The 15 Shortest Celebs In Hollywood History

When it comes to celebrity status, there are many traits that one may look for in a potential star, like talent and looks, but what about height? From those who tower above the rest, like Jared Padalecki for instance, to the shorties among the crowd, humans come in all shapes and sizes - and that's just one of the many things that makes us all unique.

However, there are those celebrities who are quite thankful that the quality of their gift has nothing to do with their size because, if that were to be the case, they would be in a great amount of trouble.

While it may not seem like it when you're watching them on some sort of screen or on stage, there are some stars out there that even a person of the most average height will absolutely tower over. It may be hard to believe but it all has to do with the way the entertainment industry wants to "put them on display," so to speak.

When you're surrounded by people who are either your height or within the desired inch-gap, everything seems fine and dandy, but that can all change when you're then placed next to someone who isn't a giant but seems like it in comparison. So, who falls under this category? Some of the entries may surprise you.


15 Paul Simon — 5'2"

While Paul Simon may not be the youngest celebrity on this list, his star status remains to be an irrefutable one. Climbing the ladder to fame thanks to the international success of the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, this 5'2" man has many things in his life to be thankful for. However, not all hare this opinion. Recently, Art Garfunkel has gone on record stating that he believes that Simon is suffering from a Napoleonic complex which has resulted in the pair not going on a reunion tour. However, that's just one person's opinion and it shall remain that way until he himself states otherwise. Either way, he doesn't need Garfunkel by his side to be successful and has continued to go on tour so that he can promote the music that he has put out as a solo artist. So, when you pair that with the love of his wife, fellow artist Eddie Brickell, their family, friends and fans, the inner passion for all that he lives for outweighs his small stature and disheartening commentary from third parties.

14 Hayden Panettiere — 5'2"


Hayden Panettiere has been in the spotlight for almost as long as she can possibly remember. She has successfully dabbled in almost all of the mediums available as she has booked a re-occurring role on Ally McBeal, gave her voice to Dot in Pixar's A Bugs Life, starred in Heroes, spiritually appeared in the Kingdom Hearts franchise through the character of Kairi's voice ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Most recently, she will be making a comeback in the recently dropped but now revived season 5 of CMT's Nashville as one of the leading ladies, Juliette Barnes. However, she is also one of those celebrities who have to give a sigh of relief that her acting and singing abilities don't co-respond to her small frame because, if that were to be the case, her career would be over before it even began. Being somewhere between 5' and 5'2" all depending where you look, her partner in crime Wladimir Klitschko just towers over her and, even though her may be a ginormous 6'6", it doesn't take much to do so anyway.

13 Kourtney Kardashian — 5'0"

Kourtney Kardashian may be the oldest of four but she is also the shortest. While the family as a whole may not be the tallest group of individuals you have ever laid your eyes on, at five-feet even she makes the rest of them look relatively tall in comparison. Mainly recognized for her starring roles in Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its many spin-offs, Kourtney may seem like just another Kardashian, but with her array of boutiques, which she co-owns by the way, she'll definitely be a-okay. Even if she doesn't remain in the public's eyes for that much longer she at least has the money that the shows generated plus a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona and stores which don't depend on her rise to fame to keep her going. Either way, with three children of her own to think about and her on-again off-again boyfriend Scott Disick, who seems to spend as much in rehab as out of it.

12 Jada Pinkett Smith — 5'0"


Jada Pinkett Smith may have only gained any major recognition after starring alongside Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, but that was nowhere near her first time in front of the camera. Starring, or at least making appearances, in an array of television shows since the late 1980s meant that she had enough experience to stand on par with the comedic talents of her co-star. In a similar regard, she has since continued on her path as an actress and has most recently lent her talents to the Batman-inspired television show Gotham, where she plays Fish Mooney. While Jada Pinkett Smith may have not landed the role as Will Smith's on-screen girlfriend in the family sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air due to her height, or lack thereof, their real life romance still stands as strong as it has ever been. While her husband may have over a foot on her, love has no bounds and when it comes down to something as silly as how tall you are .

11 Danny DeVito — 5'0"

Despite how short and stubby Danny DeVito may appear, his diversity and talent both in front of and behind the camera is nothing to shy away from. From being a director and producer to acting in all three mediums (stage, film and television), his willingness to expand his horizons to the utmost degree while still putting out quality work is an admirable trait. Given, early on in his career he did question how successful he would eventually become because it was nowhere near the walk in the park that he was expecting. However, after he landed a supporting role in Taxi, a television show that ran from 1978 to 1983, as a dispatcher named Louie DePalma he could do nothing but go up the star-studded ladder. That being said, he's also a loving husband to Rhea Perlman and father to three wonderful children.

10 Paula Abdul — 5'0"


Paul Abdul may be one of the oldest women on this list but her constant youthful glow and virtually flawless skin makes that fact one that's hard to remember. This entertainment mogul has gone from singing and writing her own songs to following her passion for dance, which resulted in her choreographing some of the biggest stars in music history and has made an irrefutable name for herself because of it. From being one of the cheerleaders for the Lakers, thanks to her audition while attending California State University to becoming their head choreographer and beyond, this timeless fifty-something year old is virtually unstoppable. But, what's her secret to her success? Stay positive, have a back-up plan and give yourself a timeline because that's the way to really make it in the world, no matter your profession.

9 Kylie Minogue — 5'0"

Kylie Minogue may not be a huge celebrity in the Eastern Hemisphere, but in places like the U.K. and the rest of Europe, she has been nothing short of huge. Thanks to her rise to fame when she played Charlene on Neighbors, a soap-opera in Australia, which then turned into a widespread music career, her art is virtually inescapable. On top of that, her petite size doesn't seem to be stifling her from any opportunity that she crosses paths with and, if anything, it just adds to her appeal. There's no denying how beautiful she is and despite her being in her late forties she looks better than ever. Sometimes it's not about how big, or small, you are but the way that you feel about yourself that counts because it by no way shapes who you are on the inside. Besides, the simple fact that she was able to land Johnathan Sasse, a man who is about 20 years her junior and basically a foot taller than her means that she must be doing something right.


8 Chandra Wilson — 5'0"


While Chandra Wilson may not be the most well-known actress on this list, her longstanding career as a television actress is as good as any other. Most recognized as Doctor Miranda Bailey on the long running medical series Grey's Anatomy, her embodiment of the role will stay with the fans long past her death in the series and otherwise. While the show may be known to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats, it will definitely be tough on them when she leaves the show. However, would you believe that she wasn't actually the sort of woman they were looking to cast for the character? They were actually looking for a petite white woman and what they got was Chandra Wilson who, despite being short, is not petite in any regard. On the other hand, don't start thinking that Grey's is all she's done either. She made her television debut on The Cosby Show and has even taken part in Broadway's revival of the musical hit Chicago!

7 AnnaSophia Robb — 5'0"

When it comes to AnnaSophia Robb's particular situation, there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not she'll actually grow anymore, because she's only 22. But it's pretty safe to say that five-feet is where she's going to be maxing out in the height department. However, this "setback" hasn't seemed to stifle her career in any way. Between playing Violet Beauregarde in the revamped Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and portraying the younger rendition of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries, her career has wistfully flourished into so much more than she could have ever imagined. In her more recent ventures, she can be seen as the title character in the feature film Jack of the Red Hearts as well as in the PBS series Mercy Street where she plays Alice Green. So, all this to say that when she isn't being compared to a cat or being the next "It Girl" the array of talents that she has and beauty that she possesses is just amplified through the small, but lovely looking glass that she calls her life.

6 Adrienne Bailon — 4'11"


Born and raised in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, New York this shortie knows how to pack a punch. Despite being a mere 4'11", Adrienne Bailon can stand out from any crowd and even caught the attention of the one and only Ricky Martin, who then asked her along with three others to sing as his backup during that nights' concert! From there, her career really started to push on forward and her dream was slowly coming true. She was asked to join the famous R&B all-female group 3LW, or Three Little Women, just a year later and then appeared in the film Cheetah Girls a few years after that. Since then, she has started to regularly appear on television as a co-hostess of The Real, was involved with Rob Kardashian and has since moved on to better things with her new beau Israel Houghton. So while a mere fantasy may seem unattainable, the only way to truly know if you can make a living out of your passions is to shoot for the stars because, worst comes to worst, you'll still end up closer to your goal than when you started.

5 Lil' Kim — 4'11"


Kimberly Denise Jones, better known as Lil' Kim, has made quite an impression on the world of rap and has helped it turn into what we know it as today. Because of her willingness to push the boundaries of conventionality, one of the most unique traits that her sound has is the excessive swearing which may not be the most parent-friendly but, one thing's for sure, she sure is memorable because of it. So much so in fact that in order to kick off the first VH1 Honors since its six year hiatus she was chosen to model alongside other hip hop artists like Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott. However, the way that she looks today is virtually unrecognizable, especially if you haven't seen her since her "Lady Marmalade" days. With her darker skin tone, thicker nose and other prominent traits changed to mimic what can only be described as a Caucasian-inspired look, it's hard to believe that this is the same star that played a vital role in putting out Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s debut album Conspiracy! Either way, some aspects of the 4'11" remain the same and Lil' Kim will always bring something to the table.

4 Kristin Chenoweth — 4'11"


When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, Kristin Chenoweth is one of those special cases  because while her name be one of the biggest, especially in the theatre scene, she hasn't booked that much work for on-screen appearances. If you don't count The West Wing where she played Annabeth Schoot, she hasn't really done that much within the medium which would really help her get recognized by the "general public". Sure, she's voiced numerous characters in children's movies and made some appearances in television shows and movies, but it would be very difficult to point her out of a crowd, especially considering how little she in. Being an extremely petite woman, her big voice is what makes her stand out in a crowd. Then again, her ability to act is quite something, too. She's starred in some of the biggest Broadway productions out there like Wicked where she played Glinda, the protagonist, from its debut in 2003 to 2004 and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown where you can see her portray Charles Schultz's Peanuts character Sally.

3 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi — 4'8"

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is kind of like every other young woman out there but, in a lot of ways, just ten times bigger. Sure, she may only be 4'11," but her huge personality, outrageous fashion sense and outspoken nature ensures that whenever she walks into a room all eyes will be on her. She may have just been a young woman who was studying to be a veterinary technician but the moment that she came across an ad on Craigslist saying that MTV was looking to cast a show revolving around guidos and guidettes her life took a drastic turn and it's hard to say if it's for the better. Either way, what resulted was an unprecedented amount of fame for the reality show Jersey Shore that ran for six seasons and became the network's biggest hit ever. By the time the show ended in 2012, Snooki was pregnant with her first child that was conceived with her fiancé, and now husband, Jionni LaValle. Since then, she has starred in a few spin-offs of Jersey Shore, took part in season 17 of Dancing with the Stars, became a producer, started a line of beauty products and accessories and even wrote a few books, one of which was a New York Times best-seller to boot! Who says that being wild and crazy doesn't pay off?

2 Peter Dinklage — 4'5"


Out of all of the celebrities on this list thus far, no one is quite like Peter Dinklage. While he may have a short stature due to his achondroplasia, his big personality and ownership of who he is more than compensates for it. While he may be best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Tyrion Lannister, he has also been given the chance to work in a number of other projects both on screen and on the stage like Richard III, Living in Oblivion and, Station Agent, his first movie ever and the one that put him on the map. If nothing else, Peter Dinklage is one of those individuals who will not settle for something that he is uncomfortable with and is unafraid to decline the role if it directly plays into the typecasting that the dwarf actors are constantly subjected to, playing the role of an elf or leprechaun. He's one of few who will bring people's attention to the atrocities that people like him have to face on a daily basis and stand up for what he believes in; quite simply, equality.

1 Verne  Troyer — 2'8"

Best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie franchise, Verne Troyer is an actor and stuntman who doesn't let his physical condition keep him down. Despite being diagnosed with dwarfism from a young age, he was able to make light of the situation and even use it to his advantage. Back in high school, he would hide in his locker and jump out just so that he could scare people and this attitude hasn't really seemed to change ... as long as you don't use the M-word (midget) around him of course because he will try to knock you out if you do. Just a fair warning. Anyway, Verne Troyer kicked off his career as a stuntman in Baby's Day Out because they needed a stand-in for the baby and everything just seemed to snowball from there. While he may often portray children or animals on the big screen, he doesn't seem to really have a problem with it.


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