The 15 Shortest Celebs In Hollywood History

When it comes to celebrity status, there are many traits that one may look for in a potential star, like talent and looks, but what about height? From those who tower above the rest, like Jared Padalecki for instance, to the shorties among the crowd, humans come in all shapes and sizes - and that's just one of the many things that makes us all unique.

However, there are those celebrities who are quite thankful that the quality of their gift has nothing to do with their size because, if that were to be the case, they would be in a great amount of trouble.

While it may not seem like it when you're watching them on some sort of screen or on stage, there are some stars out there that even a person of the most average height will absolutely tower over. It may be hard to believe but it all has to do with the way the entertainment industry wants to "put them on display," so to speak.

When you're surrounded by people who are either your height or within the desired inch-gap, everything seems fine and dandy, but that can all change when you're then placed next to someone who isn't a giant but seems like it in comparison. So, who falls under this category? Some of the entries may surprise you.

15 Paul Simon — 5'2"

14 Hayden Panettiere — 5'2"

13 Kourtney Kardashian — 5'0"

12 Jada Pinkett Smith — 5'0"

11 Danny DeVito — 5'0"

10 Paula Abdul — 5'0"

9 Kylie Minogue — 5'0"

8 Chandra Wilson — 5'0"

7 AnnaSophia Robb — 5'0"

6 Adrienne Bailon — 4'11"

5 Lil' Kim — 4'11"


4 Kristin Chenoweth — 4'11"

3 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi — 4'8"

2 Peter Dinklage — 4'5"

1 Verne  Troyer — 2'8"

Best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie franchise, Verne Troyer is an actor and stuntman who doesn't let his physical condition keep him down. Despite being diagnosed with dwarfism from a young age, he was able to make light of the situation and even use it to his advantage. Back in high school, he would hide in his locker and jump out just so that he could scare people and this attitude hasn't really seemed to change ... as long as you don't use the M-word (midget) around him of course because he will try to knock you out if you do. Just a fair warning. Anyway, Verne Troyer kicked off his career as a stuntman in Baby's Day Out because they needed a stand-in for the baby and everything just seemed to snowball from there. While he may often portray children or animals on the big screen, he doesn't seem to really have a problem with it.


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The 15 Shortest Celebs In Hollywood History