14Avatar: The Technology Inconsistency

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Avatar was universally lauded for its cutting-edge special effects and the innovative filming techniques used to bring those effects to life. The story, on the other hand, left more to be desired. The film was very well received by critics and moviegoers alike, becoming the highest grossing movie of all time.


detractors called it a soulless, if technically adept, reimagining of Dances with Wolves, with a hint of Pocahontas thrown in for good measure.

One thing Avatar had in spades, however, was plot holes. As with any movie of this stature, certain inconsistencies are to be expected, but some are so jarring that they can take the audience right out of the moment.

At the center of Avatar (for the eight of you who haven't seen it) is a paraplegic military veteran who, using incredibly advanced technology, occupies and "pilots" an alien body in the very inhospitable-to-humans environment of Pandora. He then goes on to marry a Native American Na'vi princess and subsequently becomes the savior of the planet's primitive inhabitants. the most glaring comes in the epic battle between the Na'vi and the evil humans.

Writer/Director James Cameron expects us to believe that the technologically advanced humans can place one person's mind in the body of an alien creature but have yet to develop unmanned attack vehicles - AKA drones - and long-range missiles? With such technology on their side, the battle at the end of the movie would have been over in minutes, with all of the humans nestled safely on the base and the Na'vi reeling.

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