really what power couples are all about.

Ah, and then there are the power couples, who aren’t really couples, like Bran and Hodor for example. Even though they may not have been one of the most powerful couples on the show, their love for each other still warms our hearts. Plus, with Hodor carrying Bran around on his back and Bran's ability to warg into Hodor, the two become greater together than they are apart. And, yeah we still totally cry when someone asks us to "hold the door." I vote for that phrase to just be retired in honor of Hodor.

Below you’ll find the 15 strongest power couples in Game of Thrones, ranked. They come many shapes and sizes but regardless of all their differences, one thing is for sure – together, these couples are all powerful AF.

14 Melisandre and Stannis


Melisandre and Stannis are definitely not our favorite couple on this list. Actually, they might be our least favorite, especially because it had always been very clear that Stannis was never going to take the Iron Throne. Despite that though, they were a very strong duo.

After one super hot sex scene (because any scene in which Melisandre is naked is super hot), Melisandre gives birth to a Shadow Baby that goes on to kill Renly. Renly’s death set into motion quite a few things. For starters, the Tyrells shifted their alliance to the Baratheons and Lannisters, which was sealed with Margaery's marriage to Joffrey and then Tommen.

Speaking of Joffrey, it’s also believed that Melisandre’s blood magic may be to thank for taking down Joffrey, so bonus points to them for that because Joffrey was the worst. All in all though, they are probably the least likeable couple on this list. Hey, anyone remember when Melisandre convinced Stannis to burn his adorable daughter at the stake? Yep, there's that.

13 Margarey and Tommen


Margaery secured this marriage with some serious seductress skills. After her second husband Joffery dropped dead at their wedding, she snuck into Tommen’s room to, uh, comfort him... aka dangle sex in front of his young face. Tommen wed Margaery shortly after and finally got to have sex with her. Considering that he's only 9 in the books but likely a little bit older on the show, sex thrilled him. After that, Margaery had Tommen in the palm of her hand.

Of course, the real issue with this power couple is that the power was really held by just one character. Margaery was an ambitious, clever woman and Tommen was, well… he was there. He was too soft for the role of King and was manipulated by everyone around him, leading to Margaery’s death and his suicide. Still, for a short time, the couple sat on the throne and we have to give them props for that.

12 Gilly and Samwell


Okay, we know. Gilly and Samwell… well, they don’t really have power. Like, at all. I mean, the pair basically just wanders about without showering for days on end. Gilly can barely read. Samwell started as a tubby coward. These two don’t really seems to have that much going for them… yet.

Considering Game of Thrones has dedicated a decent amount of storytelling to them, we’re putting our money on Gilly and Samwell being significant in some way, shape or form. We don’t want to say that they will play into the end game, but they certainly could be one of the puzzle pieces. Given Samwell’s bestie-ness with Jon, it’s likely that he could be important in some way if Jon Snow takes the throne. Also, Samwell killed a White Walker so that certainly gives him some power couple points.

We think these two are laying low but will be a power couple one day. Also, the fact that they are both still alive certainly earns them an extra point or two.

11 Brienne and Jaime


When oh when will Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister have their moment? I know there are quite a few Tormund and Brienne supporters out there but it’s been Brienne and Jaime all along, you guys! After being ridiculed for her looks, Brienne certainly deserves to hook up with the hottest dude from King’s Landing. And, Jaime loving someone who isn't completely morally corrupt would be great for his character arc.

Now, even though these two have yet to hook up, they’ve flirted enough to earn a spot on this list. I mean, he gave her a Valyrian steel sword. If that ain’t a declaration of love then I don’t know what is.

Neither of these players have ever seemed to really want the Iron Throne for themselves and we have to say they are pretty smart for that. It seems that anyone who gets a seat on the Iron Throne will meet an early death. Their strength as a couple really lies in the fact that no one would ever be able to beat them in a swordfight, ever. They could probably take down an entire army by themselves. Okay, probably not an entire army, but quite a lot of people for sure.


Ah, another couple who may not have gotten it on yet, but is still basically a couple. Jorah Mormont just loves the hell out of Dany, but she’s usually busy banging super sexy dudes. That being said, they are still a power couple and will be even more so if they ever actually get together. That all obviously depends on whether Jorah finds a cure for his Greyscale. We’re not too hopeful about that one, but hey, we also aren’t 100% giving up on him.

Besides helping Dany into the position she is in now, Jorah also saved her life. Remember when that winemaker tried to poison her on the orders of Robert Baratheon? Yeah, well Dany would totally be dead if it weren’t for Jorah intervening.

We’re rooting for Jorah to finally hook up with Dany in the end, but it’s Game of Thrones so he probably won’t. Either way, he’s one of the people who helped Dany get to where she is right now, and where is, is on a boat heading for King’s Landing with dragons and a huge-ass army. That's powerful.

10 Varys and Tyrion


Calm down, alright? We know that Varys and Tyrion aren’t a couple in most senses of the term, but Varys doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be in a couple with anyone, so we let this one slide on in.

Now, Varys and Tyrion seem to have that friendship where they kind of mock each other, but in the best way possible. Most of their scenes are like a highbrow buddy comedy, but, you know, with cruder humor and rapid-fire intelligent conversation. They make this list because of Varys’s behind the scenes work. He seems to be pulling many of the strings in hopes for a better Westeros and he believes that Tyrion is part of that better Westeros.

They never kissed and they never will, but Tyrion and Varys are some of the most powerful men in Westeros because of their minds. Sure, they would lose about 99% of any sword battles they would ever be in, but they are also smart enough to get out of every swordfight before it even begins. Knowledge is power and not only are these two very powerful in that regard, but Varys also has Little Birds.

9 Ned and Robert


While Varys and Tyrion are cool and all, Ned and Robert were the original bro besties in Westeros. Their friendship was said to have kept the kingdom at peace for the fifteen years while Robert sat on the throne, and to be honest, their friendship was so much fun to watch. Between Ned mocking Robert for gaining weight and their tight-knit brother-like ability to tell each other how they really feel, Ned and Robert may have had one of the strongest relationships in the entire kingdom.

Of course, their friendship would become their ultimate downfall. When Ned found out about Cersei and Jaime's affair, thus realizing all of her children were not Robert's offspring, he tells Cersei first so she can flee and save herself and her children. Ned, why must you be so damn moral? This is what lead to both his and Robert's deaths.

So, unfortunately, their friendship lead to their demise, but for 15 years it yielded peace in the kingdoms so we have to give them that. Also, I'd totally watch a spin-off about young Ned and Robert being besties. Do you hear me, HBO?

8 Catelyn and Ned


Ah, the OG of power couple in Game of Thrones and my personal favorite: Ned and Catelyn Stark. Who in their right mind didn’t love Ned and Catelyn? Of all the couples on this list, they were the closest to what a real-life marriage today would look like.

Ned and Catelyn were the unwilling power couple, as they had more power than they even wanted. Of course, they both came from noble families but they craved a simple life in which they would keep The North at peace and raise their children. Instead, Robert pulled Ned into a powerful position in King’s Landing and screwed everything up. Thanks, Robert.

Over the course of the show, we don’t even get to see them together much, let alone see them being the powerful couple that they are. We do know that prior to the show, their marriage and family kept The North together for a long time. Look at what happened when the Starks left The North! It was Bolton mania and no one was happy about that.

If only we had gotten to see more of Catelyn and Ned. They were #relationshipgoals if ever there were #relationshipgoals in Westeros.

7 Jon and Ygritte


Rest in peace, Ygritte – you beautiful, badass ginger Wilding. We will forever miss her, and Jon Snow will certainly forever miss her. Their forbidden relationship wasn’t just hot, but they were also a power couple. Of course, Ygritte didn’t seem to care much for Iron Thrones or silk dresses but she was powerful in her physical strength, which very few women in the show can claim to be, other than Brienne and Arya.

What makes them a power couple is that Ygritte’s relationship with Jon gave him access to the Wildings, which we’ve seen to be a huge help in Game of Thrones. Seriously, Jon needs the Wildings' support for battles. He would have been a goner long ago if he didn’t have Tormund by his side. Actually, he totally was a goner but he came back so it’s all good.

Ygritte might be gone, but at least Jon still remembers his ginger lover. Remember when he turned down Melisandre because he still loved Ygritte? Excuse me while I go cry for a second.

The fact that their relationship lives on in the form of his alliance with the Wildlings is bonus points for the couple.

6 Ellaria and Oberyn


Oberyn Martell was all kinds of greatness. I could seriously wax poetic about his character all damn day. I mean, he was interesting, fair and sexy as hell. Unfortunately, he didn’t live too long after arriving to King’s Landing with his partner, Ellaria Sand. Of course, dying too soon just comes with the territory of being a lovable character on Game of Thrones – here’s looking at you, Ned.

Ellaria didn’t take Oberyn’s grotesque death lying down. Nope, girlfriend went on to poison Myrcella, the only daughter of Cersei and Jaime. We haven’t necessarily seen the aftermath of her death yet but I’m sure Cersei has some great punishment coming. I mean, she blew up half of King’s Landing. Cersei's wrath has not bounds.

Ellaria also went on to kill, like, every single dude in Dorne, which she now appears to be ruling. Considering that she seems to have teamed up with the Tyrells (or Olenna as she’s the last Tyrell really left) and Daenerys, we certainly haven’t seen the last of her.

Also, since Oberyn’s death spawned such dramatic actions from her in the form of vengeance, we’d say their power couple legacy is living on.

5 Daenerys and Drogo


Daenerys and Drogo were not only one of the strongest power couples but they were also one of the sexiest couples of all time.

Dany and Drogo didn’t really start out as a power couple. She was basically sold to him as a sex slave. Instead, though, Dany gained confidence while married to Drogo. During her marriage, she finally started channeling that queen swagger inside of her. Had she not been married to Drogo, would she still have become the queen she is now? Probably, but we definitely think Drogo’s confidence had something to do with her finding her own.

Also, her connection to Drogo is what helped her get a whole Dothraki army, which will be vital in her attempt to take over the Iron Throne. Had she not been married to Drogo, the Dothraki would definitely not be fighting for Dany.

Of course, this romance was short-lived, but seeing who Dany is now, we all know that Drogo definitely helped influence her.

4 Jaime and Cersei


Ah, the infamous "twincest" couple on Game of Thrones. We’ll be the first to admit that no one likes this. In fact, every single sex scene between them makes me feel super uncomfortable, especially the time Jaime raped Cersei in front of their dead son's body. Looking beyond how gross their extremely close sibling relationship is, they are, without a doubt, one of the strongest power couples on Game of Thrones.

I mean, without Jaime putting a sword in The Mad King’s back, Cersei may have never been The Queen. Furthermore, Jaime has gone to great lengths to help Cersei keep her powerful claws on the Westeros kingdom. The couple also gets bonus points for both of their sons sitting on the Iron Throne for some time. Admittedly, sitting on the Iron Throne for short times, but still.

Many theories point to Cersei dying at the hand of Jaime, after he sees just how evil she has become. That could certainly happen, but it doesn’t negate just how strong this duo was throughout the course of the series.

3 Daenerys and Tyrion


Of course, this isn’t a romantic or sexual relationship, but Dany and Tyrion may be the most powerful couple in Game of Thrones. Sure, they aren’t dating and there are even theories that point to Tyrion being her brother - though, that never stopped Cersei and Jaime. Their relationship though will likely save Westeros from the likely doom of Cersei’s rule and White Walker demise.

Not only are they two fan favorite characters but they are two very intelligent leaders who command large groups of people. Dany is constantly getting people to go into battle for her because of her leadership skills and her commitment to justice and fairness. With Tyrion's political mind in her corner, the duo can likely transform Westeros into a much better place to live.

We’re pretty sure this duo cannot be stopped. Oh, and they have dragons, so yeah.

2 Littlefinger and Sansa


Ugh, so we hope Littlefinger and Sansa never become an actual couple. Seriously, there is something so utterly creepy about how Litterfinger transferred his obsession with Catelyn straight to her daughter. Their strange relationship aside, they are definitely a power couple.

Both Littlefinger and Sansa have used their relationship to ruthlessly further themselves at different points in the game. Littlerfinger even married Sansa off to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton to further his end game of sitting on the Iron Throne. Sansa then used her connection to Littlefinger in order to take back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton. The alliance has ultimately proven to help both of them achieve their goals.

Again, we totally don’t want them to be together in any romantic way, but they have certainly helped each other out in ways that have put them in even more powerful positions. Sansa even some gets bonus points for saying only a fool would trust Littlefinger. Withholding her trust but using him when she needs him is about the most powerful move she's made thus far in the series.

1 Robert and Cersei


It’s not that we think Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister actually made a good couple. In fact, their relationship was pretty awful. He straight-up slapped her in an episode, but considering what we’ve seen Cersei do since, she probably deserved to get slapped at least once. Despite their cold feelings toward each other, they were certainly one of the strongest power couples Game of Thrones had ever seen.

While there is some debate, it’s widely believed that Robert was on the throne for somewhere between 15 and 17 years. Being on the throne for even a year and not being killed by someone seems to be an accomplishment. Robert and Cersei were able to rule the kingdom for over a decade, seemingly without too many issues. That certainly makes them a power couple and no other couple can claim such a feat.

Of course, Cersei had Robert murdered and that lead to the shit show in Westeros we see now, but still, 15 years on the Iron Throne!

And, if we really could include the truest power couple of them all, it would be Cersei and herself, because she will always love herself more than anyone else. The fact that her marriage to Robert catapulted her into a position of power is just the icing on this power couple cake.

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