The 15 Most Powerful Female Characters In The Marvel Universe

How do you define what it means to be the most powerful? When it comes to being a superhero, they find themselves in so many situations where it's not power, but versatility that comes in handy. While having one power used to be cool, that's hardly the case sometimes. You need to be able to have multiple powers, and if you do, you better hope those powers can combine to make you one formidable foe.

By the time 2016 wraps, several new superhero movies will have come and gone and will perhaps leave us with a lasting impression or a new favorite character. Yet no matter how ‘cool’ your character is, if they don’t have the firepower to stand up in battle you may not be a fan of theirs for very long.

While most of the mainstream Marvel universe films are centered around male characters, that hardly makes them the most powerful out there. Just because the Fantastic 4 movies suck, doesn't mean that the Invisible Woman is any less awesome. Plus, you may love The Hulk, but do you know anything about She-Hulk? Throughout Marvel’s history, female characters have played a prominent role and they are well deserving of some recognition.

One thing is for sure, there is not a single person on this list that you would want to run into in a dark alley! Here are the 15 most powerful female characters in the Marvel universe.


15 Sue Storm

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When it comes to the most powerful characters, it is easy to get distracted by all the different things that they can do. One thing that might get overlooked is the role of defense, and in that case, do you really need to look any further then The Invisible Woman? Sue Storm has been around since 1961 and is perhaps most prominently known for her role in the Fantastic 4. Along with the ability to become invisible, Sue is able to project force fields as well as project her invisibility power on others. Now you’re not going to get very far without some hand-to-hand combat knowledge, which Sue has as well. How do you fight something you can’t see? You don’t, you just curl into a ball and cry.

14 Storm

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Ororo Munroe (better known simply as Storm) is one of the most powerful mutants around (despite the movie series butchering the character). Don’t you hate that feeling when you are waiting for the bus and all of a sudden it starts to rain? STORM CAN CREATE THAT RAIN…Now granted, there are probably more powerful examples of her power, but how cool is it that she can manipulate the weather?! On top of that she has the ability to fly (because why not). Storm has been shown to take on a leadership role at times and is one of the most respected and powerful member of the X-Men. Not to mention, if you just got your hair done you better hope you haven't pissed off Storm, or you may experience some violent winds.

13 Polaris

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When it comes to being a super awesome superhero, one of the biggest helpers may be your genetics. It certainly did not hurt Polaris, whose father is Magneto (you may have heard of him). While she has not gotten as much attention in the movies, make no doubt, Polaris has been around since 1968 and can lay down some serious hurt. Similar to her Father, Polaris’ main power is found in her ability to control electromagnets. In case she needs to get away, Polaris can also fly and generate a magnetic field. It’s a good thing that she fights FOR the X-Men!

12 She-Hulk

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When it comes to characters in the Marvel universe that you don’t want to piss off, The Hulk may be pretty high on your list. That being said, number two might be She-Hulk. Jessica Walters is a cousin of Bruce Banner, and became She-Hulk after she received an emergency blood transfusion. Unlike The Hulk, Jessica retains both her personality and her intelligence when she transforms into She-Hulk. At least that means she might be a little more reasonable to deal with. She does get stronger the angrier you make her though, so you better hope you start things off on the right foot.

11 Rogue

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It is only natural that fans who grew up in the early 90s would have a soft spot in their heart for Rogue. One of the main members of the X-Men, Rogue was a focal point in the X-Men: Animated Series. While the series had to be tamer, it was clear even then that you shouldn’t mess with Rogue. Her power is best described as being able to absorb your powers, memories and skills and she does this simply through touch. Talk about  putting a new meaning to the phrase “keep an arm’s distance away at all times!” While she is largely shown to have limited control over her powers (most prominently in the original film trilogy), she has eventually gained more control over her mutant ability which just makes her all the more powerful.

10 Lilandra 

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No matter how strong you are as an individual, one of the things that really helps cement your power is who you have around you and on your side. For Lilandra, she just happens to be the Empress of the Shi’Ar Empire. On top of that, she was once married to Charles Xavier and was significant in allowing the character to develop as deeply as he has. If you get up in Lilandra’s wheelhouse, she has limited telepathy and will be decked out in some nice Shi’Ar armor. Just make sure you also keep your eyes peeled for the ceremonial staff or you could quickly find yourself on your ass.

9 Spider-Woman

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Now I am going to be honest, every time I hear that there was a character named Spider-Woman my eyes roll just a little bit. Yet if Ant-Man can make it work, why not Spider-Woman? The character originally appeared in 1977, but at the conclusion of the first run, the character (Jessica) was killed. Thankfully no one stays dead for long in comics, and Spider-Woman has come back (including taking on different aliases) and when you look at her powers it is easy to see why. Spider-Woman has the power of flight, is an amazing spy, has superhuman strength/speed/reflexes/senses, she can crawl on walls and manipulate pheromones. Any one of those powers would be cool, but when you combine them, it is clear that you get one of the most powerful characters in Marvel.


8 Mystique


When people often are asked what superpower they would want to have, flying is one that quickly comes up. For myself, there is no doubt that the coolest power (and thus easily my answer), than Mystique's. For those unaware, Mystique is a shapeshifter and the advantages of that are seemingly endless. If you wound her, watch out, because Mystique also has an accelerated rate of healing. On top of the fact that she is often shown opposing the X-Men, and you know that you are facing a character that may have one or two experiences with being evil (and a badass).

7 Black Widow


If there is one type of personality that you don’t want to get into an altercation with, a pissed off former Russian spy must be pretty high on the list. Things tend to always get physical in the superhero game, and the Black Widow is one of the best hand-to-hand fighters out there. There is no doubting that it might still be advantageous to be able to fly, or create force fields, but if you combine Widow with some of the other people on the list you may not find a more balanced fighting team (Plus she kicks ass in The Avengers)

6 Elektra


It is really easy to look at all the success of the latest superhero films and to think that this was always the case. Both the original Daredevil, and Elektra film would strongly disagree with you though. It wasn’t Elektra’s fault that the film failed because the character itself is incredibly cool. Elektra will immediately catch your attention with her expertise with various types of weapons. You can be sure she’s going to have the energy to take you down as well, because her physical attributes are about the absolute peak of human potential. She has also been known to show low levels of mind control and communicate telepathically. Let's hope that the character gets given another shot at the big screen, or perhaps a Netflix series?

5 Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel debuted in the comics in 1982. There are several names that Monica Rambeau goes under (also Photon, Pulsar and Spectrum), but no matter what she calls herself, you can be assured that she is very much awesome. If you need to get around, she has the ability to literally move at the speed of light. How? You see, she converts her body into any form of energy that can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum (duh!). What may not be as shocking, Marvel can also manipulate, absorb and generate energy. What is even less shocking is the fact that she could kick your ass without a second's thought.

4 Emma Frost


Now I’m going to be straight up, I have a bias towards anything related to the X-Men. When it was announced that Emma Frost was going to be a focal point of the new film series, I could not wait and it did not disappoint. While she has a variety of powers, one of the coolest is her ability to turn her body into a solid diamond which greatly increases her overall strength, stamina, durability (good luck hitting a diamond!) and helps make her immune to psychic attacks (which will definitely come in handy). On top of that, Frost can manipulate your mind through reading, altering and controlling. Good thing the X-Men have no shortage of amazing mutants on their side as well!

3 Scarlet Witch

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After seeing her lay some serious ass-kicking alongside her brother, Quicksilver, in the latest Avengers film, it isn’t possible to complete this list without including the Scarlet Witch. Wanda Maximoff has been around since 1964 and has had her affiliation all over the place. Most recently an Avenger, she has also spent time in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Similar to Polaris, Scarlet With is the daughter of Magneto so perhaps that has a role in her decision making. Her abilities include manipulating magic, and the ability to warp reality.

2 Ms. Marvel

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Is it possible to complete a list of the most powerful female characters in the Marvel universe and not include someone who is literally named Ms. Marvel? Carol Danvers was introduced in 1968 and would be a tremendous candidate for any superhero team. Danvers' powers emerged when she had her human genes mixed with Kree (alien) genes. While this sounds like a bad idea, it did end up making her incredibly powerful. You can expect the standard increased strength, speed and durability, but Ms. Marvel also has the ability to project, and absorb energy and that makes her incredibly dangerous. On top of that, she can fly. Yikes!

1 Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix

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When it comes to some of the most powerful Marvel characters (much less just women!), you can’t have a very long discussion without Dark Phoenix coming up. If you look at just Jean Grey, you have an assortment of powers that are enough to make anyone jealous. Jean has telekinesis, telepathy, can alter your memory (and erase it), she can read your mind and that’s still only the tip of the iceberg. Dark Phoenix is another beast entirely as she gains the ability to manipulate matter and energy. If that wasn't enough, she can also manipulate time, travel through space and summon cosmic fire that you really don’t want to mess with.

Trust me, the last thing you want to see across from you during a battle is Jean.

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