The 15 Most Successful Video Game Franchises Of All Time

Do you play video games? If you read this article, there is a high chance you do. Anyway, there are so many games and game franchises that it became difficult to find the most enjoyable games.

Before, there were only a few games to choose from, so it was easy to find the most interesting ones. Now, video games are released daily, and while not all of them are big and with interesting characters, they still have something that makes them unique.

Sometimes, just an idea and a great community of players make older games the most enjoyable. However, I want to show you the best video game franchises in history. There is a high chance that at least some of the mentioned ones will be new. After all, maybe some of them will seem worth playing right away.

Not all of these franchises received lots of money, but they have left a huge impact and changed the lives of dedicated players. Let's get right to it!

15 Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy is one of the best-selling, popular, and influential video games that shaped the whole business. Also, it’s one of the greatest adventures you can play. Final Fantasy offers over 50 games, (expansions and remakes included).

Every new game in Final Fantasy has a different world, so you always see something new and unique. Of course, if one plot becomes highly successful, the Final Fantasy creators add more adventures about the beloved characters in the future and even create films.

One of the most astonishing things about Final Fantasy is that these games are not only about battles, but about things that happen to primary characters that make you feel for them.

14 Halo


It's a newer video game franchise than Final Fantasy and has fewer series, but among sci-fi shooter fans, this is one of their favorite games. In Halo, you fight as one of the best soldiers there is and protect a planet that resembles an artificial halo from aliens.

As you play Halo for a long time, you realize why the aliens attack the halo on which people live, and many other secrets of this breathtaking world. Another great thing about the Halo franchise is that it makes great improvements as it goes on. So, even though the wait time is long, players know that they will be seeing something new.

13 The Elder Scrolls


If you prefer games that resemble our past and include magical things, The Elder Scrolls is a video game franchise you should try. From the very first game, The Elder Scrolls amazed players with quite primitive, but beautiful adventures.

As the franchise developed further, The Elder Scrolls has become a massive franchise in which you can spend days playing. From saving people to learning how to become a professional thief and exploring the world, you can do as much as your imagination allows you to. If you prefer MMO (massively multiplayer online) games, you can try The Elder Scrolls Online and play with thousands of other players. You’ll be able to test your skills not only against computers, but also real players from around the world.

12 Mortal Kombat


Perhaps the oldest and most brutal fighting video game is Mortal Kombat. While some say that it’s a game for button-mashers, it's quite technical.

If you prefer fast and excellent skill-requiring games, Mortal Kombat is waiting for you. Some say that by playing Mortal Kombat, you can learn the whole human anatomy! If you don’t like such brutal fighting games, you should check out other popular combat franchises like Street Fighter, which is also fun and popular in Asian countries. After all, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are two primary competitors in this genre.

11 Super Mario Bros.


Mario is not only one of the best-selling franchises, but also a great childhood memory for most of us. While there are many Mario games, most often, you need to save somebody and by doing so, you need to make sure strange creatures don't kill Mario.

To survive this fun adventure, you must travel across the mystical world that is full of danger. Most often, the plot in Mario games is similar, but for those who never played it, it’s an excellent way to see how games were made back then.

10 Counter-Strike


While the Counter-Strike franchise has only three games, it doesn’t stop it from being perhaps the best-known FPS (first person shooters) in the world. Everything in this game is simple- some guns, some maps, and millions of players.

A strange thing about this franchise is that it is old, but some people still play the first game that was released over 15 years ago. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be surprised. Some people don’t need lots of variety; some need just a great game in which they could improve their skills against other professional FPS players.

9 Need For Speed


Do you love cool cars? Then Need For Speed is the game for you. Ever since the first game, Need For Speed got lots of attention and created lots of thrill. Yet, the oldest games now look old-school, so I recommend you to play the newer ones. The new Need For Speed games have more cars, upgrades, maps, and better effects that make it seem like you're really driving a car. Also, it’s a great way to see how you can run from cops. Those who love extreme and fast-paced environments should try Need For Speed.

8 StarCraft


This well-known franchise from Blizzard Entertainment truly defines what it means to fight in the future world against advanced and brutal aliens. As humanity was almost destroyed, you’re needed to save the universe by commanding hundreds of advanced units.

But in StarCraft, you control not only humans that are called “Terrans” but also sophisticated “Protoss” and ruthless “Zerg” races. All three factions fight to survive and dominate against their enemies. Also, StarCraft is one of the eSport games in which you can get lots of prizes and acquire fame.

7 Dragon Ball


While the Dragon Ball video game franchise isn’t the most popular among fighting genre fans, these games are quite fun. By playing them, you not only get to experience epic fights as a Super Sayan, but also find a plot that is hidden from anime and the manga series.

For instance, the epic fight of Goku against Vegeta on another planet can only be seen in this game. Want to know who wins this battle? Then you should try the Dragon Ball games. Also, you’ll see new enemies and learn more about every beloved character. Simply put, Dragon Ball games are a great addition to an already existing story that sometimes gives you little details about the world.

6 Diablo


This is another game from Blizzard Entertainment that sends you to the magical world. There, you need to save yourself and the whole world from demons and other creatures of darkness that want to destroy everything that is alive. You must travel and fight in different regions and by doing so, you get experience, and earn greater weapons and armor that are essential to your survival.

After you play the Diablo franchise for a long time, you may realize that your mouse isn’t working – it’s a regular thing among Diablo fans because there is a lot of clicking and fighting in these games. This franchise suits for those who prefer lots of "farming" rather than quests. Also, Diablo is great if you love to play co-op games.

5 Doom


Doom is an old-school franchise that has a newer, remastered version that looks even more brutal than the original games. In Doom, you need to do simple things - run and shoot. The primary difference from other similar games is that everything happens on Mars, were alien-like creatures want to eat you.

As you control your character, you need to use brutal weapons to fight your way through masses of monsters that become more dangerous in every passing level. You must also improve as a player to overcome danger. If you play Doom on the easier difficulties, you won’t find this game interesting, but if you’ll try it on the harder levels, you’ll realize that Doom is a hardcore shooter that only the best can play.

4 Resident Evil


If you prefer zombie games, Resident Evil is one of the most popular zombie-shooter franchises you can find. Of course, Dead Island and some other games are also great, but nothing can be compared to Resident Evil.

While some of the recent games of this franchise are bad, older games are highly recognized challenging shooters. After all, games loaded with darkness, unexpected enemies, and zombie science is a great substitute to horror films at night. You’ll also realize what it means to live in a world of horror from how protagonists act in particular situations. You’ll see many lost lives and failed objectives, that's for sure.

3 Pokemon


There are Pokemon toys, cards, anime, and even games. While the Pokemon world is more popular among younger players, for those who enjoy relaxing games and love funny-looking animals, Pokemon games may be your thing. In the world of pokemons, you become a trainer who finds pokemons and train them for battles against other trainers. After a pokemon becomes strong, this creature evolves into a new form and becomes stronger with better abilities.

This allows winning in more fights and helps you move forward across the world of pokemons. While you need to control only one pokemon in fights, it’s quite a strategic game, as you need to know the best abilities to use against particular enemies.

2 Lineage


Before MMO games became popular, there were only a few MMO giants that existed in this area. One of the most successful ones was and still is Lineage. Now, Lineage doesn’t look as good as it was before, but for many players, it’s one of the first MMO games they can remember.

Yet, NCsoft, the creators of the Lineage franchise and other well-established MMOs like WildStar and Aion, will release a new Lineage game called Lineage Eternal. This game will have much better graphics, plot, skills, and everything that is needed to make a great game.

1 Warcraft


The Warcraft franchise started in 1994 as an RTS game in which humans fight against orcs. After 1994, more Warcraft RTS games were created and in 2004, it still ranks as the best MMO game in the world.

In all these years, Blizzard Entertainment has done a great work and created perhaps the biggest magical world compared to which all other fantasy worlds look small. Magical regions, different cultures, epic boss battles, PVP, and a continually growing worlds are only a few things from the Warcraft universe. The greatest thing about this franchise is that even after almost 20 years, it doesn’t stop generating popularity and as Blizzard Entertainment plans to create more films, more and more people may start to play Warcraft games.

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